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What is the Capital Grille McLean Menu?

The Capital Grille McLean menu is a collection of carefully curated dishes offered by this esteemed fine dining establishment located in McLean, Virginia. The menu features high-end steak and seafood options that are expertly prepared to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Some must-try items on their menu include dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood, and decadent desserts.

A Step-by-Step Walkthrough of The Capital Grille McLean Menu

The Capital Grille in McLean is a culinary gem that you should not miss. This upscale restaurant features an extensive menu of delectable dishes and fine wines, all served in its elegant dining room with fantastic service. The key to making the most out of your experience at The Capital Grille is knowing how to navigate the menu.

In this step-by-step walkthrough, we’ll guide you through some must-try items on the menu so that you can sample some of the best dishes that The Capital Grille has to offer:

1. Starters: Begin your meal by trying one or two starters from their tempting list; we highly recommend either Lobster Bisque – thick and rich soup crowned with sweet chunks of Maine lobster meat or Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella – delicate mozzarella wrapped up in salty prosciutto ham, topped off with balsamic glaze for tart sweetness.

2. Salads: If you’re looking for something light but flavourful, order Caesar Salad tossed with tangy dressing and crispy herb croutons or Roasted Beet – roasted beets layered over baby arugula salad leaves mixed with goat cheese which adds creaminess contrasted nicely against crunchy walnuts.

3.Nothing beats Aged Steaks: Hands down one of their speciality are Dry-Aged Steaks seasoned simply then grilled to perfection over an open fire, resulting into a smoky juicy masterpiece like 14 oz bone-in Filet Mignon cooked medium-rare served alongside trio sides comprising sweet soy-glazed Brussels sprouts garnished with bits crisp bacon bits as flavor enhancer , creamy lobster mac & cheese sprinkled grated white cheddar, Parmesan crust forming thin layer atop brimming pasta shells yielding flavorsome notes encased inside gooeyness These steaks are pricey true but they’re worth every penny because they’re deliciously tender and bursting flavours within each bite .

4.Seafood : Seafodd lovers will not be disappointed by Capital Grille’s Seafood selection. The Mediterranean Style Branzino is a great option to explore, it pairs fresh fillet over green vegetables lade with tangy Romesco Sauce (blend of fire-roasted red peppers and toasted almonds), this creates unique smokiness complemented by added zip achieved through the drizzle of lemon butter lastly herb mix acting as crowning element which imparts just right character.

5.Sides: To accompany your main course, indulge in some sides that further enhance your dining experience. Try Lobster Mac & Cheese – classic mac n cheese elevated by addition chunks succulent lobster meat ,served hot with creamy white sauce seeping into every inch of chevked bowtie pasta . Other Side dishes worth trying are sweet potato mash – silky smooth texture rounded nice caramelized sweetness balancing saltiness from raisin and pecan seasoning blend or truffle fries- crispy outside soft inside shoestring potatoes boasting earthy note after having been liberally dusted black truffle powder paired with aioli dip taking taste several notches higher.

6.Desserts : End your meal on a high note by indulging in one (or more!) of their exquisite desserts—chocolates niagara! Gorgeous, warm chocolate cake topped with a decadent assortment featuring vanilla-pound-cake-like ice cream scoop melting into richness along wih milk Cholate Truffles reminiscent flavors dark cocoa bean blends all accompanied for grounded base Marshmallows oven roasted imparting smokey twist alongside candied walnut crumbles spread around plate to balance out everything perfectly.

In conclusion , McLean’s Capital Grille offers an exciting culinary adventure for food enthusiasts who want nothing but the best quality served up fancy yet elegant plating impact combined with strong service attitude delivered makes dining there enjoyable plus adds extra zest complimenting atmosphere conducive making memories beyond feasting itself.. Do visit soon; you’re sure to have an unforgettable dining experience!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Capital Grille McLean Menu

The Capital Grille McLean menu is a culinary masterpiece that offers something for everyone. Whether you are in the mood for steak, seafood, or an expertly crafted cocktail, this restaurant has got you covered. As with any dining experience, there are always questions that need answers – here are some frequently asked questions about The Capital Grille McLean menu:

Q: What type of cuisine does The Capital Grille specialize in?

A: The menu at The Capital Grille McLean is primarily focused on classic American cuisine with a contemporary twist. Signature dishes include dry aged steaks and fresh seafood made using only the freshest ingredients.

Q: Is it possible to customize my order according to dietary needs?

A: Absolutely! At The Capital Grille McLean, we understand that our guests have various dietary needs and preferences. That’s why we offer gluten-free options as well as vegetarian selections so everyone can enjoy their favorite meal without worry.

Q: How do I pair wine with my meal?

A: Our team of experienced sommeliers will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect wine pairing for your meal. They can provide recommendations based on your personal taste preferences and answer any questions you may have regarding wine selection.

Q: Can I book private dining areas for special occasions or events?

A: Yes! We have several private dining rooms available that can accommodate groups of 10-80 people. This option is great if you’re looking to host birthday parties, corporate meetings, or other special gatherings.

Q: Does the restaurant cater to children’s tastes as well?

A: Indeed! If you’re bringing kids along with you for dinner at The Capital Grille Mclean then rest assured they won’t leave disappointed since our specially curated Kid’s Menu boasts delicious options like chicken fingers & fries or mac ‘n cheese

Overall, whether visiting us day-of spontaneously​ ,celebrating Mother’s Day brunch (our brunch brings us a fresh spin on the Capital Grille experience), or dining with friends for dinner – we have something for each unique taste bud, diverse occasion, and individual dietary needs. At The Capital Grille McLean our guests are welcomed to unwind in upscale ambience as they relish in delectable meals prepped just delicately by our professional culinary team. So what are you waiting? Go ahead and book your table now!

Top 5 Must-Try Dishes on The Capital Grille McLean Menu

The Capital Grille in McLean, Virginia is a luxurious fine dining restaurant that offers an exceptional culinary experience. If you are looking for the perfect spot to celebrate life’s special moments or simply want an evening of splendid food and ambiance, The Capital Grille is just the place.

One of the most impressive things about this restaurant is its menu. It has something for everyone- from seafood lovers to meat enthusiasts, vegans and vegetarians too! In this blog post, we will outline the top five must-try dishes on The Capital Grille McLean Menu that are absolutely delicious.

1. Wagyu Beef Carpaccio – This exquisite appetizer features thinly sliced wagyu beef drizzled with truffle vinaigrette and garnished with arugula salad and shaved parmesan cheese. The beef is succulent and buttery while the truffle vinaigrette adds depth and richness to elevate its flavor profile.

2. Lobster Bisque– Begin your meal by indulging in some rich creamy lobster bisque soup which boasts vibrant flavors of sherry & cream mixed together perfectly well all while being topped off with tender succulent pieces of Maine lobster meat.

3. Bone-in NY Strip Steak – This juicy steak cut coupled with great marbling intensity grilled perfectly at either rare or medium-rare based on ones preference served along bone creates intense umami notes ; pair it up mashed sweet potatoes side dish featuring bourbon glaze topping over i

4.Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon – A carefully prepared Seared citrus glazed salmon ensures freshness intact accompanied by haricot verts (french green beans)along with wild rice pilaf adding texture & flavour packed punch filled appetizing bite!

5.Warm Apple Crostada – End your meal by treating yourself to Warm apple crostada consisting Diced cinnamon apples stuffed within flaky golden pie crust; All whilst accompanieed alongside vanilla icecream laying a smooth blanket of indulgence on the tastebuds.

The Capital Grille McLean goes out of their way to ensure that each dish is prepared using fresh ingredients and exceptional techniques. This ensures every bite has an irresistible taste that exemplifies fine dining. Don’t let your visit to The Capital Grille McLean end without trying these top five must-try dishes!

How To Order From The Capital Grille McLean Menu Like A Pro

The Capital Grille McLean is a popular restaurant known for its excellent cuisine, outstanding service and luxurious ambiance. It offers an array of delicious specialties that will leave you longing for more. However, with such a vast menu selection, it can prove to be daunting to some customers.

To avoid any confusion or time-wasting when ordering from the Capital Grille McLean Menu like a Pro. Here are some tips on navigating the menu like an expert:

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Menu:
The first thing you need to do before placing your order at The Capital Grille is familiarizing yourself with their culinary options. Check out the different sections of the menu: Starters/First Course, Entrées/Main Course, Sides/Salads and Desserts/Digestives.

By doing so, you’ll know what dishes appeal to you most based on flavor preferences allowing you to narrow down your choices in advance.

2. Ask For Recommendations from Your Server
Your server’s knowledge about various items being offered is unparalleled since he/she has tasted almost everything on the Capital Grille McLean menu.” You could ask them for recommendations based on your dietary needs as well as spice tolerance levels which help prevent food intolerances during dining.

3. Customize As Per Your TasteBuds

Fortunately eating at The Capital Grille allows customization whereby one can alter recipes as per personal preference be it less spicy or skipping an ingredient entirely.Regardless if they were originally included in each dish.Asking this should not only improve overall customer satisfaction but assure clients get exactly what they paid for which equates to happy diners who appreciate personalized recommendations.

4.Look Out For Seasonal Specials

Have fun by keeping check with seasonal menus possible themed twists prepared by Executive Chef Lohnes.“This Stirs-up fresh interest among returning patrons looking beyond favorites” Enticing often-times high-end additions available seasonally making returns every now-and-then enjoyable should one be seeking innovation of their existing palates!

In conclusion, following these tips to order like a pro at The Capital Grille McLean menu and you’ll find your dining experience enjoyable with impeccable food, excellent staff service provided sure to win any return visit!

Discovering the Latest Additions to The Capital Grille McLean Menu

As a lover of fine dining, there are few places that command my attention quite like The Capital Grille. Its reputation for serving premium cuts of beef and seafood as well as its selection of curated wine pairings make it one of the top destinations in McLean, Virginia for foodies across the area.

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting The Capital Grille to explore their latest menu additions. True to form, they did not disappoint.

First on the list was their signature appetizer dish – Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. This dish showcases thin slices of deliciously tender wagyu beef paired with arugula-jam, grated parmesan cheese and black truffle oil which produced an incredibly delicate and balanced flavor combination sure to tantalize even the pickiest eaters.

As someone who’s always struggling between embracing my carnivorous side while still trying to maintain balance within my diet by consuming salads or dishes with lighter ingredients- i made sure to check out The Capital Grille’s “The Generous Pour®” Summer Event this year featuring seven remarkable wines handpicked from all corners around the world such as Oregon’s Elk Cove Pinot Noir 2018 alongside Chateau St Jean Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Washington State!

Next up was an unforgettable entree – Bone-In Filet Mignon served Oscar-style (asparagus spears topped with crab meat). Alongside this beautifully cooked steak came an impeccable twist thanks to their summer special “Blackened & Blue” menu enhancement: Served under metal dome providing a side-show experience-this mouth-watering cut is charred at high heat then drizzled sizzling gorgonzola butter making it extremely tender boasting contrasting flavors- every bite offered something different!

Finally ice cream lovers will find themselves swooning over Fire-Roasted Vanilla Ice Cream laced within spiced Rum (Jamaican blend!). As someone who has never ventured into rum-paired desserts this was a lovely surprise after an unforgettable evening of wining and dining. The spices from the rum acted as a flavor enhancer with every spoonful bringing forth huge bursts of flavors which perfectly rounded off the meal.

Overall, my experience at The Capital Grille in McLean was nothing short of exceptional- highlighting all it’s latest additions that been made available to guests via their menu. From unbelievable appetizers to mouth-watering entrees paired with delish wine pairings and desert – every single dish is cooked to perfection by its experienced culinary experts making each visit unforgettable where one can enjoy dishes beyond compare!

Unveiling the Secrets Behind The Success of The Capital Grille McLean Menu

For foodies in search of the ultimate dining experience, The Capital Grille McLean is a top destination. With its upscale atmosphere and exceptional service, it’s clear why this restaurant has earned such high praise from critics and diners alike.

But what really sets The Capital Grille McLean apart? We’re here to unveil the secrets behind their success – starting with their menu.

Crafted by experienced chefs using only the finest ingredients, The Capital Grille McLean’s menu offers an unforgettable array of flavors for every taste bud. From fresh seafood to perfectly cooked steak, there’s something for everyone at this hot spot.

One standout dish is the dry-aged porterhouse steak – a grilled masterpiece served alongside your choice of toppings including spicy serrano butter or roasted garlic butter. It’s no surprise that this dish reigns supreme on many lists as one of the best steaks in town!

Even those who prefer lighter fare will find wonderful options like seared tuna salad, made with perfectly seared yellowfin tuna atop mixed greens and accompanied by delicious sesame crackers – a true culinary delight that provides perfect balance between protein and veggies.

And let’s not forget about some very unique appetizers either – another reason why guests keep coming back for more! One such appetizer includes Lobster & Crab Cakes with Sweet Chili Sauce which are crispy, decadent cakes filled with lobster meat and crabmeat that melt in your mouth while still providing tasteful intensity from notes of sweet chili sauce glaze drizzled over them making you reach out for more!

From innovative cocktails to carefully selected wines, The Capital Grille McLean knows how to pair flavors flawlessly. Whether you’re looking for pre-dinner drinks or post-meal dessert wine indulgence they have got everything covered! And if you are someone who loves classic whiskey-based cocktail then look no further than Sazerac Rye Whiskey Cocktail infused oak barrel smoked cherries – You’re sure to find something on their drinks menu that will leave a memorable impression.

All in all, The Capital Grille McLean menu is one of the reasons why this restaurant has become such an institution – offering up classic dishes cooked to perfection and innovative creations with quality ingredients. There’s no doubt about it – when you step into this steakhouse, you’ll be treated not just to great cuisine but also impeccable service throughout your meal from hospitable staff thus making your experience quite enjoyable!

Table with useful data:

Course Menu Item Price
Lunch Burgers $17 – $19
Dinner Dry Aged Steaks $39 – $60
Dinner Seafood $25 – $47
Dessert Warm Double Chocolate Cake $11

Information from an expert: As a culinary expert, I must say that the Capital Grille McLean menu offers a fantastic dining experience. Their selection of dry-aged steaks is second to none in taste and quality, and their seafood options are just as impressive. The perfectly curated wine list complements each dish exceptionally well, elevating the entire dining experience even further. From appetizers to desserts, every item on the menu is crafted with precision and finesse. Overall, if you’re looking for a restaurant that will leave you feeling satisfied and delighted with your meal, look no further than the Capital Grille McLean.

Historical fact:
The Capital Grille restaurant chain was founded in 1990 by Ned Grace, the son of Peter Grace, who co-founded W.R. Grace and Company, a multinational chemical corporation.

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