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Grilling 101: How to Perfectly Grill Corn on the Cob

Step by Step: How Can You Grill Corn on the Cob to Perfection?

Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than with an outdoor BBQ? And what’s better to include in your BBQ menu than a delicious grilled corn on the cob?

Grilling corn on the cob sounds easy, but it requires patience and technique to get it perfect. In this blog post, we will guide you step by step on how to grill corn on the cob to perfection.

Step 1: Choose Fresh Corn on the Cob

Before you start cooking, ensure that you have fresh corn. It should be firm with bright green husks wrapped tightly around each ear of corn. Also, make sure that there are no brown spots or worms present. You can also smell the end of the ear where it was cut; fresh corn has a sweet aroma. If possible, buy locally grown produce as they are usually fresher and healthier.

Step 2: Soak in Cold Water

Soaking ears of corn for at least 30 minutes before grilling helps prevent them from burning while cooking. Peel off any outer layers of husk and then place them into a large container filled with cold water.

Step 3: Preheat Grill

Preheat your grill using medium-high heat until it reaches a temperature between 350°F -400°F. A properly preheated grill ensures even cooking and creates those beautiful charred grill marks.

Step 4: Remove Excess Water from Ears of Corn

Remove excess water by shaking off each ear of corn gently to remove any water droplets before placing them on the hot grill surface.

Step 5: Add Flavors

You can customize your grilled corn by adding different flavors before cooking. Some popular options include rubbing butter blended with garlic or chili powder onto each ear of corn or sprinkle salt all over them.

Step6: Grill The Corn

Place each ear directly onto the grill grates over direct heat without covering its topside for approximately ten to twelve minutes or until the corn becomes golden-brown in color.

Step7: Turn Corn on the Cob

Rotate each ear of corn after every few minutes with tongs to allow even cooking and charring. You’ll also need to adjust your heat according to your grill size and intensity to produce the desired level of surface char on all sides.

Step8: Remove The Corn from Heat

Once grilled, use a pair of tongs to remove access corn from heat and transfer them onto a platter.

Step 9: Let It Rest and Serve

Allow it to cool down for a bit (3-5 min), serve with butter, salt, pepper or add any other spices you like then enjoy!

In conclusion, grilling corn on the cob is an excellent way to make use of summer’s bounty. By following our step-by-step guide above, you’ll be able to create flavorful charred grilled corn that will impress everyone at your BBQ party!

FAQs Answered: Can You Grill Corn on the Cob?

Corn on the cob is a summer staple at any barbecue party or outdoor cookout, but have you ever wondered if you can grill it? Grilling corn on the cob can take your summer meal to the next level with its smoky and charred flavor. However, grilling corn is not as simple as placing it on the grill and waiting for it to cook. In this blog post, we will answer some frequently asked questions about grilling corn on the cob.

1. Should I husk the corn before grilling?

You have two options when it comes to husking corn before grilling – leaving them intact or removing them completely. Leaving the husks intact will help keep the moisture inside and protect them from getting burnt. On the other hand, removing them will allow you to get a more direct heat while adding that charred flavor you want from grilled corn.

2. How long does it take to grill corn on the cob?

The length of time it takes to grill corn depends on multiple factors such as temperature, heat source and husk removal. Generally, each side requires about 6-8 minutes of high heat grilling with occasional turning until all sides are cooked evenly.

3. Can I soak my corn before grilling?

Soaking corn in water for around 15 minutes before grilling can add extra moisture along with steam which can make your grilled cobs juicy and tender.

4. Can I season my grilled corn with flavors other than salt and pepper?

One drawback of plain-grilled cobs is that they don’t pack much flavor other than sweet natural ones that come from fresh kernels itself. You can use flavored butter or herbs mixed with olive oil-based marinades like garlic-lemon or chili-lime for seasoning your fresh grilled cobs.

5. Are there alternative ways to grill my Corn?

Grill pan method is also an ideal way to cook up some great tasting grilled cobs when you might not have access to a conventional grill. You can grill-on stove pan on medium-high heat for around 5-6 minutes, turning the sides occasionally until cooked through.


Grilling corn on the cob is an excellent option to add smoky and charred flavors to your summer meal. However, it can be challenging if you do not know how to properly prepare your cobs beforehand. Husk or remove husks depending on your preference, soak them in water for extra moisture and experiment with different seasoning methods. Try these techniques at home and become the master of grilled corn.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Grilling Corn on the Cob

Grilling corn on the cob is a summertime staple. It’s sweet, juicy, and perfect for barbecues, picnics, or backyard cookouts. But did you know that there are some facts about grilling corn on the cob that you need to know? Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a newbie to the game, these top 5 facts will give you everything you need to know when it comes to mastering your next ear of grilled corn.

1. Soak Your Corn
Before putting your ears of corn on the grill, it’s important to soak them in water for at least 30 minutes – this ensures that they won’t burn quickly while cooking. The husks also help keep moisture in by creating a steaming effect as they cook.

2. Flavor is Key
Grilling plain corn can be quite boring, so why not mix things up with some unique flavors? Rubbing melted butter over the ears before wrapping them in tinfoil is an easy way to add some extra flavor (make sure to use unsalted butter to avoid overpowering the natural sweetness of the corn). A sprinkle of chili powder or paprika will add an additional kick if desired!

3. Keep Turning
To ensure even charring and prevent burning, rotate your ears every few minutes while grilling so each part gets evenly cooked. This will result in deliciously charred and caramelized flavors without any burnt kernels.

4. Don’t Overcook
It’s equally important not to overcook your grilled corn on the cob either! To avoid tough kernels, make sure not to grill for too long (around 8-10 minutes tops should do it). If desired, dress with additional toppings such as freshly grated parmesan cheese or chopped herbs like cilantro or basil before serving along with salt and pepper.

5. Huskless Corn Can Be Grilled Too!
If taking off all those pesky corn husks feels like too much work, don’t worry! Just cut the corn off the cob and toss it onto a grill pan. In just a few minutes, you’ll have perfectly tender grilled corn kernels – perfect for adding to salads or using as a simple side dish.

In conclusion, grilling corn on the cob is not rocket science but with these key facts in mind, your next batch will be sure-fire perfection every time. So go out there and show off your new-found knowledge while enjoying delicious grilled corn all summer long!

Grilling vs Boiling: Why You Should Choose to Grill Your Corn on the Cob

There’s no doubt that corn on the cob is a staple of the summer BBQ season. And when it comes to cooking this classic dish, there are two main methods: grilling and boiling. While both have their merits, we’re here to make a case for why you should choose to grill your corn on the cob.

First and foremost, let’s talk about flavor. When you grill corn on the cob, you get that charred, smoky flavor that enhances the sweet kernels in ways that boiling simply can’t match. Plus, by slathering your corn with butter or other seasonings before grilling, you’ll infuse even more deliciousness into each ear.

Another big advantage of grilling is texture. Boiled corn has a tendency to become soggy and limp if left in the water for too long or if overcooked – not exactly what you want from your summertime side dish. On the other hand, grilled corn maintains just enough crunch while still being juicy and tender.

But wait, there’s more! Grilling also offers versatility when it comes to presentation. You can leave the husk on while grilling for a rustic look or remove it beforehand for a sleeker appearance. And once your ears of corn are cooked to perfection, you can serve them whole or cut them into smaller portions for easy sharing among guests.

Of course, some might argue that boiling is easier and requires less effort than grilling; but we’re here to say that it’s worth taking the time (and maybe even breaking out your charcoal grill) for superior taste and texture.

In conclusion, while both boiling and grilling have their place in cooking corn on the cob, we firmly believe that grilling reigns supreme in terms of flavor, texture and presentation options. So next time you’re preparing this beloved summer dish – fire up that grill!

Spice it Up: Delicious Recipes for Grilled Corn on the Cob

Summer’s in full swing and there’s nothing quite like the combination of warm weather, chilled drinks, and delicious grilled food to make us feel alive. And when it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats the simplicity and smoky flavor of grilled corn on the cob.

But if you’re tired of the same old butter-and-salt routine, fear not! This incredibly versatile summer staple can be dressed up in countless different ways to perfectly complement any grilling menu. Here are some of our favorite creative corn-on-the-cob recipes:

1. Mexican Street Corn

If you’ve never tried Mexican street corn (aka “elote”), you’re missing out on a truly life-changing experience. This classic dish is typically served with a tangy mayonnaise-based sauce called Crema Mexicana and finished off with crumbled cotija cheese and chili powder. The result is a fiery explosion of flavor that’ll transport your taste buds straight to the streets of Mexico City.

To make it yourself, simply grill your corn until charred in spots, then brush generously with Crema Mexicana (made by combining equal parts mayonnaise and sour cream with freshly squeezed lime juice). Sprinkle cotija cheese over the top and finish with a generous dusting of chili powder.

2. Pesto Grilled Corn

For a fresh twist on traditional pesto, try using fresh avocado instead of basil for an extra creamy texture that pairs beautifully with char-grilled corn. Mix diced avocado, garlic, lemon or lime juice, olive oil and salt in a blender or food processor until smooth then lightly coat cobs before grilling.

Once cooked through garnish them again serving time.

3. Lemon-Pepper Grilled Corn

If you’re looking for something simple yet flavorful to pair with your main dish(es), this lemon-pepper grilled corn recipe has got you covered. Squeeze half onto freshly-husked cobs during grilling and sprinkle black pepper all over the top to achieve the perfect flavor combo. Finish it off with a pinch of salt and enjoy!

4. Herb-Butter Grilled Corn

This recipe is perfect for those who love butter but are looking to up their corn grilling game at little bit. Combine softened butter, chopped parsley, thyme, garlic or your choice herb of preference in a bowl, then brush generously on hot grilled corn.

This simple recipe is sure to elevate your corn‘s flavor profile while giving you that classic, rich buttery goodness.

5. Smoky BBQ Grilled Corn

Last but not least is this smoky BBQ grilled corn recipe that’s great for summer cookouts and barbeques. Simply rub each cob with your favorite BBQ seasoning—sweet or spicy (or one of each!)—before grilling until slightly charred.

Drizzle additional BBQ sauce just before serving serves as a delicious garnish!

Grilled corn on the cob is simply irresistible during summertime outdoor parties; these recipes ensure an unforgettable menu whilst keeping things exciting by adding uncommon flavors on this classic one-of-a-kind side dish!

Expert Tips for Perfectly Grilled Corn on the Cob Every Time.

There is no denying that corn on the cob is a summer grilling staple. The sweet and savory flavor of freshly grilled corn on the cob is sure to satisfy any taste bud. Knowing how to grill it perfectly can be intimidating, but with a few expert tips, you can enjoy tasty corn every time.

1. Choose Fresh Corn

The first step to perfect grilled corn on the cob is selecting fresh ears. Look for bright green husks that are tightly wrapped around the cob. Avoid any ears with brown silks or kernels, as they may not be ripe.

2. Soak In Water

To prevent burning, soak each ear in water for at least 10 minutes before grilling. This will also help ensure even cooking.

3. Preheat The Grill

Preheating your grill to medium-high heat before adding your corn will ensure that it cooks evenly and locks in all of its natural flavors.

4. Butter It Up

Spread butter generously over each ear of corn while it’s still hot off the grill. For an extra boost of flavor, try mixing melted butter with garlic or fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary.

5. Experiment With Seasonings

If plain butter doesn’t cut it, experiment with seasonings to add more depth of flavor to your grilled corn on the cob. Try sprinkling chili powder, grated parmesan cheese, or smoked paprika over your ears for an exciting twist!

6. Turn Often

The key to evenly cooked and tender grilled corn on the cob is turning it frequently (around every 2-3 minutes) while on the grill using tongs.

7. Keep An Eye On It

It’s important never leave your ears unattended during about 8-10 minutes of actual grilling time required for them to reach perfection (depending on desired level of doneness). Be patient and keep an eye out for any signs of excessive charring or burning.

In conclusion, perfect grilled corn on the cob requires a delicate balance of proper preparation and seasoning. These expert tips will help you create the ultimate summer side dish in no time. So fire up your grill, grab your favorite ears of corn, and get to grilling!

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