Mesa Grill Menu

Mesa Grill Menu (2024)

They are calling all people who love Southwestern food! Between 5 pm and 10:30 pm, Wednesday through Sunday, Mesa Grill serves a delicious dinner menu that will make your taste buds dance. Let’s look at what they’ve cooked, from tempting starters to filling main courses and decadent desserts.


Mesa Grill Menu
#Mesa Grill Menu

Roasted Corn Soup (15 USD):

Enjoy the smoky warmth of this specialty soup with smoked chiles and crispy tortilla strips to change the texture. 

Tiger Shrimp + Roasted Garlic Corn Tamale (20 USD):

Enjoy juicy, plump tiger shrimp tucked inside a tasty corn tamale, with the smell of roasted garlic adding to the flavor. 

Sophie’s Chopped Salad with Her Own Special Dressing + Crispy Tortillas (16 USD):

Sophie’s famous chopped salad, which has a unique dressing and the satisfying crunch of crispy tortillas, is a great way to start the day. 

Southwestern Caesar Salad (17 USD):

This salad is a classic with a Southwestern twist. It has cotija cheese, baby kale, little gem lettuce, spicy croutons, and chorizo, adding smoky flavor. 

Rough Cut Tuna “Nachos” (20 USD):

Try a fun new way to eat nachos! Fresh, rough-cut tuna is layered on top of crispy tacos in this dish. A sweet and spicy mango habanero hot sauce drizzles over the top, and a creamy avocado crema cools things down. 

Goat Cheese “Queso Fundido” (18 USD):

Enjoy the delicious melty goat cheese queso fundido with rajas (strips of roasted poblano peppers and onions) and a sour Serrano vinaigrette that has been charred. Blue corn tortilla bits give the dish a nice texture. 

Smoked Chicken + Black Bean Quesadilla (18 USD):

Enjoy the smokey creaminess of this quesadilla, which is full of soft smoked chicken and black beans. The toasted garlic creme fraiche and creamy avocado make it taste even better.

Dinner Entrées

Mesa Grill Menu
#Mesa Grill Menu

Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon (35 USD):

A sweet and smokey ancho chilli-honey sauce coats the juicy salmon in this dish. A spicy black bean sauce, tomatillos, and a roasted jalapeno crema keep the meal in balance. 

New Mexican Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin (39 USD):

A lively New Mexican spice rub covers tenderloin pork, which is then perfectly cooked. It has a tasty sweet potato tamale and a rich bourbon-ancho chile sauce. The pecan butter on top is crushed. 

Sixteen Spice Chicken (35 USD):

The chicken in this tasty dish is simmered in a complex mix of sixteen spices, grilled, and then topped with a bright garlic-mango sauce. Habanero-apricot butter mashed potatoes and a cool Fresno chile-mango sauce make the dish taste even better. 

Cornmeal Crusted Chile Relleno (30 USD):

For a vegetarian, this dish has a cornmeal crust around a poblano pepper filled with tasty porcini mushrooms and cotija cheese. A sun-dried pepper sauce makes it taste sweet and sour. 

Steamed Halibut (40 USD):

The fish is cooked just right and served in a tasty guajillo chile posole broth with mint and cilantro. Blue corn chips and chunks of avocado make the dish’s textures very interesting. 

Fire Roasted Veal Chop (39 USD):

Enjoy a veal chop that has been perfectly roasted over a fire, served with a tasty tamale made with chorizo and goat cheese, and topped with crushed pecan butter.

Sides and Desserts

Mesa Grill Menu
#Mesa Grill Menu

Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding (14 USD):

This decadent treat is a hit with everyone. Imagine warm, rich chocolate pudding with swirls of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of salted cajeta (goat milk caramel). It would be a wonderful mix of tastes and textures. 

Toasted Coconut Layer Cake (14 USD):

Want something lighter but still satisfying? Pick the cake with toasted coconut. This tasty dessert has layers of soft cake mixed with coconut and a creamy coconut crème anglaise drizzles over the top.

Cilantro Pesto Mashed Potatoes (12 USD)

At Mesa Grill, this comfort food favorite gets a lively makeover. A tasty cilantro pesto is mixed into creamy mashed potatoes to give your plate a touch of freshness and herbaceousness. It goes well with grilled meats or heartier meals like the New Mexican Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin.

Hooked Island Grill Menu (12 USD)

Are you looking for something lighter? When spinach is sautéed, the different tastes and textures work well together. This simple side dish adds a healthy dose of green goodness and lets the bold flavors of your primary food shine through. It goes well with lighter meats like steamed halibut or fish dishes.

Faqs about Mesa Grill Menu

What are Mesa Grill’s hours of operation?

Mesa Grill is only open for dinner from 5 pm to 10:30 pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

Does Mesa Grill offer vegetarian options?

Of course! The cornmeal-crusted chile Relleno and veggie enchiladas are two vegetarian options on the menu (but not on the sample menu that was given).

Can I make a reservation at Mesa Grill?

When making a reservation, calling the place is always best. There may be some online reservation services, but the best way to get the most up-to-date information on table availability is to contact the place.

Does Mesa Grill have a dress code?

Mesa Grill is known for its friendly setting. Even though there isn’t a strict dress rule, most guests wear bright casual clothes.

What are some popular menu items at Mesa Grill?

Many people like the Certified Angus Beef® Prime chops, the Sixteen Spice Chicken, and the Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon. Of course, if the menu has a lot of different tastes and ways to prepare the food, your favorites might be completely different!

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