Gandules Grill menu

Gandules Grill Menu (2024)

Need a taste of the tropics? Gandules Grill is the only place you need to go! You can enjoy a delicious journey through Puerto Rican food at this place, which uses fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. The Gandules Grill Menu offers a great time, whether you’re a seasoned foodie or an adventurous person who likes to try new things.

What is Gandules Grill?

In 2018, an enthusiastic Puerto Rican family opened the first restaurant in the Gandules Grill chain. They aim to bring the island’s lively flavors to the rest of the US, giving people a taste of Puerto Rico’s rich culinary history.

Gandules Grill Menu

The Gandules Grill menu has many meals to suit all tastes. These are some of the delicious treats you can look forward to:


Gandules Grill Menu
#Gandules Grill Menu

You can start planning an unforgettable meal in the starters part of the Gandules Grill menu. Each dish is made to wake your taste buds and prepare you for the next cooking adventure.

  • Octopus Cup
  • Conch Cup
  • Octupus & Conch Cup
  • Octupus & Shrimp Cup
  • Octupus, Conch & Shrimp Cup
  • Fried Cornmeal Sticks with Mayo Ketchup
  • Fried Cheese with Guava Sauce
  • Fried Chicken Cracklings
  • Fried Pork Cracklings
  • Morcilla 1 lb
  • Fried Pork Chunks
  • Mini Chicken Cordon Blue
  • Coconut Shrimp with Tropical Citrus Sauce
  • Breaded Shrimp with Pink Sauce
  • Breaded Grouper Fillet with tarta Sauce
  • Fried Yuca Sticks with Garlic Mojo Sauce
  • Fried Plantains with Mojo Sauce


Gandules Grill Menu

Not for easily scared people! This dish is out of this world. Every bite is a taste explosion, and it’s great for sharing or filling up on a big meal.

  • Crazy Fries
  • Crazy Plantains
  • Crazy Salad
  • Crazy Mofongo
  • Crazy Dufongo
  • Crazy Trifongo


Gandules Grill is an excellent place for meat lovers! Pork chunks fried in a Rita, chicken breast grilled on a plancha, and pork chops fried in a Rita are some of the most traditional meals in Puerto Rico. Each dish comes with a salad and one of two sides. Together, they make a full and filling meal.

  • Grilled Skirt Steak
  • Fried Pork Chunks
  • Fried Chicken Cracklings
  • Grilled Garlic Chicken
  • Grilled Mojo Chicken
  • Fried Pork Chops
  • Fried Pork Cracklings
  • Fried Kan Kan Pork Chop 2lb


Gandules Grill Menu

The best of the Caribbean Sea comes to life at Gandules Grill! You can eat fresh seafood like Coconut Shrimp with a sour citrus sauce, Breaded Grouper Fillet with a sour tartare sauce, or the classic Breaded Shrimp with pink sauce. All of the food is cooked just right and tastes great.

  • Lobster Tail 12 onz
  • Lobster Tail 6 onz
  • Lobster Tail 6 onz & Garlic Shrimp
  • Octopus Salad
  • Octopus on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Conch Salad
  • Conch on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Conch & Shrimp on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Conch, Octupus & Shrimp
  • Shrimp on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Shrimp & Octopus on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Coconut Shrimp (8)
  • Fried Whole Snapper 11/2 to 2 Lb
  • Fried Whole Snapper 11/2 – 2 Lb. & Shrimp
  • Salmon Fillet on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Salmon Fillet & Shrimp on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Salmon Fillet & Octopus on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Salmon Fillet, Octopus & Shrimp
  • Grouper Fillet on Garlic or Creole Sauce
  • Grouper Fillet & Shrimp
  • Grouper Fillet & Octopus
  • Grouper Fillet, Octopus & Shrimp
  • Grouper Fillet, Octopus, Shrimp & Conch


Gandules Grill Menu

Drinks that are good for you will go well with your meal at Gandules Grill. There are a lot of different drinks to choose from, including frozen coconut milk called Coco Frios and tropical beers and juices.

  • Coca Cola (Unlimited)
  • Sprite (Unlimited)
  • Diet Coke (Unlimited)
  • Lemonade (Unlimited)
  • Hi C Fruit Punch (Unlimited)
  • Fanta Orange (Unlimited)
  • Bottled Water
  • Perrier Water
  • Kola Champagne
  • Coco Rico
  • Malta India
  • Pina Buena
  • Old Colony Grape


Gandules Grill Desserts are a great way to end a meal on a sweet note. You might find traditional treats like Flan de Queso (cheese flan) or Tres Leches Cake (three kinds of milk cake), but the choices may change from place to place.

  • Vanilla Custard
  • Cheese Custard
  • Three Milk Cake
  • Three Milk Cake with Guava or Nutella
  • Mango Guava Cheesecake
  • Mango Passion Fruit Cheesecake
  • Nutella Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake
  • Cheesecake

FAQs about Gandules Grill Menu

What is the Craziest Menu item at Gandules Grill?

The Crazy Menu indeed lives up to its name! It has a lot of different toppings, like crispy potato sticks, chicken, pork, ham, melted cheese, mayo ketchup, greens, tomatoes, and more. It’s an incredible taste explosion for sharing or filling up a big meal.

Does Gandules Grill offer Vegetarian options?

Gandules Grill’s menu is mainly made up of meat and seafood, but they may have vegetarian choices like vegetarian mofongo (made with plantains instead of beef) or breakfast foods like rice and beans. It’s always best to call your local Gandules Grill to find out their veggie options.

What are some popular Meat dishes at Gandules Grill?

Gandules Grill is an excellent place for meat lovers! Chicken breast on a grill, fried pork chunks called Carne Frita, and fried pork chops called Chuletas Fritas are all popular choices. You can choose any two sides and a salad to go with your dish; they are all cooked just right.

What are the Seafood options like at Gandules Grill?

Gandules Grill loves fresh food from the Caribbean Sea. Some meals you can enjoy include coconut shrimp with a sour citrus sauce, a brewed Grouper Fillet with a sour tartare sauce, and a classic breaded shrimp with a creamy pink sauce. All of the seafood choices are cooked just right and taste great.

Does Gandules Grill have any Gluten-Free options?

Gandules Grill’s menu might be somewhat gluten-free, but some things could be made without gluten. Foods like cooked meats or fish with sure sides, like green salads, might be good choices. You should discuss your gluten-free needs with the restaurant staff and look into options.

What are some typical Side Dishes at Gandules Grill?

Gandules Grill serves a range of traditional Puerto Rican sides to accompany your meal. Some of these are French fries, sweet plantains, fried plantains, white rice with beans, and rice with pigeon peas (Gandules). With most main meals, you can pick the sides you want.

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