Grilled Cheese Galore: How Starbucks’ New Menu Item Solves Your Lunchtime Woes [With Stats and Tips]

What is Starbucks Grilled Cheese?

Starbucks grilled cheese is a popular food item served by the coffee chain. It consists of two slices of sourdough bread with melted aged white cheddar and smoky bacon, grilled to perfection.

The sandwich also has a proprietary spread made from four different cheeses – asiago, fontina, provolone, and mozzarella.

This menu option is known for its warm cheesy goodness and makes for a comforting snack or light meal on-the-go.

How to Make the Perfect Starbucks Grilled Cheese: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a certified Starbucks addict, I’ve tried just about everything on their menu and there’s one item that keeps me coming back for more – the grilled cheese sandwich. But not just any grilled cheese can capture my heart like this one does; it has to be made just right. So, after much trial and error (and countless grilled cheese sandwiches later), I present to you the ultimate guide on how to make the perfect Starbucks grilled cheese.

Step 1: Choose your bread

The first step in making the perfect grilled cheese is choosing your bread. Not all breads are created equal when it comes to grilling – some get too crispy or burnt while others don’t hold up well enough against melting cheese. At Starbucks, they use sourdough bread which works perfectly because of its slightly tangy flavor and sturdy texture that holds up well against heat. But if sourdough isn’t your thing, any bread with similar properties should do.

Step 2: Pick your cheeses

For the classic Starbucks Grilled Cheese sandwich, you’ll need two types of cheeses – cheddar and mozzarella. Cheddar provides a sharpness that pairs incredibly well with tangy sourdough while mozzarella adds creamy richness that will make you want to take another bite even before swallowing (trust me). If you’re feeling adventurous, try experimenting with different varieties of cheeses such as gouda or smoked provolone for added depth of flavor.

Step 3: Butter it up

Once you have sliced your desired amount of cheddar and mozzarella put them between two slices of buttered sour dough bread ready for pan-frying.

Tip* While we tested our vegan version recipe found here copycat recipe by adding additional spices from Tastemade’s famous recipe-like garlic powder,

When making an authentic SB-Grilled Cheese Sandwich add a sprinkle of salt inside the bread before putting in cheese slices.

Step 4: Heat up your pan

Before grilling, make sure your frying pan is heated to medium-low heat so that the sandwich does not cook too quickly and allows you time to melt both sides evenly. Pro tip – if you’re cooking on an electric stove, preheat a large skillet over low heat.

Step 5: Grill it like a pro

Make sure the buttered side of each slice is facing out as they come in contact with your hot non-stick or seasoned cast-iron skillet. Move them around gently until golden brown and sticking together forming crispy edges! Use a spatula to flip it over continue grilling for another minute. When it reaches perfect crunchiness, take off pan rewarding yourself for making one amazing Starbucks style grilled-cheese sandwich at home!


Don’t forget to cut diagonally into two halves before serving (it’s practically mandated by law) and enjoy this savory delight with coffee or even beverage of choice at any time of day!

Congratulations – You have successfully created possibly what we consider “the best grilled cheese around!”

The Secret Ingredients of Starbucks Grilled Cheese Revealed

Starbucks might be known for its coffee, but did you know that they also have a delicious grilled cheese? It’s the perfect snack to accompany your latte or cappuccino. If you’ve ever wondered what makes Starbucks’ grilled cheese so special and addictively tasty, then keep on reading because we’ll reveal its secret ingredients.

The first ingredient is sourdough bread. The tangy flavor of this type of bread pairs perfectly with the savory taste of melted cheese. Not to mention, sourdough has a crispy crust when toasted which adds an extra texture to every bite.

Next up is cheddar and mozzarella cheeses- two classic types chosen by Starbucks – made from high-quality dairy products that make their grilled cheese not just riveting in taste also unbelievably satisfying and filling.

But wait – there’s more! To further elevate the taste experience, Starbucks includes garlic butter spread evenly onto both slices of bread before adding in those creamy layers of salty goodness (I.e., Cheddar Cheese & Mozzarella). With this added touch brings forth another mouth-watering layer into the traditional grilled cheese sandwich.

Another unconventional choice as an ingredient used in creating this magical treat is Honey Mustard mayonnaise dipping sauce included with each order served alongside flames emanating from melted gooey goodness inside of freshly baked rustic Sourdough Bread making it very clear why it can’t go wrong while ordering any one item off of this menu filled with amazing items – Whether you are stopping by for a quick breakfast or settling down for some work over lunch,

In conclusion, Now You Know how Starbucks manages brilliantly combining these everyday staple elements effectively into something truly worth savoring experience every time you visit them. Try out at least once; trust us- Your tastebuds will thank after leaving back satisfied

True Creativity lies In A Simple act Of mixing things differently!!!!

Your Burning Questions about Starbucks Grilled Cheese Answered in Our FAQ

Starbucks is known for their coffee and delicious pastries, but did you know they also serve grilled cheese sandwiches? That’s right – the Starbucks Grilled Cheese has become a popular menu item that many of us just can’t seem to resist. But as with any food purchase, it’s natural to have some questions in mind. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! We are here to answer your burning questions about Starbucks grilled cheese in our FAQ.

Q: What type of bread does Starbucks use for their grilled cheese?
A: The bread used is Multi-grain Ciabatta bread. The texture and taste of this bread provides an excellent balance with gooey melted layers of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses inside.

Q: Is there only one type of cheese used or multiple ones?
A: You’ll find two different kinds of cheeses packed inside this sandwich – aged white cheddar and creamy sliced ​​mozzarella, which gives a young flavor while still maintaining its smoothness while melting.

Q: Can I customize my sandwich if I don’t like certain ingredients?
A: Yes, customization is available by removing or adding ingredients as per taste preference (such as bacon slices) on request at every store location. Of course, additional charges may apply depending on changes made.

Q: How much calories does a Starbucks grilled cheese contain?
A:The caloric content varies from each outlet’s preparations,However unmodified recipe contains approximately 580-600 calories making it perfect for indulging once after long duration dieting sessions,you can take your time chewing on this savory treat

Q:Is Starbuck’s Grilled Cheese vegan-friendly
A:I’m sorry,long story short starbuck Grilled Cheese uses dairy products such as buttered slices, aged white cheddars ,and creamy melt-in-your-mouth mozzarellas so people who avoid these products due to dietary preferences won’t be interested in ordering this menu item.

Q: Is the grilled cheese a seasonal item or is it available year-round?
A:The Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are dedicated menu items, and every Starbucks store maintains them to be available throughout the entire year.

In conclusion, whether you’re in need of quick nibble on lunch break, or craving something cheesy in between huge meal sessions brightened with java offerings at your local outlet ,Starbucks’ deliciously comforting grilled cheese sandwich will definitely satisfy stubborn appetite cravings for that molten cheezy goodness feeling we all know and love. Anyway whatever questions you have about this tasty morsel has been answered firmly stamped by us!

5 Fun Facts About Starbucks Grilled Cheese You Didn’t Know

Starbucks has become a household name around the world, and it’s no surprise that their food menu has captured the hearts and taste buds of millions. One item on their menu that stands out is their grilled cheese sandwich. This classic American comfort food is a favorite among many Starbucks lovers, but you might be surprised to know these 5 fun facts about Starbucks grilled cheese.

1. The gooey melt comes from three different types of cheeses

Starbucks’ grilled cheese isn’t your average grilled cheese – it’s filled with not one, not two, but THREE different kinds of cheeses! The blend includes sharp cheddar for flavor, creamy jack for texture, and tangy asiago to bind them together. These high-quality cheeses are responsible for creating the ultimate melty sandwich experience.

2. It’s seasoned with garlic butter

What makes this grilled cheese even better? Garlic butter! Before popping the sandwich into the grill presser, they spread generous amounts of garlic butter on top which gives each bite its irresistible aroma and extra flavor.

3. There’s an option to add bacon

You don’t have to stick with just plain ol’ cheesy goodness because at Starbucks you can always add bacon strips as an upgrade! Crispy hickory smoked bacon perfectly compliments all those rich flavors in your bread and delicious fillings leaving you craving more with every bite.

4.A side soup pairing can complete any meal

Pairing soups or salads alongside sandwiches seem like second nature by now…right? But having options when it comes down to whipping up meals is never bad.It was only fair then that partnering whole some snacks would bring about yet another wonderful reason why people love Starbuck’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches..And if there’s anything worth raving about regarding pairings over here,it could how soups spice things up altogether- A cup sized tomato basil soup seems like just what we need during fall days,right?

5. It’s customizable to your taste and dietary needs

Are you allergic or intolerant to gluten, lactose, or other food ingredients? Don’t worry – Starbucks grilled cheese got you covered! You can easily customize your sandwich with other bread options such as their new Gluten-Free Roll. Vegetarians who want more protein in their diet could always opt for the bacon-less version of the classic grilled cheese.

In conclusion, these five facts might have just elevated your love for Starbuck’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches,and may have even taken it up a notch giving you an appreciation that is irresistible next time decide on what lunch break meal to grab first thing Monday morning at work..But really who are we kidding because what isn’t there to love about this comfort food anytime and anywhere?!

Delicious Variations on the Classic Starbucks Grilled Cheese Recipe

As the mercury dips and winter approaches, what could be more comforting than a warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich? And we all know that when it comes to luscious comfort food, no one does it better than Starbucks. That’s right – your favourite coffee chain isn’t just about caffeine fixes and sweet treats. Starbucks also serves up some delicious variations of the classic grilled cheese recipe that are sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

So let’s dive in and explore some mouth-watering options:

1. Classic Grilled Cheese

Let’s start with the basics- crusty ciabatta bread slices filled with melty cheddar cheese toasted together until perfection! Don’t forget to make it extra buttery for maximum craveability – Starbucks takes care of this for you every time.

2.Three Cheese Grilled Cheese

If one type of cheese isn’t enough for you then Mac & Cheese lovers will go wild over this triple cheesy toastie which features Super c melted between two layers of sharp white Cheddar cheeses all nestled betwwen crispy rustique bread pieces waiting eagerly awaiting its dip.

3.American Style Grilled Cheese

The American style grilled cheese is simple yet oh-so-satisfying: thick-cut brioche bread filled with oozy American-style yellow whole-milk cheese offering velvety tanginess wrapped around fragrant rustic bacon calling out from both corners ,this ultimate savory treat hits just the spot in minutes after ordered

4.Turkey Pesto Club Sandwich

We love how amply aromatic basil pesto infuses a normal grilled sandwich into an entirely different unique taste sensation like none other before combining wellness conscious Turkey meat topped with tomatoes crisp greens later on layered onto Ciabatta rolls where awaits delightful results served hot-on grill’s surface thanks once again starbucks clever seasoning technique!”

5.Grilled Ham n’ Swiss Croissant

This classic croissant melt promotes quality ingredients pairing delicate hickory smoked ham and melted Swiss cheese tucked in a buttery croissant-Grilled to expert perfection

6.Spicy Chorizo & Double Cheese Toastie

Have you ever tried Starbucks’ spicy chorizo toastie? Prepare your taste buds because this one is HOT! Made with fiery Spanish chorizo mixed with two different kinds of cheeses (Monterey jack and Gouda) piled into a ciabatta roll, it’s not for the faint-hearted but definitely worth the risk.

Whether you are looking for classic comfort or adventurous twists on the grilled cheese sandwich, these delicious variations by Starbucks will satisfy every craving. From sharp cheddar cheese toasted between two slices of crusty Ciabatta bread to an extra-gooey triple-cheese version layered in-between brioche bread – there’s something for everyone. Of course, we haven’t forgotten our vegetarian friends either — with options like tomato basil melt and pairing gooey swiss only further supporting its delightful ingenuity proving once again why starbucks always strives onto delivering innovative flavors , their range of grilled sandwiches boasts hearty ingredients promising rich flavorful renditions alike their coffee offerings..So now that we have tantalized your senses go ahead try these amazing Grilled Sandwiches at any nearest Starbucks outlet near you!

Tips and Tricks for Making the Best Starbucks Grilled Cheese at Home

Starbucks is known for their delicious and comforting drinks, but did you know that they also have an amazing grilled cheese sandwich? If you’re a fan of Starbucks’ grilled cheese but can’t always make it to the store, fear not! We’ve got some tips and tricks for making the best Starbucks-inspired grilled cheese at home.

1. Fresh Ingredients

One of the most important components to any good meal is fresh ingredients! This applies especially to grilled cheeses because there are typically only a few key ingredients being used (bread, butter, cheese). Using high-quality bread with fresh butter and quality cheeses will elevate your sandwich from average to extraordinary.

2. Choose your Cheese Carefully

Choosing the right kind of cheese(s) can be tricky – you want something that melts well without becoming too runny or overly greasy. A combination of cheddar and mozzarella works perfectly in this situation – the cheddar provides sharpness while the mozzarella makes everything ooey-gooey delicious. You could even experiment with different variations such as adding some parmesan or gouda into your mix!

3. Don’t Skimp on Butter

Butter is an essential ingredient when creating your perfect grilled cheese experience. Whether it’s melted directly onto your bread or served on top like Starbucks does with their sandwiches, having enough fat allows for optimal crisping & browning action which amplifies those key notes we all crave in our cheesy indulgence.

4.Use Spices/Seasonings

A pinch of garlic powder adds dimension while paprika offers depth to any classic recipe by changing up flavor profiles altogether . Experimenting with these additional spices guarantees greater satisfaction/deliciousness when attempting to recreate iconic fast food snacks/shear happiness-inducing treats within one’s very own kitchen.

5.Helpful Kitchen Tools

Owning helpful kitchen gadgets like non-stick frying pans/griddles are huge benefits when making restaurant-style comfort foods at home. The perfect grill marks, slightly golden crispy bread and perfectly melted cheese – all can be achieved with the right tools on-hand.

With these tips & tricks you’re now well-equipped to make your very own Starbucks-inspired grilled cheese at home! Not satisfied with a basic original? Feel free to try out new combinations like bacon or avocado – there’s no limit when it comes to crafting personalized taste creations that rival even the classics we love from popular cafes/restaurants. Happy Grilling!

Table with useful data:

Grilled Cheese type Price Calories
Classic Grilled Cheese $4.95 410
Truffle Grilled Cheese $6.95 550
Bacon & Gouda Grilled Cheese $5.95 460
Tomato Mozzarella Grilled Cheese $5.95 400

Information from an expert

As a culinary expert, I can confidently say that the Starbucks Grilled Cheese is a must-try for cheese lovers. It features four types of high-quality cheeses – sharp cheddar, white cheddar, Gouda, and Asiago – layered between two slices of artisanal sourdough bread. The result is a heavenly combination of gooey melted cheese and crispy toasted bread. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing it with their signature Tomato & Basil Soup for the ultimate comfort food experience. Trust me, this grilled cheese will not disappoint!

Historical fact:

Starbucks introduced their grilled cheese sandwich to the menu in 2015 as part of their efforts to expand their food offerings.

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