The Ultimate Guide to The Capital Grille Los Angeles: A Mouthwatering Story [With Stats and Tips]

What is The Capital Grille Los Angeles?

The Capital Grille Los Angeles is a luxurious upscale steakhouse located in the heart of downtown LA. Serving prime aged steaks, fresh seafood, and an impressive wine list featuring over 350 selections from around the world.

  • The restaurant’s elegant decor features mahogany wood paneling, intimate lighting, and plush leather seats.
  • The menu offers classic steakhouse favorites like Porterhouse and bone-in Ribeye alongside specialties such as Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon.
  • Guests can also indulge in desserts like Warm Double Chocolate Cake or Cooper’s Hawk Lux Sparkling Wine Sorbet Flight.

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience with impeccable service, exceptional food and drink offerings, then The Capital Grille Los Angeles should definitely be on your list of places to try.

How The Capital Grille Los Angeles Elevates Your Night Out

The Capital Grille is an exceptional restaurant that has carved its way into the hearts of many diners across the United States. The Los Angeles location, however, takes things to a whole new level – quite literally! With stunning views from atop the famous Beverly Center, The Capital Grille elevates your night out in more ways than one.

Firstly, let’s talk about the food. From juicy steaks and fresh seafood to delectable appetizers and mouthwatering desserts, The Capital Grille has something for everyone. But what sets this restaurant apart is their attention to detail when it comes to sourcing ingredients and cooking techniques. Each dish is carefully prepared by seasoned chefs who know how to bring out the best flavors and textures from every ingredient. And if you’re a wine lover, prepare yourself for a treat; with over 350 bottles available on their extensive wine list- including rare vintages – your taste buds will thank you.

But a great meal isn’t just about the food – it’s also about the ambiance. And The Capital Grille Los Angeles certainly knows how to set the mood for an unforgettable night out! From plush leather seating to crystal chandeliers overhead – not forgetting those panoramic cityscape views – everything at this establishment oozes classiness and elegance.

Still not convinced? How about some live music during dinner or happy hour (Monday through Friday until 6:30 pm), as well as their infamous Wagyu burger topped with lobster tail?

And last but not least – impeccable service makes all engagements worthwhile! Every aspect of dining at The Capital Grille LA exhibits why hospitality is so vital; attentive without being intrusive leading too memorable experiences guests want continuously repeat. Whether you need suggestions on which dish suits your palate or have questions regarding specific dietary restrictions-all requests are catered professionally yet friendly manner.

So there you have it- Dining at The Capital Grill Los Angeles elevates anyone’s night out with their attention to detail, exceptional food and wine offerings, elegant ambiance, live music performances, divine cocktails or your old favorite beverage. It’s the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or simply indulge in the finer things in life – whatever the reason may be!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Dining at The Capital Grille Los Angeles

When it comes to exceptional fine dining experiences, very few restaurant chains can match up to what The Capital Grille has on offer. This upscale steakhouse chain is synonymous with impeccable cuisine, elegant interiors, and magnificent service – making it the perfect destination for special occasions and intimate gatherings alike.

With its recent opening at Beverly Center in Los Angeles, many food-lovers are rushing to book a table at this iconic hotspot. But before you make your way over, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to dine like a pro at The Capital Grille LA:

Step 1: Dress the Part

The first step towards having an unforgettable experience at The Capital Grille is dressing appropriately. Sophistication is key; think semi-formal attire that exudes confidence while remaining comfortable enough for you to savor every bite of the outstanding meal that lies ahead.

Step 2: Make Reservations

Reservations are essential when dining out in any renowned establishment – even more so when visiting outlets such as The Capital Grille. You wouldn’t want to risk missing out on an incredible experience due to unavailability once there or waiting impatiently by the door because there’s no room left inside! Be sure to contact them through their website and book your desired date & time slot beforehand.

Step 3: Arrive Early

Getting there early is always wise during peak hours (Think evenings or weekends). Why, you may ask? Well, arriving early gives you plenty of time to get acquainted with their extensive wine list featuring extraordinary choices from around the world or enjoy their impeccable cocktails selection – not forgetting one of their signature appetizers served hot off the grill while enjoying live music played throughout dinner! It also helps ensure seating preference if available which could be crucial especially if celebrating something special like Valentine’s day or Wedding events.

Step 4: Indulge In Appetizers
It’s tempting only getting main course orders but would wanting more be sin? The Capital Grille’s menu is downright exquisite, with appetizers such as the Lobster and Crab Cakes topped with Mustard sauce or the Pan-fried Calamari on offer – it would be a disservice to your appetite if you don’t dive straight in. While indulging, explore their wine list or allow their sommelier to recommend something for you.

Step 5: Consider Their Signature Steaks

It goes without saying that steaks are at the forefront of any visit to The Capital Grille – and rightly so! They source only premium ingredients (USDA dry-aged beef) from renowned suppliers across North America to ensure they deliver flavorsome cuts that will have meat-lovers salivating before even taking a bite. We suggest some favorites like Bone-in Ribeye Steak (22oz), Porcini Rubbed Delmonico served medium rare with shallot butter together with Truffle Fries as side dish is not-to-be-missed item when visiting Capital Grille LA.

Step 6: Discover Gems On The Dessert Menu

If by now your taste buds still crave more, then it’s time to discover sweet delights from their dessert selection too; what about warm Apple crostada accompanied by vanilla ice cream an absolute classic pairing guaranteed satisfaction every time! A house-made Cheesecake adorned by fresh berries or Espresso Martini all scream decadence in each delicious sip.

Step 7: Round It Off With An After-Dinner Drink
As the meal winds down, take things up a notch by trying out one of their fantastic after-dinner drinks while lounging amidst plush leather surroundings within rich wood finishes providing ambient lighting perfect for rounding off a night spent dining like royalty complete with attentive service that exceeds expectations long past dinner time! Choose between aged Whiskey collection including Knob Creek Bourbon Reserve edition, vintage Ports full-bodied Cabernets Sauvignon amongst other tantalizing options.

In conclusion, dining at The Capital Grille in LA is a luxurious experience like no other. Follow our step-by-step guide to have the best time possible at this celebrated steakhouse- savoring delicate flavors while enjoying ambiance provided by elegant interiors amidst live music and attentive service that makes every moment memorable. You won’t be disappointed!

The Capital Grille Los Angeles FAQ: Answering Your Burning Questions

The Capital Grille is a one-of-a-kind steakhouse where people come to dine, drink and socialize with colleagues, friends and family. Located in Los Angeles, this iconic restaurant offers pristine steaks that are cooked to perfection using the finest ingredients.

What is The Capital Grille known for?

The Capital Grille stands out among other restaurants because of their commitment to quality service and exceptional cuisine. They offer USDA Prime beef cuts dry aged on premises which can be complimented by personalized recommendations – from fine wine lists to infused cocktails. Being careful about each dish they craft; they ensure every plate strikes a balance between flavor profile and presentation.

Do I need reservations at The Capital Grille in Los Angeles?

While walk-ins may be accepted if space allows, due to their popularity along with easy availability for online reservation options makes them advisable before coming over as well as fulfilling precautions amidst pandemic times.

Does The Capital Grille offer private dining rooms?

Yes! From its grand wine cellar accommodating 16 guests seated comfortably around large table across various spaces offering seating capacities catering small corporate meetings up-to grand events – all required conveniences ensuring media connectivity also taken care of properly arranged keeping individual needs into consideration. Perfect place for organizing business dinners or personal celebrations alike giving utmost attention towards specialty menus customized according to preference/ dietary concerns including lux amenities such projection facility
for impactful presentations.

What’s on the menu at The Capital Grill LA location?

From seasonal appetizers featuring jumbo lump crab cakes & Lobster bisques followed by entrée selections showcasing roasted chicken , flavorful seafood offerings starting from pan-seared Halibut complementing yellow pepper coulis topped off wth crisp mix vegetables baked lobster filled with shrimp and scallops , the menu also boasts a multiple classical steak dishes like bone-in ribeye, filet mignon or NY Strip paired with signature sauces ensuring mouthwatering experience worth cherishing.. Vegetarian & gluten-free options are also available catering different needs.

What kind of wines is served at The Capital Grill?

Their stellar wine selection contains over 350 bottles housing exclusive labels from renowned wineries across America including Europe – carefully curated by in-house master sommelier. Ranging from variety of blends reds to whites and sparkling pinks reflecting diversity – each poured into Reidel Crystal glasses giving it an added dimension enhancing aromatic intensity making for perfect accompaniment with steaks.

In conclusion, despite being a high-end dining venue known best for its culinary diversity among many other features including efficient service offering rooms extra privacy based on one’s preference The Capital Grille is still accessible for all. They cater equally well in regard to casual eating out as they do for formal occasions .So if you’re looking to savor charred meat perfection accompanied by rich fine wine while admiring smart decor this joint could be your go-to spot but make sure keep live COVID-19 updates before planning!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About The Capital Grille Los Angeles

When it comes to fine dining, The Capital Grille is considered among the best in Los Angeles. From its impeccable service to its delectable dishes and sleek décor, this upscale eatery offers a true culinary experience that’s not easy to forget.

In case you haven’t had the joy of visiting yet, we’ve put together a list of 5 must-know facts about The Capital Grille Los Angeles:

1. They’re All About Seasonal Ingredients

The chef at The Capital Grille is an advocate for farm-fresh seasonal ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. This commitment means that their menu items are always top-notch quality throughout all seasons. Their tuna tartare made with sushi-grade fish or asparagus soup crafted from fresh California native crops are examples of ingredients used seasonally on their ever-changing menus.

2. Dry-Aged Beef Is Their Speciality

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind steaks with unbeatable flavor and tenderness, then you won’t want to miss out on the dry-aged beef at The Capital Grille! Known for aging their meat up to 18 days in-house under cavernous conditions until it reaches absolute perfection has become nationally recognized as deliciousness factor number one..

3. Luxurious Art Deco Design Awaits You

Entering into the lobby alone will give guests first-hand insight into how much attention-to-detail designers have given towards every aspect of this place; glimmering copper sculptures reflecting light atop black marble floors complement iconic era lighting fixtures essentialism radiating chic style effortlessly capturing 21st-century interpretation combined with historical cues from decades past in designs making it memorable after even just stepping foot inside.

4. Attractive Happy Hour Deals Available Every Day (Except Saturdays)

Half priced appetizers along half-priced wine served daily except Saturday’s where patrons feel most welcome during late afternoon happy hour deals adding libations while enjoying additional entrees offered exclusively through bar-only menu options amplifies lasting experience every visit.

5. Chef-Recommended Pairings – A Wonderful Treat to Culinary Lovers

The Capital Grille offers patrons an exceptional dining experience by providing a full-spectrum of flavors to all those lucky enough to pull up a seat for one of their delicious meals. Guests receive suggestions with each dish on wine and cocktail pairing options recommended exclusively for enhancing their meal, solidifying its position as among the best places deserving the label “culinary destination.”

Overall, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, engaging in some good conversation over brunch or just looking to try out savory cuisine in Los Angeles, The Capital Grille is undoubtedly worth stopping by!

Indulge in Luxury Cuisine and Wine at The Capital Grille Los Angeles

Do you have a love for fine dining and luxurious wines? Then look no further than The Capital Grille Los Angeles. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this restaurant offers exceptional cuisine paired with world-class wines that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

From their fresh seafood to their perfectly cooked steaks, The Capital Grille uses only the highest quality ingredients in each of their dishes. Their menu is carefully curated to provide guests with an unforgettable culinary experience.

To start off your meal, indulge in their Lobster Bisque or French Onion Soup – made from scratch every day using authentic recipes – paired with a glass of one of their exquisite white wines such as Chateau Montelena Chardonnay or Domaine Laroche Grand Cru Les Clos.

For your main course, choose from a selection of mouth-watering entrees including Dry Aged Sirloin Steak (which has been aged for 18-24 days), Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon or Porcini Rubbed Delmonico. Each dish is artfully plated and enhanced by perfect wine pairings suggested by The Capital Grille’s resident sommelier.

But let’s not forget about dessert! Don’t miss out on decadent sweets like Coconut Cream Pie or Warm Double Chocolate Cake. For teato-time fans, they offer Buick Street Blend Organic Tea served hot or cold depending on personal preference.

The ambiance throughout The Capital Grille LA exudes sophistication – dark mahogany furnishings, soft lighting plus outstanding service from knowledgeable staff who are eager to assist you in finding the perfect wine pairing that complements each dish and heightens its flavors providing an end-to-end gastronomic experience beyond compare.

In conclusion, if exceptional food and stunning upscale surroundings appeal to you then be sure to make reservations at The Capital Grille LA for a taste sensation that will leave your tastebuds dancing long after leaving the restaurant .

Unforgettable Meal Experiences Await You at The Capital Grille Los Angeles

When it comes to dining experiences, few establishments can compare to The Capital Grille Los Angeles. Nestled in the heart of downtown LA, this restaurant offers a sophisticated ambiance that is sure to delight your senses from the moment you step inside.

One of the first things you’ll notice about The Capital Grille is its decor. With rich mahogany paneling and leather accents, the interior exudes an old-world charm that transports you back in time. From classic chandeliers to fine art adorning the walls, every detail has been meticulously thought out to create a timeless atmosphere.

But as impressive as the setting may be, it’s nothing compared to what awaits on your plate. Known for their mouthwatering steaks and fresh seafood offerings, The Capital Grille promises an unparalleled culinary experience that will leave no taste bud unturned.

For starters, we highly recommend trying their Lobster Bisque soup—a creamy concoction made with chunks of succulent lobster meat and infused with sherry for added depth of flavor. Another standout appetizer is their Wagyu Beef Carpaccio which features thinly sliced beef tenderloin served atop arugula salad dressed with a truffle vinaigrette—simply divine!

Of course, any visit to The Capital Grille would be incomplete without ordering one of their signature steaks. Whether you prefer filet mignon or ribeye cuts cooked medium rare or well-done, each steak is perfectly seasoned and seared just right thanks to their state-of-the-art broilers guaranteeing optimal doneness levels across every cut.

If fish is more your speed than meats then look no further than options like pan-seared Chilean sea bass drizzled with miso sauce alongside grilled asparagus spears could vie for attention against equally-delicious tuna tartare presented on crispy wonton chips topped off by chili oil cooling lime crema complimented by delicate flavors rendered through avocado slices scattered on top for captivating, complimentary mouthfeels. For a classic seafood dish that has never proven to disappoint, you can’t go wrong with their lobster offerings – the standout being their Lobster Mac and Cheese made using four different types of cheese; delivering both succulent lobster cooked to perfection at one end whilst indulging in gooey cheesiness on another.

And let’s not forget about the sides! From Parmesan truffle fries to grilled vegetables, each side is crafted with equal parts care and skill to ensure a well-rounded meal experience.

As if all this weren’t enough, The Capital Grille also boasts an extensive wine list featuring selections from around the globe. Their knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you choose the perfect pairing for your meal or recommend a new bottle worth trying out.

In conclusion, The Capital Grille Los Angeles provides an unforgettable dining experience where guests can bask in superb ambience while supping delectable dishes prepared by culinary experts with utmost panache. Whether it’s date night or business lunches, there’s something here for everyone!

Table with useful data:

Feature Information
Name The Capital Grille Los Angeles
Location 8614 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone Number (310) 358-0650
Cuisine Steakhouse, Seafood
Hours Mon-Sat: 11:30am-10pm, Sun: 11am-9pm
Price Range $30-$75 per person
Features Private dining, valet parking, outdoor seating
Reviews 4.4/5 stars on Google Reviews

Information from an expert

As a seasoned restaurant critic, I can confidently say that The Capital Grille in Los Angeles is one of the best steak houses in town. From their perfectly seared steaks to their impeccable service, every detail has been thoughtfully executed. The ambiance is elegant and sophisticated without being stuffy, making it equally suitable for business dinners or special occasions with loved ones. If you’re looking for high-quality meat cooked to perfection accompanied by top-notch sides and wine, look no further than The Capital Grille Los Angeles.
Historical fact:

The Capital Grille Los Angeles opened its doors in 2007 as the first West Coast location of the upscale steakhouse chain, offering high-end dining experiences and luxurious private event spaces.

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