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Is the Grilled Cheese Burrito Still on the Menu at Taco Bell?

How Taco Bell Managed to Keep the Grilled Cheese Burrito on Their Menu

If you haven’t tried the Grilled Cheese Burrito from Taco Bell, then you’re missing out on one of the most ingenious innovation in fast-food history. But what’s even more impressive than the taste of this crunchy, melty masterpiece is that it’s been able to stay on Taco Bell’s menu for over a year. The Grilled Cheese Burrito was initially introduced as a limited time offer in 2020 but has since become a permanent fixture on the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain’s menu.

The secret behind how Taco Bell managed to keep its beloved creation is a blend of innovative marketing strategies and product development excellence. Those who have been following Taco Bell closely over the years know that it’s not just about creating mouth-watering dishes, but also about adapting quick-service and customer trends into their business model. Taco Bell carefully monitors food trends through social media, market research, and consumer insights.

Firstly, when it comes to developing new products, Taco Bell is always looking for ways to put an exciting spin on their classic menu items – like burritos or tacos. In the case of the Grilled Cheese Burrito, they took two popular food items – grilled cheese sandwiches and burritos – and combined them into one savory creation. It really doesn’t get much better than crispy grilled cheese that wraps around all your favorite taco ingredients!

But coming up with an original idea isn’t enough – getting customers excited about it takes robust marketing campaigns! GCB debuted with advertising blitz comparing themselves to other traditional grilled cheese – pointing out that now you can have your grilled cheese with seasoned beef! They branded themselves as “a grill master’s dream come true” which quickly went viral in social media circles making its way onto morning shows such as Fox & Friends!

Finally, we can never forget about constant improvement in taste! Product innovation—testing and tweaking recipe until you reach pure perfection is essential! After tweaking things around they landed on sour cream being replaced with jalapeño sauce for an additional kick. These continuous improvements help further position the product as a value, repeat-purchase menu item.

While it’s most customers’ dream come true to keep their favorite items on the menu forever, companies also prefer this – because of sales! Iterations and product innovations create excitement, increase demand constantly reminding us of their existence! Keeping The Grilled Cheese Burrito permanent confirms its popularity and paves way for future products; becoming almost symbolic of Taco Bell’s commitment to innovation!

In conclusion, it’s true that Taco Bell has been able to keep The Grilled Cheese Burrito around for months simply by adding them in new ways into different marketing campaigns. But let’s be real – if you’ve ever tasted this cheesy goodness then you’ll agree that it speaks for itself! From perfect pricing and craveable taste combinations to tactical advertising strategies, everyone is loving Taco Bell’s innovation which we are sure they will continue doing so!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering the Grilled Cheese Burrito at Taco Bell

Are you a fan of cheesy goodness and bold flavors? Then look no further than the Grilled Cheese Burrito at Taco Bell! This culinary masterpiece combines all the best elements of a grilled cheese sandwich and a burrito, resulting in an explosion of taste that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

But how does one go about ordering such a delectable dish? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Know Your Options

The Grilled Cheese Burrito comes in three different styles – classic, spicy, or cheesy. The classic version features seasoned beef, rice, red strips, chipotle sauce, sour cream, and three types of cheese wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla before it’s grilled to perfection. The spicy option has all the same ingredients plus jalapeños for an extra kick. And last but not least is the cheesiest version yet – with even more gooey melted cheese and crunchy Fritos!

Step 2: Pick Your Protein

This part of the process depends on whether you’re in the mood for meat or not. You can choose from seasoned beef or shredded chicken as your protein base for your Grilled Cheese Burrito.

Step 3: Customize It To Your Tastes

No Taco Bell order would be complete without customizations! You can add avocado ranch sauce, guacamole or pico de gallo to make it your own. There’s also an option for “Fresco Style,” which replaces some of the high-calorie toppings like sour cream and cheese with fresh tomatoes.

Step 4: Pair It With Your Favorite Sides

While your mouth is watering at the thought of diving into that burrito stuffed with melty cheese goodness – don’t forget to add on sides like Nachos Supreme or Cinnamon Twists to make it a full meal deal.

Step 5: Order It Up!

Now that you know all the options, you can confidently place your order. Simply head to your nearest Taco Bell restaurant or use their online ordering system, and let the expert chefs take care of the rest!

So there you have it – a step-by-step guide to ordering the Grilled Cheese Burrito at Taco Bell like a pro. With its delicious blend of Mexican flavors and classic comfort food goodness, this is one burrito that’s sure to satisfy every time. So next time you’re feeling hungry, give it a try!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the Status of Taco Bell’s Grilled Cheese Burrito

As a fast food aficionado, you may have heard the buzz surrounding Taco Bell’s latest creation – the Grilled Cheese Burrito. And like any new menu item, sometimes there can be confusion about its availability and status. Fear not, we’ve compiled a helpful FAQ to ensure that you’re up-to-date on everything you need to know about this cheesy delight.

Q: What is the Grilled Cheese Burrito?
A: The Grilled Cheese Burrito is essentially what its name suggests – a burrito filled with seasoned beef, rice, red strips, sour cream and chipotle sauce wrapped in a grilled cheese shell. It’s a combination of two popular Taco Bell menu items – the cheesy quesadilla and classic burrito.

Q: Is the Grilled Cheese Burrito still available?
A: Yes! The Grilled Cheese Burrito was initially released as a limited-time offer in July 2020 but has since been added as a permanent item on Taco Bell’s menu.

Q: Where can I find the Grilled Cheese Burrito?
A: The Grilled Cheese Burrito is available at all participating Taco Bell locations across North America.

Q: How many calories are in the Grilled Cheese Burrito?
A: Just like any other fast food item, the calorie count of the Grilled Cheese Burrito varies. However, according to Taco Bell’s nutrition calculator, it contains approximately 710 calories (including 290 calories from fat).

Q: Can I customize my Grilled Cheese Burrito?
A: Yes! Like all items on Taco Bell’s menu, customers can choose to add or remove ingredients based on their dietary preferences or taste buds. Additionally, they also offer vegetarian and vegan options for those following specific diets.

Q: Is it worth trying out?
A: If you’re a fan of cheesy goodness and Mexican-inspired flavors, then absolutely! The unique blend of creamy melted cheese and savory beef filling the burrito packs a punch of flavor that’s sure to satisfy your cravings. Plus, who can resist the crispy and buttery taste of a grilled cheese shell?

In conclusion, the Grilled Cheese Burrito is a must-try for all fast food enthusiasts. Whether you’re on-the-go or looking for a satisfying meal, this item is perfect for both. So head over to your nearest Taco Bell and order one today. Your taste buds will thank you.

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Facts about Taco Bell’s Iconic Grilled Cheese Burrito

Taco Bell’s Grilled Cheese Burrito recently took the fast-food industry by storm, becoming one of the most talked-about menu items of 2020. And it’s not just because the combination of grilled cheese and burrito is a genius concept – there’s much more to this mouthwatering creation than meets the eye. From its unique flavor profile to its surprisingly healthy ingredients, here are our top five mind-blowing facts about Taco Bell’s iconic Grilled Cheese Burrito.

1. It Packs a Surprising Punch of Protein

When you think of fast food, “healthy” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. But surprisingly enough, the Grilled Cheese Burrito is actually a pretty good source of protein! With over 20 grams per serving (depending on whether you opt for chicken or beef), it can help keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer periods of time. Plus, as far as fast food goes, that’s a pretty impressive nutritional profile.

2. It Features A Dual-Layered Cheesy Goodness That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Let’s be honest – when it comes to comfort food, nothing beats ooey-gooey melted cheese. And with its double layer of both shredded and melted cheddar cheese, the Grilled Cheese Burrito delivers on that front in spades. Whether you’re a classic grilled cheese fan or an adventurous burrito lover – this menu item appeals perfectly to both camps.

3. It Can Be Made Vegan-Friendly

Vegan options are which have made their way onto mainstream menus across America is definitely something noteworthy as some people have various dietary restrictions due to moral/health reasons and Taco Bell has managed to cater them all with considerable finesse. An order called ‘fresco-style’ where taco is given instead – while ditching typical sauce or cheese toppings making it vegetarian in nature.
But for folks living under restricted diets from animal products, Taco Bell goes one step further to ditch meat and cheese altogether with their staple and signature black beans.

4. It’s More Complex Than You Might Think

It might look like a simple grilled cheese wrapped around some meat and rice, but the Grilled Cheese Burrito is actually a complex culinary creation. The burrito contains both seasoned beef or shredded chicken (depending on which protein you choose), Spanish rice, red strips for crunch – all rolled up in a warm tortilla that’s then wrapped again in melted cheddar cheese. Wrapped in a trifold grilled cheese then toasted for extra crispness/sizzle, this menu item brings together so many diverse flavors & textures.

5. It Combines Two Favorites

Last but not least – the Grilled Cheese Burrito combines two of America’s favorite foods: grilled cheese sandwiches AND burritos! In fact, this dish takes inspiration from two iconic dishes: 1) crispy quesadillas aka Mexican Quesadillas from the streets near Mexico City and 2) classic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches that hold deep nostalgic value across America for most people growing up here.
The marriage of these two distinct dishes can only be achieved through the wizardry of Taco Bell & their experimental new age chefs!


There you have it – five mind-blowing facts about Taco Bell’s legendary Grilled Cheese Burrito! From its impressive nutritional profile to its dual-layered cheesiness to its ability to cater various dietary restrictions – this menu item offers something delicious for everyone willing to try it. With each flavorful bite followed by another bigger one – becomes a celebration full of bold flavors and surprising tastes while maintaining good health too. So next time you’re at your nearest Taco Bell drive-thru, give it a try !

Why Fans of the Grilled Cheese Burrito Can’t Get Enough and Demand its Return

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I’m always on the hunt for the next big thing in the culinary world. And let me tell you, when Taco Bell announced their newest menu item – the Grilled Cheese Burrito – I knew I had to try it.

Let’s break it down. What exactly is a Grilled Cheese Burrito? Well, as the name suggests, it’s a burrito wrapped in grilled cheese! But that’s not all – inside this crispy and cheesy exterior lies seasoned beef, rice, red strips and nacho cheese sauce. It’s basically like taking your favorite comfort foods and putting them all together in one ultimate package.

So why are fans of this menu item so passionate about its return? Simply put – it’s because nobody else does anything quite like it! The concept of wrapping a burrito in grilled cheese may seem simple enough, but no other fast-food chain has executed it quite like Taco Bell.

Additionally, with its perfect blend of textures and flavors, the Grilled Cheese Burrito appeals to almost everyone. For those who love savory and meaty items, there is plenty of seasoned beef to satisfy those cravings; for those who enjoy crunchier additions to their meals, there are red strips for that extra texture; and for those who love ooey-gooey goodness (who doesn’t?), there’s melted cheese both inside and out!

But what really sets this menu item apart is its customization options. Customers can add or remove any ingredients they like to make it truly their own. And with Taco Bell’s vast variety of sauces (hello fire sauce!), each bite is guaranteed to be filled with flavorful goodness.

All these factors combined have led fans into a frenzy demanding its return from Taco Bell. As someone who was lucky enough to try this delicious creation before it disappeared from the menus, I totally get why people are clamoring for its comeback. Not only does it satisfy cravings, but it’s an innovative menu item that shows Taco Bell isn’t afraid to take risks and step outside the box.

So, here’s hoping the Grilled Cheese Burrito finds its way back onto the menu soon – because fans are craving it more than ever!

Alternative Options: What to Try if Taco Bell No Longer Offers the Grilled Cheese Burrito.

If you’re a fan of the cheesy goodness of Taco Bell’s Grilled Cheese Burrito, you may have been dealt a heavy blow with news that the popular menu item is being discontinued. But fear not! There are plenty of alternative options to satisfy your cravings for delicious and unique Mexican-inspired fare.

One great option is the Quesarito. A staple item on Taco Bell’s menu, the Quesarito packs all the flavor and cheesiness you love about the Grilled Cheese Burrito into a convenient hand-held tortilla wrap. With layers of seasoned beef or grilled chicken, creamy jalapeño sauce, and a blend of melted cheeses, this menu item will definitely hit the spot.

Another alternative worth considering is the Crunchwrap Supreme. Similar in concept to the Grilled Cheese Burrito, this menu item features a warm flour tortilla filled with beef or chicken, nacho cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, and crispy taco shells. Plus, it’s grilled to crispy perfection for some added texture – yum!

If you’re looking for something with a little more heat, try out Taco Bell’s spicy Chicken Chipotle Loaded Griller. This mouth-watering creation combines flavorful shredded chicken with smoky chipotle sauce and melted three-cheese blend – all perfectly wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

Vegetarian options lovers need not worry either; Taco Bell has many meat-free alternatives that will pack just as much flavor punch as their meaty counterparts. Their Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme features seasoned black beans instead of meat while still adding in crunchy tostada shells.

And for those who like to mix things up even more? Customize any option at Taco Bell by swapping out ingredients or adding on additional ones per their ‘off-menu’ list of recipe variations so that there are infinite possibilities!

So don’t despair at news about Taco Bell discontinuing its signature Grilled Cheese Burrito! Try out some other options to discover your new favorite menu item, and make sure you hold on tight to your cravings because they never stop!

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