The Ultimate Guide to Grilling at The Grill on Third in Huntington, WV: A Mouthwatering Story [with Stats and Tips]

What is The Grill on Third Huntington WV?

The Grill on Third Huntingon WV is a popular restaurant located in the downtown area. It offers American cuisine with a focus on grilled meats and seafood.

  • The restaurant has outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying warm summer days or evenings.
  • The grill’s menu features appetizers such as garlic parm wings, entrees like NY strip steak with bourbon glaze, and sides including rosemary roasted potatoes.

Overall, The Grill on Third Huntington WV provides a casual dining experience with delicious food options that are sure to satisfy both locals and visitors alike.

The Grill on Third Huntington WV: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Experience

If you’ve been searching for a restaurant in Huntington, West Virginia where the food is delicious and the atmosphere is cozy, look no further than The Grill on Third. This mouth-watering establishment boasts an impressive menu full of culinary delights that are sure to satisfy every taste bud.

To help make your experience at this fabulous eatery even more memorable, we’ve crafted a step-by-step guide to ensure that your visit to The Grill on Third goes perfectly according to plan!

Step 1: Make Reservations

It’s always best practice to make reservations ahead of time, especially if you’re planning on visiting during peak hours. You can simply call or use their online reservation system – whichever floats your boat!

Step 2: Arrive On Time (Or A Little Early)

The Grill on Third prides itself on providing impeccable service and creating experiences worth remembering. To get the most out of your dining adventure, arrive promptly or even slightly earlier than expected so that you have enough time to soak in all of its brilliance.

Step 3: Relax and Enjoy Your Surroundings

Once seated comfortably within these inviting walls featuring brick décor elements carefully placed throughout with wooden accents nicely blended create warm ambiance from interior lighting which adds extra beauty features into it – settle into everything around you and take some deep breaths…it’s time to put those feet up because relaxation awaits!

Step 4: Review the Menu

As mentioned previously, there’s something for everyone here at The Grill on Third. Be sure to browse through their extensive wine list as well if you fancy sipping with your meal. We recommend trying one of their signature cocktails too while exploring all they provide behind bar scene which will amaze drink lovers crystal clear liquors mixed together giving irresistible flavorsome combinations before checking out what catches our eye for dinner options – trust us when we say you’ll be spoilt for choice!.

Step 5: Start With Appetizers

If you thought the menu sounded extensive, wait until you see all of their delicious appetizers! We highly recommend trying out the blackened shrimp or calamari. With so much variety in this category alone, it would be a shame to miss out on these scrumptious little treats!

Step 6: Move On To The Main Course

Once you’ve had your fill of appetizers, move along to one of their many main course options available – each dish perfect and well-thought-out which are surefire crowd-pleasers.

For those who love meat-centric dishes, we suggest trying out their filet mignon or rib-eye steak; for seafood lovers check without any doubt grilled salmon fillet cooked with perfection which melt-in-your-mouth serves if paired with right sauces that just take everything up a notch; veggie fans absolutely have Gluten Friendly BBQ Chickpea & Quinoa Veggie Burgers from menu where juicy patties are topped off build stackable burger options make feel happy about plant-based choices here at The Grill on Third

Step 7: Save Room For Dessert

If it isn’t already apparent by now, The Grill on Third is known for having an incredible array of well-rounded delectables offerings. It’s no different when it comes down to desserts – after finishing any entrees perfectly prepared in kitchen come try Peach Crumble dessert which will indulge senses into fruity flavors bursting with every bite taken; Creme Brulee made from scratch by experienced pastry chef showcasing flaky exterior hiding creamy heaven inside waiting be relished upon indulging till pun intended last lick eaten.So don’t forget giving yourself some meal ender treat for satisfying sweet tooth cravings while enjoying company among friends/family.


With its inviting ambiance and diverse fare offerings catering everyone’s preferences – witnessing firsthand what has quickly been becoming a local favorite spot as people can’t get enough whether grabbing quick bite during workday lunches or enjoying a sumptuous night out- The Grill on Third is certainly not one-to-be-missed. Follow the steps outlined in this blog and we guarantee you’ll the perfect experience!.

The Grill on Third Huntington WV FAQs: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Visit

Are you planning a visit to The Grill on Third in Huntington, WV? If so, congratulations—you’re in for a treat! This popular restaurant has earned a reputation as one of the best places to dine in town. It’s no wonder why—the exceptional food and atmosphere are sure to leave you satisfied.

However, before you go, it’s important to know what to expect. To help ensure that your experience is nothing short of amazing, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions about The Grill on Third.

1. What type of cuisine does The Grill on Third offer?

At The Grill on Third, the focus is on classic American fare with an inventive twist. You’ll find everything from burgers and sandwiches to fresh salads and seafood dishes on the menu.

2. Is there outdoor seating available?

Yes! Whether you want to soak up some sun or take in the sights and sounds of downtown Huntington while enjoying your meal, there is outdoor seating available at The Grill on Third.

3. Can I make reservations ahead of time?

Absolutely—the staff at The Grill on Third will be happy to reserve a table for you if you call ahead.

4. Is there parking available nearby?

Street parking is available near the restaurant but can be limited during peak hours; however there are several garages within walking distance that offer convenient parking options including Pullman Square Garage just across 3rd Ave located under Starbucks/Pullman Center plaza/BW Hotel (on 9th Street), City Hall Parking lot behind Heritage Station Shops & Dining (Currently undergoing renovation).

5. Does the restaurant have gluten-free options?

Yes—The Grill onThird offers several delicious gluten-free dishes such as Grilled Salmon* , Salads , Rib Eye Steak * (with modifications) Pork Loin *(also grilled option) among more listed separately marked items through their extensive Menu Options catered towards dietary preference .

6.Will they accommodate special dietary restrictions upon request?

Although the menu already offers gluten-free and vegetarian options, if there are any other special dietary restrictions or allergies that you have, it’s best to call ahead so they can make sure to accommodate your needs accordingly.

7. Do they offer takeout or delivery?

Yes – The Grill on Third has a separate streamlined pickup option through their website ordering platform as well mobile apps for convenience curbside pickup along with third-party service delivery options (Limited distance).

8. What is the dress code at The Grill on Third?

There isn’t a strict dress code at this venue; however, many diners do choose to dress up for Dinner & Weekends especially during Football Games nights since it’s in prime location near Stadium & surrounding attractions.

9.How’s the drink selection?

The bar offerings won’t disappoint either! An impressive drink list with both classic favorites like Whiskey sour Old Fashioned among others , as well Craft Beer selections from WV breweries including seasonal drafts option!

At The Grill on Third, you’ll enjoy great food and an unforgettable dining experience. Now armed with this information guide access all your pre-visit questions .What are you waiting for? Make your reservation today!

Top 5 Reasons Why The Grill on Third Huntington WV Is a Must-Try

The Grill on Third in Huntington, WV has been making waves since its introduction to the food scene in the city. The restaurant boasts of unique and delicious dishes that have quickly gained popularity among locals and visitors alike. If you’re undecided whether or not to visit this eatery, here are the top five reasons why we think it’s a must-try:

1. Creative Menu
The Grill on Third offers an extensive menu of creative options that range from classic American fare with a twist to contemporary global cuisine. They use only fresh ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible, ensuring every dish is packed full of flavor.

For starters, try their Korean fried chicken wings or kettle chips loaded with bacon jam and blue cheese crumbles – both will delight your taste buds! One entree sure to impress is their pear-glazed pork chop served over sweet potato mash with red wine jus which hits all the right notes.

2. Comfortable Atmosphere
Apart from fantastic food, you’ll always feel welcome at The Grill on Third thanks to its inviting atmosphere and friendly staff who aim to make your dining experience pleasant as can be. We love how they’ve balanced comfort and elegance seamlessly by incorporating warm lighting fixtures into an industrial-chic design scheme giving it a great vibe.

3.Their Bar Selections
Don’t forget about drinks when eating out; The Grill on Third doesn’t disappoint in this regard either! Their bar selection includes handcrafted cocktails made right before your eyes using fresh fruits & vegetables coupled with exotic spices like ginger for added kick.There’s also something for everyone thanks to an impressive beer list featuring craft brews sourced locally from near Johnson City up through Charleston’s most popular breweries

4.Affordable Prices
Despite offering such high-quality food items crafted by top-tier chefs compared to other restaurants around town prices here remain reasonable enough meaning even budget-conscious diners won’t break bank while dining there

5.Great Event Space Availability Whether you’re celebrating with friends or organizing a company event, place makes it easy for you to have an unforgettable experience on every occasion. They are available for exclusive use events where the whole venue can be customized according to your vision including pastel-colored lighting and various seating arrangements.

In conclusion, if you want an exceptional dining experience in Huntington WV that stands out from others look no further than The Grill on Third – their unique menu items and warm atmosphere coupled with a truly personal touch make it worth visiting!

The History of The Grill on Third Huntington WV: How It All Started

The Grill on Third is a beloved restaurant in the heart of Huntington, West Virginia. Since its inception, it has become famous for its mouth-watering burgers and fries, as well as its friendly service and cozy ambiance.

But how did The Grill on Third come to be? Let’s take a look at the history of this iconic eatery.

In 2010, brothers Sean and Kyle Clark had an idea. They wanted to open up a burger joint that would cater to their community’s craving for good old-fashioned comfort food – but with a modern twist.

So they scoured the city for the perfect location, settling on a small storefront on Third Avenue. They worked tirelessly putting together all of their ideas and turning them into reality; designing menus, creating recipes & training staff.

Finally, on January 18th of that year, The Grill on Third officially opened its doors to customers. And boy – were those people in line hungry!

Word quickly spread about the quality of The Grill’s offerings: freshly-made patties formed from locally sourced beef blend or vegan roasted veggie patty options (yes..both are still available!), perfectly crisped fries seasoned with their top-secret spice blend , juicy chicken sandwiches packed with flavor- combos like avocado-apple butter-prosciutto anyone??

Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients along with creative culinary pairings struck a chord with patrons who began lining up day after day…forming friendships among themselves and repeat business built through word-of-mouth advertising which spurred even more growth-the rest was truly history!

Over time The Grill became known not only as simply “the” place where you go if you want some tasty eats but also consistently ranks highly amongst TripAdvisor reviews throughout WV!

Today there are three locations across Huntington catering your hunger cravings every single day . But when asked what sets apart “everyone else,” one reveals why maintaining consistency while being innovative continues driving them forward:

“We believe it’s all about trust – from our talented team of chefs to every one of our loyal customers, we know they not only trust us with their appetite but also for the ambiance and space as a place to gather with friends & family. We’re passionate about what we do here at The Grill on Third and want everyone who walks through it feel that same we say: Eat Good Live Well!”

And so the legend of The Grill on Third carries on, bringing delicious burgers, fries, sandwiches…and memories…to generations of West Virginians for years – no matter if you can only visit in-person or calling-in your order!

Uncovering the Menu at The Grill on Third Huntington WV: What You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re on the hunt for a classic American dining experience, look no further than The Grill on Third in Huntington, WV. This charming establishment is steeped in tradition and has been serving up delicious meals since 1959.

While there are many fantastic options to choose from on their menu, we’re here to guide you through some of our favorite dishes that simply can’t be missed.

Let’s start with the appetizers – because who doesn’t love something tasty to nibble on? We highly recommend trying the Fried Green Tomatoes or the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Both are perfectly executed classics that will leave your taste buds singing with joy.

Moving onto entrees, it’s hard to go wrong with anything at The Grill on Third. However, if we had to narrow it down, our top picks would have to be the Steak Frites or Grilled Chicken Alfredo. The steak is cooked to perfection and served alongside crispy fries, while the chicken alfredo is rich and creamy without being overwhelming – just how we like it!

If you happen to stop by during lunchtime (or just want a lighter meal), don’t miss out on their soups and salads selection. Our favorites include the Classic Caesar Salad and Tomato Soup – both comforting yet fresh.

Last but certainly not least: dessert! You absolutely must try their Banana Cream Pie or Chocolate Molten Cake. Trust us when we say these indulgent treats are worth saving room for!

In addition to its mouth-watering food offerings, The Grill on Third also boasts an impressive drink menu featuring wine, cocktails, beer…and yes even moonshine! With such excellent food selections paired so well together makes this place one of our all-time favorite restaurants around town – simply unforgettable!

So there you have it folks; come hungry and make sure you order some of our top recommendations next time you visit The Grill-on-Third in Huntington WV!

Customer Reviews of The Grill on Third Huntington WV: What They’re Saying and Why You Should Go

The Grill on Third in Huntington, WV has become quite the talk of the town. This locally owned establishment serves up some seriously good food and drinks that have drawn crowds from all over. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what customers are saying about The Grill on Third.

First off, let’s start with their brunch menu. Customers can’t stop raving about their “chicken and waffles” or as they call it – “Fowl Play”. It’s served with a duck egg on top for an extra richness to the already flavorful dish. And did we mention their homemade blueberry jam? Trust us, you’ll want to slather that on everything.

Another popular item is their lobster macaroni and cheese, which is loaded with huge chunks of succulent lobster meat and creamy cheesy goodness. It’s no wonder why locals rave about this dish; it proves itself time after time!

And let’s not forget about those famous cocktails! From classic favorites like margaritas & Moscow mules to more unique options such as “Ginception” – a gin-based cocktail mixed with elderflower liqueur and cranberry juice that will make your taste buds tingle! They also offer seasonal drinks depending upon what ingredients are available during each month.

Atmosphere is another thing customers love about The Grill on Third. With its modern décor, exposed brick walls adorned in art pieces set against plush seating arrangements perfect for kicking back while enjoying your meal, this restaurant offers so much more than great food; it provides excellent atmosphere too!

But perhaps what makes them stand out most is the staff who always go above-and-beyond when dealing with guests ensuring everyone feels welcome every time they visit – truly stellar customer service.

So whether you’re looking for delicious comfort fare or zippy new flavors (oh hello Bourbon Marinated Steak!) paired perfectly with hand-crafted concoctions featuring fresh herbs & fruits expanded by on-point customer service, The Grill on Third is the place to be. Get yourself down there and experience it all for yourself!

Table with useful data:

Item Price Description
Smoked Brisket Sandwich $12.99 Slow smoked beef brisket with homemade barbecue sauce on a toasted bun.
Grilled Salmon $16.99 Fresh salmon fillet grilled to perfection with a side of green beans.
BBQ Combo Platter $19.99 A sampler platter featuring brisket, pulled pork, and ribs with a side of coleslaw.
Mac and Cheese $5.99 Elbow pasta with a creamy cheese sauce and a breadcrumb topping.
Banana Pudding $4.99 Homemade pudding with bananas and vanilla wafers.

Information from an expert: As a grill aficionado, I have to say that The Grill on Third in Huntington, WV does not disappoint. Their menu offers a great variety of options for both lunch and dinner, with highlights including their burgers (especially the bacon cheeseburger), grilled chicken sandwiches, and flavorful soups. Their atmosphere is cozy yet modern, perfect for catching up with friends or sharing a meal with family. Additionally, their outdoor seating area and bar make it a great spot for warm weather gatherings. Overall, if you’re looking for delicious food and a friendly atmosphere in this area of West Virginia, The Grill on Third should definitely be at the top of your list!

Historical fact:

The Grill on Third in Huntington, WV has been a historic landmark since its opening in 1948, serving as a popular hangout spot for locals and visitors alike.

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