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Perfect Pesto Chicken: A Mouthwatering Recipe with Expert Tips

What is pesto chicken on the grill?

Pesto chicken on the grill is a delicious and flavorful way to prepare chicken. It involves marinating chicken in a homemade or store-bought pesto sauce and then grilling it to perfection. This dish offers a perfect combination of juicy, tender meat with savory herb flavors that are sure to please anyone’s taste buds. If you’re looking for a quick and easy dinner option during the warmer months, pesto chicken on the grill is definitely worth trying!

All Your Pesto Chicken on the Grill FAQs Answered

Pesto chicken on the grill is a classic summer dish that combines succulent grilled chicken with the aromatic flavor of pesto. This delicious combination can be enjoyed as a main course or used in salads, wraps, or sandwiches.

If you are new to grilling pesto chicken, you might have some lingering questions nagging at you about how best to prepare and cook this tasty meal. Have no fear – below are some common frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to making pesto chicken on the grill:

Q1: What is Pesto Chicken?

Pesto chicken is simply grilled chicken that has been coated with fresh basil and pine nut-based sauce known as “pesto.” The traditional Italian sauce adds an extra touch of depth, richness, and flavor to your usual grilled chicken recipe.

Q2: How long should I marinate my Pesto Chicken

It commonly depends on the marinade-and-grill technique, which will typically require 2-12 hours for maximum infusion of flavors into the meat; however, if time isn’t too much, it’s recommended for one hour only.

Q3: Do I need bone-in or boneless skinless chicken breasts?

Either option works, but consider choosing skin-on and bone-in pieces because they tend to be more flavorful and retain moisture better due to their higher fat content than other leaner cuts like boneless skinless ones

Q4: Should I preheat my grill before cooking?

Absolutely! Ensuring your grill reaches optimum temperature beforehand can ensure proper searing sticking prevention while creating those beautiful char marks that make all dishes look more appetizing.

Q5. How do I prevent sticking when Grilling Pesto Chicken?

To help prevent sticky situations during grilling sessions, spray both sides of the surface, not just over where food sits facing heat zones; don’t move meat excessively once laid down as early flipping could damage any kind of crust formation being created; and finally, avoid overcrowding on the grill.

Q6. How long should I cook Pesto Chicken on the grill?

Timing depends on chicken thickness, whether it’s boneless or bone-in, and the desired level of doneness. Boneless pieces usually take 5-6 minutes per side, while a whole piece that is spatchcocked/ flattened will take around 10 minutes. Grilling at low-medium heat often ensures evenly cooked meats’ tender juiciness with crispy skin, depending on your preference.

Pesto chicken on the grill is an ideal recipe for summer evenings because it’s easy to make yet delivers big flavors. Keep these frequently asked questions in mind as you prepare this classic dish, and you will be well equipped to easily knock out any doubts that may arise regarding its preparation or grilling nuances. Escape the typical barbecue routine once in a while by introducing this savory meal at your next outdoor gathering. Cheers!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Pesto Chicken on the Grill

Are you tired of the same old grilled chicken? Want to add a burst of bold, flavorful taste to your grilling game? Look no further than pesto chicken on the grill! This recipe is ideal for summertime cookouts and easy dinners alike. Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about pesto chicken on the grill.

1. Pesto packs a punch.

Fresh basil leaves, garlic, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and olive oil are the ingredients of pesto – all blended together into a zesty sauce that brings out bright flavors in any dish. The ingredients work together especially well when it comes to pairing them with grilled chicken breasts or thighs.

2. It’s quick & easy.

Pesto chicken on the grill requires only minutes to prepare and cook once your raw meat has been marinated overnight (or at least a few hours). Simply brush your homemade or store-bought pesto over each piece of seasoned poultry before placing it directly onto heated grates either outdoors or indoors under broilers/ovens – depending on whether you are using an outdoor BBQ set, oven, or stovetop.

3. Options for everyone

This recipe truly can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their food preference. Are you vegetarian? You can use portobello mushrooms as an alternate option, while vegans could replace regular cheese with any plant-based cheddar-style alternatives available on the market, such as the Chao Cheese brand. There’s something exciting for everyone who enjoys garden-fresh cooking,

4. Marinade keeps it juicy

Marinating Pestodrenched Chicken helps break down proteins, which results in not just succulent but flavored paired neatly fried veggies like carrots alongside mashed potatoes too- making sure none will leave disappointed after tasting this extremely satisfying meal!

5. Cooking time rules:

For evenly cooked pieces that remain tender throughout the cooking process, make certain they’re brought up from the fridge prior to its preheating system being initiated within Sous Vide water-bath circulators or oven/stovetops. As a rule, grill during the minimal times, between 6-8 minutes per side, by continually turning over every few moments in order to monitor their progress closely so they can come away from this dish feeling like true grilling champions!

So whether you’re hosting friends and family or creating an easy weeknight dinner for yourself and loved ones, pesto chicken on the grill is sure to impress. With its bold flavors, quick prep time, juicy marinade, and diverse ingredient options catering to most dietary preferences found around casually home-based cooks, it suits everyone’s soul who just loves honest foods prepared with handful ingredients that magically turn into excellence upon being cooked fresh before your very eyes (or palate).

Grilled Pesto Chicken: The Ultimate Summer Dinner Recipe

Summer is here, and it’s time to fire up the grill! And what better way to enjoy your summer evenings than with a delicious grilled chicken recipe? Today, we bring you our favorite Pesto chicken grilled to perfection that will tantalize your taste buds with joy.

This dish is not only incredibly flavorful but also easy to prepare. All you need are some boneless skinless chicken breasts and our homemade pesto sauce. Trust us; once you master this simple recipe, it’s going to become one of your go-to meals for entertaining or even just weeknight dinners.

Now, about that pesto sauce… Unlike store-bought varieties, which can be high in sodium, artificial preservatives, and additives, our version is fresh, healthy, and bursting with flavor. We use fresh basil leaves as the base ingredient, along with garlic cloves (more if you love garlic), toasted pine nuts for crunchiness, parmesan cheese for richness, and olive oil to bind everything together. You could add a little bit of lemon juice, too, for an extra zing!

But let’s get back to the star of the show – GRILLED CHICKEN! Our preferred method of cooking is on a charcoal grill because nothing compares to that smoky flavor imparted by natural wood-burning coals. Before grilling the chicken breasts, though, make sure they’ve been seasoned generously with salt and pepper because seasoning brings out all sorts of wonderful flavors in food.

As soon as they’re prepped season-side down, place them onto the center part of lightly oiled grilles where heat has been thoroughly distributed- cover at this point so the meat doesn’t dry up quickly before fully cooked through over low-medium glowy hot flames, i.e., 2 mins each side then subsequent 7 -10 minutes until delectably crusty crisp but moist interiorly done & no longer pinkish within.

Onions would go well alongside greens such as salad, etc., or dipping into cool, refreshing tomato salsa. Alternatively, for those watching their carb serving sizes, grilled asparagus or zucchini makes a lovely low-carb side dish option, too.

This Grilled Pesto Chicken recipe is the perfect summer dinner that offers great flavor and nutrition. With just simple ingredients and a few steps, you can create something amazing that satisfies even the pickiest of eaters – yes, we mean kids! You’ll be amazed how versatile this recipe is- it’s healthy enough for lunch on salads or robust enough as a main dish with sides like pasta tossed in pesto sauce. So go ahead and try it today; we guarantee that once you do, there’s simply no going back to plain old chicken!

Tips and Tricks for Deliciously Juicy Pesto Chicken on the Grill

Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of firing up the grill on a sunny weekend and cooking up some delicious, juicy chicken. And when you add a dollop of your favorite pesto sauce to it, it takes things to another level! Grilled pesto chicken is a perfect combination of delicious tastes that are sure to please yearn for more. Here are some tips and tricks for making perfectly cooked and mouthwatering juicy pesto chicken on the grill:

1. Choose Quality Chicken

When grilling any type of meat or poultry, choosing high-quality ingredients is paramount in achieving great flavor and texture. When selecting chicken for this recipe, pay attention to its coloration; it should look pinkish with no discolorations or foul smells.

2. Brine Your Chicken Beforehand

To guarantee mouthwateringly tender grilled pesto chicken every time, consider bringing the meat beforehand, which involves soaking it in salted water alongside other aromatics such as herbs or lemon juice before you start grilling.

3. Properly Season The Meat

Amp up the flavor profile by seasoning and sprinkling generous amounts of pepper and salt on both sides of each piece before placing them onto preheated grill grates, ensuring an even distribution.

4. Use A Meat Thermometer

The trickiest part about cooking any kind of protein like poultry is getting its internal temperature right without overcooking it -or worse yet- undercooking, which can be dangerous since uncooked chicken contains harmful bacteria like salmonella.

Using a meat thermometer guarantees you don’t have to guess if your desired tenderness has been achieved, hence resulting in always safe-to-eat food!

5. Keep An Eye On The Heat Levels

Chicken breasts need just enough heat from direct flame on medium-high so they get beautifully charred but not burnt while still preserving their juiciness inside, while longer cook times like roasting require indirect heat because high temperatures cause meats to too quickly give them a burnt taste.

6. Brush With Pesto Sauce Before Serving

Grilled chicken is elevated when adding some pesto sauce during the last few minutes of cooking, brushing it on delicately to avoid over-saturating, which may overpower its natural flavors.

Grilling delicious and juicy pesto chicken doesn’t have to be complicated with these basic steps filled with tips and tricks that will help you achieve an amazing outcome every time. So fire up the grill this weekend and give this recipe a try!

Get Creative with These Variations on Traditional Pesto Chicken on the Grill

Barbecuing with a classic Pesto Grilled Chicken dish is always a hit during the summertime. But sometimes, sticking to traditional recipes can get boring for you and your guests. So why not mix things up and give it some pizzazz by trying out these creative variations? Not only will these grilled chicken dishes impress everyone at your next barbecue, but they’ll also give you a chance to show off your culinary skills.

1. Lemon & Herb Pesto Grilled Chicken:

If you’re looking for something light and zesty, try this variation on pesto chicken. Simply add fresh chopped herbs like parsley or dill along with freshly grated lemon zest into your pesto sauce before marinating the chicken overnight. The result will be irresistible – tangy, bright flavors that complement perfectly with juicy barbequed chicken cutlets.

2. Spicy Chipotle Pesto Grilled Chicken:

For those who love spicy food, this recipe is truly going to be their go-to! Adding chipotle peppers in adobo sauce into pre-made pesto gives an amazing kick of heat while still keeping all the classic Italian basil flavor intact. Marinate boneless skinless chicken breasts in this mouth-watering combo to infuse them brimmingly with boldness, which saves taste buds from boredom!

3. Bruschetta Style Roma Tomato Pesto Grilled Chicken:

Assembling ingredients from one’s own home garden could never have been so flavorful as putting together Roma tomatoes blended with Basil Garlic Pestoleggio Genovese created especially for summer feasts! Assemble diced Roma tomatoes, chopped garlic cloves, and balsamic vinegar mixed alongside salt pepper mixture onto skewers/top on charred grilled, cooked breasts, leaving a refreshing aftertaste of the Mediterranean region where Pistou originated

4. Feta & Spinach Stuffed Surprising Pestollied Bone-In Thighs :

A fun spin-off incorporates delicious yet savory feta cheese and fresh spinach within Chicken Tinga marinated thighs before skewering them for grilling season. Surprises pop out whenever one bites into this mouthwatering wonder, which has a combination of crispy skin and juicy chicken meat incorporating the earthy aroma of basil pistachios, almonds, and more!

5. Chimichurri Pesto Grilled Chicken:

Aficionados looking to add a bit of South American flavor to their grilled chicken could sport Chimichurri infused in a classic pesto recipe consisting of red peppers and garlic cloves, adding a hint of cumin smoky paprika peppers used heavily in Argentina’s northern part, providing uniqueness due to being versatile and fast.

6. Parmesan & Almond Crusted Oven-Baked Pesto Chicken:

Want something cooked a little differently? Then why not try breadcrumbing your pistolled chicken breast through crushed almonds blended alongside freshly grated parmesan cheese, lightly coating each piece on both sides that the end result brings crunchy texture off roasted baking together complexity arising from pine nutty aromas attributed creditably because-what surface would it make boring?

Now you are fully equipped with an arsenal of unique ideas for re-inventing delicious grilled food ready at hand thanks to these inventive twists on how we use our trusted seasoning mix blends like Pistou or basil pesto as bases and build upon them combined perfectly carefully chosen ingredients based awe-inspiring creativity. So go create some magical moments while impressing your guests with an amazing new approach towards traditional good old supper dishes straight from the grill!

pesto chicken

Pairing Suggestions: Wines, Sides, and Dips to Complement Your Tasty Grilled Pesto Chicken

When it comes to backyard barbecues and summer cookouts, grilled chicken is a classic go-to dish. And if you’re looking to elevate your standard grill game with some added flavors and complexity, then look no further than pesto.

Pesto is a delicious blend of fresh Olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic, basil, and pine nuts that can be used in many different dishes – including as a marinade for grilled chicken. Its bold flavor profile adds depth to any meat or veggie dish, making it the perfect addition to your summertime meals.

But what about pairing your grilled pesto chicken with other complementary flavors? Here are some great pairing suggestions for wines, sides, and dips that will make your meal complete:


– Sauvignon Blanc: A crisp white wine that pairs well with the bright herbal notes found in pesto.

– Pinot Noir: If red wine is more your style, try this fruity yet light-bodied option; its subtle tannins help bring out the nutty flavors in the dish.

– Rosé: This refreshing pink drink balances out the richness of the pesto while still complementing its complex flavor profile.


– Grilled Asparagus: The smoky char from grilling complements the herbaceous pests perfectly.

– Caprese Salad: Made up of fresh mozzarella cheese slices layered between tomatoes and basil leaves drizzled with balsamic vinegar dressing – this salad matches all things Italian!

– Roasted Potatoes: They go very well along with almost every kind of protein mainly due to their rustic, earthy taste, which can balance sharpness on a plate.


– Hummus Dip: With chickpeas being one of his ingredients also used extensively in Middle Eastern cuisines–hummus dip elevates the overall Mediterranean flavour experience

-Spinach Artichoke Dip: All four ingredients (Spinach+Artichokes+Cheese+Mayonnaise) in this dip match the other three ingredients of the main dish

– Balsamic glaze: use it as a final drizzle over your chicken and side dishes – it adds acidity to cut through any richness to dishes.

In conclusion, adding pesto marinade flavors will certainly make your grilled chicken pop with flavor. So next time you fire up that grill for some juicy bird action, ditch that same-old BBQ sauce and turn on that blender! With these pairing ideas alongside an expertly crafted pesto chicken recipe, your meal is sure to impress all those backyard cookout guests.

Table with useful data:

Ingredients Quantity
Chicken breast 4 pieces
Pesto sauce 1 cup
Lemon juice 1/4 cup
Minced garlic 2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper To taste
Olive oil 1/4 cup

Information from an expert

Pesto chicken on the grill is a delicious and easy dish that anyone can make. As an expert, I recommend using boneless, skinless chicken breasts and marinating them in pesto sauce for at least 30 minutes before grilling. Make sure your grill is preheated to a medium-high temperature, and oil the grates to prevent sticking. The internal temperature of the chicken should be reached after grilling it for 6 to 8 minutes on each side at 165°F. For a full supper, pair with grilled veggies or a salad!

Historical fact:

The exact origins of pesto chicken on the grill are unclear, but grilling meat has been a popular cooking method since prehistoric times, and pesto sauce has its roots in ancient Roman cuisine. Today, this tasty dish is enjoyed worldwide as a flavorful summer barbecue favorite.

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