The Ultimate Guide to The Tavern Woodbury: A Story of Delicious Food, Fun Atmosphere, and 5-Star Reviews [2021]

What is the Tavern Woodbury?

The Tavern Woodbury is a popular restaurant and bar located in the charming town of Woodbury, Connecticut.

Known for its cozy atmosphere and excellent food, the Tavern offers a diverse menu featuring classic American dishes with a modern twist. Guests can also enjoy craft beers, signature cocktails, and an extensive wine list.

In addition to its delicious cuisine and drinks, the Tavern frequently hosts live music events that draw crowds from across the region.

How To Experience The Tavern Woodbury: Tips and Tricks

If you live in the beautiful city of Woodbury, Minnesota, then you are well aware of all the amazing places that this wonderful place has to offer. One such hotspot is The Tavern Woodbury – a restaurant and bar that has been around since 2011 and is a favorite amongst locals.

If you’re planning on experiencing The Tavern Woodbury for yourself, then look no further as we have some tips and tricks to help make your experience one to remember!

Tip #1: Book in advance

The Tavern Woodbury can get incredibly busy during peak hours – especially on weekends. Therefore, if you want to secure a table or booth for your party, it’s always best to book ahead. That way, you won’t be waiting ages for a free table when you arrive.

To reserve a spot at The Tavern Woodbury use their online reservation system or call them directly via phone. You’ll thank us later!

Tip #2: Check out their happy hour deals

Who doesn’t love happy hour? At The Tavern Woodbury they run Monday through Friday from 3pm-6pm with an additional late-night Happy Hour Sunday through Thursday from 9 pm until close.

Happy Hour consists of great food specials ranging from $5-$8 including beer-battered cheese curds and truffle fries! Bargain drinks selections include $4 house wines along with half-price select bottled/can beers…

Make sure to give these items served during Happy Hours’ time frame; grab our handpicked choices like Fried Calamari drizzled with Chipotle Aioli ($7) or Grilled Shrimp Skewer accompanied by signature Cucumber Salad also priced at ($7)

Tip #3: Chat up the bartenders

The staff at The Tavern Woodbury is friendly throughout every inch of its establishment–especially behind the bar ensembles taking duties very seriously but chattiness required (wink!). Moreover, so chatting up those bartenders is always recommended, they might know some off-menu items to tantalize your taste buds.

Make it a point to introduce yourself and explain your preferences – you never know what kind of delicious libations might capture your fancy. Just remember all their staff are professionals; tips around 15% per tab should be well-deserved and easy on the wallet!

Tip #4: Try out their Friday Night Fish Fry

Friday evening in Minnesota signifies one thing for many people “Fish Fry Day!” If you haven’t tried The Tavern Woodbury’s Friday fish fry then make that top on your list (the secret is totally out amongst locals!) It’s held every week from 11 am to close – this event includes Live music too.

Some offerings feature Walleye selection ($16.99) available baked or fried or other most popular options like award-winning American Lager battered Cod fillets ($14.99). You can also go wild with Fried Perch Plates ($19.99), Catfish Fillet($17.99)or Combos deals which include Salads & tasty Sides– among others priced at affordable rates.

Tip #5: Participate In Their Trivia Nights

If intellectual social life calls for mingling amidst trivia enthusiasts over refreshing drinks, join them during organized events! Every Tuesday night starting at 6pm till about 8 pm; The Tavern Woodbury hosts its very own Trivia Night ..invite some friends who have “useless knowledge” may assist while enjoying bites from menu secrets not often seen..

With these five tips under our belt – we’re confident that whether it’s Happy Hour bargains offering delicious eats, experimenting cocktails on the Menu or competing on Tuesdays’ Game Nights…The Tavern will provide us with unforgettable experiences time after time again!

Taking a Tour: A Step-By-Step Guide to The Tavern Woodbury

The Tavern Woodbury is a beautiful and historic landmark located in the heart of Woodbury, Connecticut. This charming tavern was built in the 1700s and has been serving guests ever since as an inn, a stagecoach stop, and now as a wonderful restaurant.

Taking a tour of The Tavern Woodbury involves stepping back into history to explore one of Connecticut’s most cherished establishments. Let us take you on a step-by-step guide so you can discover all that this remarkable place has to offer!

Step One: Set the Scene
As soon as you enter The Tavern Woodbury, it’s impossible not to be swept away by its historical charm. You’ll immediately notice its low-beamed ceilings, exposed brick walls, antique furnishings and fireplaces – all adding up to create an ambiance that transports visitors back to colonial times.

Step Two: Drinks at the Bar
Start off your tour with some drinks at their cozy bar area! Enjoy one or more signature cocktails such as “Elderflower Gimlet” which combines fresh lime juice with elderflower liqueur; or try out classic old-time recipes like “Dark & Stormy”. The bar also offers local craft beers on tap along with hand-picked selection wine list making it perfect for happy hours get-togethers.

Step Three: Dining Area
Take a stroll around The Tavern’s dining rooms adorned with vintage murals depicting scenes from long ago life in early New England society! Discover tables made from reclaimed barn wood which add another layer of rusticity authenticity familiar among iconic American cuisine restaurants. Guests are treated thanks containing unique ingredients specially sourced from local farms providing seasonal menus keeping things interesting year-round.

Step Four: Private Parties
The venue offers private party bookings – gorgeous upstairs event space complete immaculately decorated ballroom-style areas promising memorable events customized themes . Special occasion packages include tantalizing catering menus facilities rentals endless possibilities infinite chances having time lives unforgettable experiences nowhere else available.

Step Five: Outdoor Dining Areas
Stroll over to the outdoor dining areas that surround The Tavern’s premises, be transported in time yet again with the covered porch perfect for those hot summer days. To top it off a huge green lawn showcasing breathtaking views of surrounding beautiful natural landscapes.

In conclusion, taking a tour step-by-step guide through one of Connecticut’s oldest establishments like The Tavern Woodbury drinks at the bar area to conclude dinning experience al fresco on their patio helps map out how everything connects into creating memorable experiences all visitors take away by embracing leading industry standards seamless reliable services coupled with fine attention-to-detail styling every dish making us stand apart from competitors. So if you haven’t paid a visit, what are you waiting for? It is indeed a must-visit historical sight and culinary gem!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Tavern Woodbury Answered

As one of Woodbury’s premier dining destinations, The Tavern Woodbury never ceases to amaze its guests. However, with all the buzz and excitement surrounding this establishment, many questions often arise from diners curious about this local hotspot. From menu options to reservation policies and everything in between, we’ve taken note of some frequently asked questions about The Tavern Woodbury.

1. What is the cuisine at The Tavern?

The Tavern prides itself on offering a diverse menu featuring American-inspired dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. With an emphasis on sustainable practices, Chef John Gomez brings his culinary expertise to every dish served at the restaurant.

2. Do they offer gluten-free or vegetarian options?

Absolutely! Whether you’re looking for meatless entrees or gluten-free alternatives to your favorite meals, The Tavern has got you covered. Their extensive lunch and dinner menus include vegetarian pasta dishes along with gluten-free pastas as well as both vegan and plant-based options

3.How can I make a reservation at The Tavern?

Reservations can be made by using their website which provide easy access into making reservations online 24/7 . Reservations also accepted via phone call during their business hours for any other queries regarding private events such as large group gatherings , hosting corporate events & parties etc .

4.What are the best days/times to visit TheTavern

While it depends largely on personal preferences; weekends tend to attract larger crowds due to people being off work but generally speaking prime times range anywhere weekdays between noon-5pm while evenings are usually more crowded so if prefer quieter atmosphere visits should plan outside peak hour timings

5.Is parking available onsite ?

Yes–The Tartan offers ample free parking that makes visiting one less hustle giving customers enough space before heading out after sharing bagfuls of delicious food amongst friends , familym coworkesr -one thing stands certain- Parking won’t be an issue here

We hope that this brief guide has provided some helpful insights into your questions regarding The Tavern Woodbury. For up-to-date information and further inquiries, be sure to check out their website or give them a call today!

Top 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Tavern Woodbury

Are you tired of the same old restaurants and bars? Well, look no further because The Tavern Woodbury is the place to be. This charming establishment has it all: delicious food, tasty drinks, excellent service, and a cozy atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. But before you head over there for your next meal or night out with friends, here are the top 5 facts you need to know about The Tavern Woodbury.

1. History

The Tavern Woodbury has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s when it was first established as a tavern for travelers passing through Central Valley in New York State. It became the hub of activity in town and remained open until the turn of the century when it closed down due to changing times and tastes. In more recent years, it reopened as a restaurant and bar that honors its original name while adding modern touches that reflect today’s dining scene.

2. Menu

The menu at The Tavern Woodbury is just what you would expect from an upscale eatery – innovative dishes made from scratch using fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. They offer an extensive range of appetizers such as crispy wings tossed in hot sauce or southern-style BBQ ribs, making them morsels rather than starters! If something lighter would suit better they have plenty on their menu such as salads topped with anything from goat cheese fritters or grilled chicken breast.

Their entrees consist of things like Rigatoni Bolognese- homemade meat sauce served over toothsome rigatoni pasta; Filet Mignon- fork-tender cut served with vegetables perfectly seasoned – all cooked fresher than ever by head chef Javier Charles who won Richard Rosendale competition held annually.

3. Drinks

The drink selection alone could keep one coming back again repeatedly! Whether handling finely crafted cocktails made-to-order using premium liquors & freshly squeezed juices ―a piña colada coupled with Malibu rum- or a simple quick brew for the sports fan rushed to catch happy hour specials, this is something you won’t forget anytime soon.

They offer an all-day Happy Hour on Thursdays and Wednesdays during tri-state football season where cocktails are $7.50 discounted every day of Power Hour; from 4 pm – 6 pm drinks range between $5-$6!

4. Private Parties

The Tavern Woodbury can accommodate private parties up to 100 people in their separate dining area, perfect for weddings and corporate events alike since they pay attention to so many details like flowers centered at each table with custom flower arrangements & attentive staff make everything seamless giving cherished memories now lasting even longer once occasion ends too long afterwards.

Whether anyone wants a romantic ambiance together with candlelight or flashy guests will have fun dancing away under disco-ball light beams that change hue over nearby dance-mirrored floors, it always feels like home indoors here.

5. Distinctive décor

Lastly, The Tavern Woodbury boasts rustic decor elements with upscale touches such as high ceilings fitted with nickel wrought chandeliers making sure comfort meets class everywhere looking around corners’ perfection galore! Intricate woodwork spans throughout-the barkeeps tables all built on sturdy marble tops while walls dipped earthy tones keep cozy against brick accents coupled by modern metal art pieces for added chicness continuing quaintly casual atmosphere going! Everything has been thought about doing nothing less than impressing everyone walking through these elegant doors.
At this point its hard not to want to get yourself dressed up and ready for an outing but do remember reservations go quickly so contact four-star buddy instead who’ll surely appreciate your grand gesture after telling him/her what’s in store? What better way then enjoying fine cocktails from bartenders working overtime here adding personal flair behind the bar before taking part in extraordinary cuisine by top-notch chefs leaving eyes wide-open mesmerized event last curtain call rings far too soon? So get those date books ready, and make it happen!

The Stories Behind The Decor: Discovering the Artifacts at The Tavern Woodbury

Nestled in the heart of Woodbury lies a true gem that speaks to the history and traditions of this quaint Connecticut town – The Tavern Woodbury. This historic landmark, built during America’s colonial period, has been lovingly restored by its current owners into an elegant restaurant serving delicious food and expert mixology.

However, what sets The Tavern Woodbury apart from other restaurants is not just its striking architecture or high-quality cuisine but also the impressive collection of artifacts featured throughout the establishment. Each item tells a story- some reflecting on our national heritage while others highlight local legends and cultural phenomena unique to Woodbury.

As soon as you enter through their doors one cannot help but notice the stunning chandeliers hanging above your head casting sparking light all over 18th century paintings gracing walls with rich mahogany finishes.

If you’re a fan of vintage drinks then definitely try classic cocktails containing locally distilled gins which make for strong and refreshing sips perfect for any evening out!

One piece that particularly stands out is a large weaving loom dating back to the early 1800s located near their private dining room … Its authenticity can be felt in its intricacies when viewing up close and it’s fascinating to imagine how often pilgrims used similar devices centuries ago before there was automated machinery everywhere.

And speaking about true American gems there are numerous portraits adorning tavern’s many hallways including ones depicting George Washington famous letter sent his troops at Valley Forge where he wrote “Let us therefore rely upon Providence…”

Moreover, they have also stocked antique firearms anyone interested in weapons would enjoy glancing at pieces such as rifles with gunpowder pouches slung across shoulder ready shoot down wild game, truly taking visitors back through time.

The team behind The Tavern understands these stories encompass originality guests won’t find anywhere else. And although technology has changed so much since those days gone by , hotels like these continue honoring this country’s past and inviting others to admire what was once a simpler time before we all got caught up in modernity.

So if you’re someone who loves history, art or simply being transported back into another era then come experience The Tavern Woodbury yourself – it won’t disappoint!

The Tavern Woodbury is an upscale dining destination located in the heart of historic downtown Woodbury, CT. This restaurant offers delectable American cuisine with locally sourced ingredients and impeccable service to satisfy all guests’ palates.

One notable feature that sets The Tavern apart from its competitors is their unique atmosphere. The intimate ambiance with low lighting and cozy decor will instantly transport you to a world of sophistication without breaking your bank account.

Now, let’s talk food! A menu bursting with delicious options ranging from classic comfort foods such as tavern burgers and mac n cheese to dishes showcasing chef creativity like octopus carpaccio and beetroot salad. They use seasonal produce from local farmers ensuring freshness in every bite; plus weekly specials are available keeping diners coming back for more!

To complement their culinary offerings, the bar serves up specialty handcrafted cocktails made using house-made syrups infused with fresh herbs & fruits adding depth to your drinks leaving you wanting another round- which can quickly turn into several rounds unless you watch out! And if cocktails aren’t your thing, they offer an extensive wine list featuring labels both domestic & abroad highlighting uniqiue varieties paired seamlessly by their teambeverage experts.

Lastly but surely not least – desserts at this restaurant are worth saving room for whether it be Salted Caramel Cheesecake or Lemon Olive Oil Cake topped with cream proving that no meal should end without something sweet on top (pun intended).

All around experience makes it hard not to give high praise when talking about effects conveyed by visiting here . The Tavern Woodbury is a must-try restaurant offering exceptional quality at reasonable price points while providing unforgettable experiences raising location above the rest places put only emphasis on one aspect only ignoring other components involved achieving success in industry catering humans consumption needs.Hence we highly recommend recommendation check ingitoutespeciallyif you’re a true foodie.

Table with Useful Data: The Tavern Woodbury

Feature Details
Location Woodbury, NY
Type of Establishment Tavern/Bar
Menu Appetizers, entrees, salads, sandwiches, burgers, drinks
Alcohol Served Yes, full bar
Seating Indoor and outdoor seating available
Live Entertainment Yes, on select days and weekends
Ambiance Casual and relaxed atmosphere with rustic decor
Hours of Operation Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-12am

Information from an expert:

As a longtime resident and tavern enthusiast, I can confidently say that The Tavern Woodbury is a must-visit destination in the area. With its cozy atmosphere, extensive craft beer selection, and mouthwatering menu options, it’s no wonder this spot has become a local favorite. Whether you’re stopping by for happy hour drinks with friends or a relaxing dinner with family, you’ll always feel welcome at The Tavern Woodbury. Plus, their live music events add an extra touch of excitement to any night out. Trust me – you won’t regret checking out this gem!
Historical fact:
The Tavern in Woodbury, New Jersey was established in 1789 by Richard Heston and served as a popular meeting spot for many prominent figures during the American Revolution.

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