The Ultimate Guide to The Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu: Delicious Dishes, Stats, and Tips [2021]

What is the Clubhouse Sports Grille menu?

The Clubhouse Sports Grille menu is a collection of tasty food and drink options that are served up at this popular sports bar. With a wide range of appetizers, entrees, drinks and more to choose from, customers can enjoy delicious items such as buffalo wings, cheeseburgers, pizzas and craft beers.

Some must-know facts about the Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu include their signature burgers which feature premium ingredients like angus beef patties; gluten-free options for those who want to avoid wheat-based products; and specialty cocktails including classic margaritas or daiquiris made with fresh fruit purees.

Whether you’re looking for something hearty to eat while watching a game or just in need of some refreshments after work with friends – The Clubhouse Sports Grille has got you covered with their diverse offerings!

How to Navigate the Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to sports bars, few match up to the Clubhouse Sports Grille. This amazing bar offers fantastic food, drinks, and sports entertainment all in one place. The only issue that most customers have is deciding on what to order from their extensive menu!

The folks at Clubhouse know how daunting going through a long list of options can be which is why they offer some pretty neat tips and tricks. Here’s everything you need to know about navigating the Clubhouse Sports Grille menu like a pro:

Start with Appetizers

Appetizers are an excellent way for you to dip your toes into new flavors before taking the plunge into something else entirely. At Clubhouse Sports Grille, there’s quite the selection here starting from wings – traditional or boneless style covered in buffalo or BBQ sauce – or loaded fries smothered with cheese, bacon bits, green onions sour cream chives.

Find Healthy Options

If you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle but still want to enjoy happy hour drinks and game day foods once in a while then don’t worry! At Clubhouse Sports Grille even health-conscious eaters will have scrumptious choices such as salad bowls – Greek-style chicken or classic Caesar salads topped with proteins like grilled shrimp.

Get Creative With Flatbreads

Flatbreads are hot items right now so if you’re looking for this kind of dish then look no further than these tasty delicacies served at clubhouses’ Kitchen & Tavern restaurant section. These include delicious flatbread pizza choices like margarita, roasted garlic pesto chicken, or tavern fire-roasted veggie.

Don’t Ignore Burgers And Sandwiches

From burgers filled high with toppings (think: ¼ pound w/grilled jalapeños) down to melt-in-your-mouth pork belly BLTs sandwiches – sandwich lovers will certainly not lack options on this part of clubhouse’s menu.

Have Fun With Tacos

Who doesn’t love a good taco? Chicken, shrimp or steak are the protein options for those who want this handheld delight. For vegetarian and pescatarian eaters rejoice as there also choices here that cater to your dietary preferences.

Indulge In Desserts

Last but not least: Indulgence is always necessary when it comes to desserts! Enjoy their famous “Clubhouse Sundae” which is large enough to share (but you won’t want to!) with vanilla ice cream piled high, hot fudge sauce sprinkled crushed wafer cookie bits after taking in all you can from their menu items!

The Clubhouse Sports Grille has something new and delicious every day so there’s no shame if you need more than one visit just to get through everything on offer – especially since game days allow for bottomless buffalo wings! As such, don’t worry too much about making quick decisions; take time deciding what dishes will work best for your taste buds and enjoy the variety of flavors at your leisurely pace.

The Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu: A Step-by-Step Analysis

When it comes to finding the perfect casual dining spot for sports lovers, The Clubhouse Sports Grille offers an unbeatable combination of great atmosphere and mouth-watering dishes. Whether you’re stopping in after a round of golf or watching your favorite team play on one of their many big-screen TVs, there’s something on the menu to satisfy any craving.

Let’s start with appetizers. The buffalo wings are a classic choice and come in several different flavors (including my personal favorite – garlic parmesan). But if you’re feeling adventurous, try the loaded tots. These crispy tater tots are topped with bacon, cheese sauce, chives and sour cream – definitely not your average bar food.

Moving on to entrees, one standout dish is the Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Thinly sliced steak smothered in melted provolone cheese served up on an amoroso roll – it’s so authentic that you’ll swear you’re in Philadelphia itself! But those who prefer chicken won’t be disappointed either; the grilled chicken sandwich features juicy chicken breast topped with avocado ranch dressing.

And let’s not forget about burgers at The Clubhouse Sports Grille! All beef patties have delectable toppings like fried onions or maple-jalapeno bacon accompanied by fresh lettuce leaves and tomato slices placed between flaky brioche buns that taste just as good as they look!

But healthy eaters don’t despair: there are plenty of salad options too, including a hearty cobb salad packed full of greens and protein-rich ingredients like grilled chicken breast.

Finally we reach dessert where two stand-out items will make this sweet course memorable: Fried Oreos & Campfire Brownie Sundae!. You might want both but better split them if it would fit your dietary plan flawlessly without guilt trips afterwards.

In conclusion whether you’re grabbing drinks with friends after work or looking for somewhere to catch game night- The Clubhouse Sports Grille is the perfect option. A great atmosphere, delicious food excellent cocktails – what more could you want? Head down today and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu

Welcome to the Clubhouse Sports Grille, where we serve up some of the best meals and drinks you’ll find anywhere in town. Whether you’re here for a game or just looking for a great place to grab lunch or dinner with your friends, we have something that will suit everyone’s taste.

As one of the most popular eateries in town, we often get asked several questions about our menu items and what makes them so special. Here are some frequently asked questions about our food:

1) What is your signature dish?

Our signature dish is hands down our award-winning jumbo chicken wings. We use only high-quality fresh chicken wings and fry them to perfection. Choose from over 20 different sauces that range from mild to super-spicy Buffalo-style sauce.

2) Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes! Not only do we pride ourselves on serving meat-lovers, but also vegetarians can enjoy their visit at our restaurant by choosing among salads, sandwiches, and wraps like Veggie Flatbread Wrap made with hummus spread blended with roasted red peppers & grilled vegetables served inside warm flatbread

3) Is your food locally sourced?

We support local farmers whenever possible and source many ingredients right here within the community; every dish has an authentic burst of flavor which originates out of natural pastures around us.

4) What do people love about your burgers?

People rave about how juicy and flavorful each burger patty is because Our delicious burgers are handcrafted using Freshly grounded beef patties daily which ensures juiciness along with tasty toppings such as cheddar cheese onion rings bacon n’ jalapeno jam relish lettuce tomato stack (just too long to say!!)

5) How much does someone need for lunch/dinner usually cost?

Our prices vary based on what item(s) you choose since everything tastes amazing however if they’re into budget planning then starters could be shared between two at $7-$15/appetizer, mains / entrees ranging from $14-$25 depending on the choice and portion size locally produced Beer pints for just $5 are available.

6) What sets your restaurant apart?

We believe that we have a little something extra to offer our patrons besides fresh food. Our ambiance is always vibrant and provides customers with the perfect setting to enjoy their meals while watching live sports games in high definition on big screens either indoor or outdoor seating arrangements along with prompt service by chef–driven attention paid staff will especially make you feel welcomed.

Wrapping it up,

At Clubhouse Sports Grille, quality comes first! We pride ourselves on sourcing local ingredients whenever possible, handcrafting every dish carefully to ensure maximum flavor & freshness. If you haven’t stopped by yet then what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself with fantastic flavors today and experience the spirit of true dining!

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu

If you’re into sports, drinks, and good food, Clubhouse Sports Grille is a place for you. Situated in South Miami, this bar has gained an excellent reputation among locals and out-of-towners alike as a favorite spot to catch the latest games while munching on some tasty treats.

Here are the top 5 things that everyone should know about the Clubhouse Sports Grille menu:

1. It’s All About The Wings

Wings might be typical pub grub fare; however, there’s something extraordinary about those served up at Clubhouse Sports Grille. They’re cooked perfectly crispy with just enough sauce covering them to get those fingers messy but not so much that it detracts from the taste of chicken.

But here’s what sets them apart from other wings – Varieties galore! From traditional buffalo or BBQ wings to sweet chili garlic or Jamaican jerk flavor options – they have something for every palate!

2. Gourmet Burgers

Clubhouse Sports Grille takes burgers seriously like no one else can! Their handcrafted patties use only Angus beef topped with everything from bacon jams to creamy mushroom sauce making each bite explosive in flavors.

Other varieties include turkey and black bean veggie patty for all preferences. Satisfy your burger cravings beyond expectations!

3. Seafood Options

The ‘sports bar‘ stereotype doesn’t usually extend towards seaside delicacies being served whenever you want them to chow down on right by your football feast spread! At Clubhouse Grill though? Not limited when it comes down towards partnering this cuisine type alongside cocktails during halftime either!

Whether looking for lobster rolls or calamari paired well alongside spicy mayo dipper recipes tempting palates before kickoff whistles blow need we say more?

4.Craft Beer Selections

You won’t struggle finding beers hard-to-come-by out yonder because many local breweries selections jockeying craft beer lean-outs offer thirst-quenching suds to melt sports fans’ taste buds willing to sample something new!

Everything from IPA’s like Funky Buddha Hop Gun and their ‘Floridian Hefeweizen’ are a favorite among patrons. If ‘new brews in town’ sound superficially right up your alley, then this Clubhouse Sports Grill should migrate to the top of must-visit drinking dens.


Dessert is yummy & unguilty pleasure that many enjoy at Clubsports Grill once striding throughout its doors here for brisk binge-watching sessions alongside bite-sized consumables packing a lot on taste-packed in every crumb!

Going amaze-balls bananas chocolatier’s dream with some rum cake work wonders ensuring hunger cravings won’t assail guests until wrapping things while out-n-about!

In Conclusion:

Clubhouse Sports Grille had encapsulated what one should expect from an upscale Miami pub – juicy burgers, flavorsome wings riding off vibrant spices platter-friendly servings serving good times woven amid drinks galore! Next time you’re planning yours watching before firing up the grill outdoors – consider doing it in an exciting atmosphere fused with mouth-watering menu picks awaiting you inside this established establishment today!

Uncovering Hidden Gems on the Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu

As a food lover and connoisseur, there is nothing more exciting than uncovering hidden gems on restaurant menus. One such establishment that has recently caught my attention is the Clubhouse Sports Grille – an unassuming sports bar that offers much more than your typical burgers and wings.

Let’s start with their appetizer section – a perfect way to kick off any meal at The Clubhouse. Their Loaded Tater Tots are seriously addictive – crispy tater tots topped with cheddar cheese sauce, diced bacon, green onions, and sour cream. Another standout dish is the Ahi Poke Bowl made with sushi-grade tuna, avocado, edamame beans, pickled ginger and sesame seeds served over rice noodles dressed in soy sauce vinaigrette.

Moving on to main entrees; for those craving something spicy yet satisfying should try out “The Diablo” burger which consists of fire-grilled beef patty smothered in spicy chipotle aioli sauce along with sliced jalapeños, pepper jack cheese , lettuce and tomato sandwiched between two delicious buns. But if you’re feeling adventurous then order their Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls: mini eggrolls filled with thinly-sliced ribeye steak cooked in au jus gravy mixed together alongside sautéed green peppers & onions covered by creamy cheese sauce tops this well-crafted finger-licking delight!

For vegetarians looking for something other than salads or veggie burgers can opt for Quinoa Salad featuring mixed greens tossed with quinoa grains topped up boiled eggs,feta crumbles,, sundried tomatoes .mushrooms,sliced almonds all pulled together exceptionally by honey dijon dressing.. This dish not only fills one up but also serves as an healthy option during your visit!

Now I have saved the best for last – dessert! Don’t leave without trying the decadent chocolate brownie sundae – warm chocolate fudge brownie decorated perfectly atop with a scoop of vanilla ice cream,a wafer cookie,drizzled chocolate syrup with loads of whipped cream and cherry on top for that added delight.

In conclusion, The Clubhouse Sports Grille is a treasure trove of delicious delights tucked away in plain sight. So the next time you’re in the area or just looking to treat yourself indulge in these hidden menu gems for an unforgettable experience!

Exploring New Additions to the Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu

The clubhouse just keeps getting better and better! The newly introduced dishes on the Clubhouse Sports Grille menu are nothing short of exceptional, incorporating culinary techniques that combine freshness and flavor.

The first addition to the lineup is their fish tacos. Delightfully seasoned tilapia served with avocado salsa, cilantro-lime coleslaw, loaded up in a soft tortilla for an explosion of flavors in every bite. This dish is perfect for seafood lovers who crave something light yet filling.

Another must-try new item is their “Wing Sampler Platter”. Designed to allow guests to try multiple sauces without committing to one sauce or another’s full portion; traditional Buffalo-style wings alongside honey BBQ hickory-smoked boneless chicken bites accompanied by celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing – everything you could ask for from classic sports bar fare!

If burgers are your thing then be sure not to miss out on the Claubhouse Burger. With a juicy beef patty grilled to perfection and topped with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese all compacted between two fluffy buns dressed in secret house sauce—this burger offers layers of intense umami flavor profile complemented with vegetables added into it rendering it complete meal package comprising both greens along protein-rich meat.

Lastly but certainly not least comes the dessert option: Deep Fried Oreos! There’s nothing quite like biting into those warm fried-grilled shell cookies as they melt away revealing a softened cookie center while still maintaining its texture paired nicely with vanilla ice cream—the perfect indulgent sweet treat after enjoying a savory meal with friends or family or even during game night watching your team hit touchdowns left right centre!

In conclusion if you haven’t had enough reasons—and feelings hungry after reading this write-up—to make plans and visit The Clubhouse Sports Grille now made certain to check out these fantastic new additions on top of already serving scrumptious classics such as garlic parmesan fries and loaded nachos—You don’t want to miss this lit experience, folks!

Table with useful data:

The Clubhouse Sports Grille Menu
Burgers $10.99
Cheeseburgers $11.99
Chicken Wings $9.99
Salads $8.99
Sandwiches $10.99
Pizza $12.99
Soda $2.99
Beer $4.99
Cocktails $6.99

Information from an expert

As a culinary connoisseur, I can confidently say that the Clubhouse Sports Grille menu is an absolute delight for sports fans and foodies alike. From classic game day favorites like burgers and wings to elevated dishes such as grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce, their menu offerings cater to a range of tastes. Don’t miss out on the loaded tater tots or handmade pizzas – they are among my personal favorites! Overall, the Clubhouse Sports Grille’s menu provides a winning combination of tasty bites and exciting sporting events for customers to indulge in.
Historical fact: The concept of a “clubhouse” as a gathering place for sports teams originated in the 19th century and was popularized by British cricket clubs. The addition of food and beverage options to these spaces would eventually lead to the creation of modern-day sports bars like the Clubhouse Sports Grille.

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