Grill Like a Pro: How to Perfectly Cook Cedar Plank Salmon [Step-by-Step Guide with Stats and Tips]

What is Cedar Plank Salmon on the Grill?

Cedar plank salmon on the grill is a mouth-watering dish that involves cooking fresh salmon fillets on cedar planks. The result is succulent, flavorful, and tender fish that’s perfect for any occasion.

  • Using cedar planks helps infuse smoky flavors into the fish during grilling
  • The natural oil in the wood keeps the fish moist while it cooks
  • Cedar plank salmon imparts a distinctive flavor to this popular seafood favorite

How to Prepare and Grill Perfect Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar plank salmon is one of those dishes that look and taste amazing, yet it’s incredibly easy to prepare. The cedar plank imparts a subtle smoky flavor while keeping the fish moist. Grilling salmon on a cedar plank is simple enough for even beginner cooks, but there are still some small details you can tweak to ensure your dish turns out perfect every time.

So, without further ado, here’s how to prepare and grill perfect cedar plank salmon:

1. First things first: Soak your Cedar Plank

The last thing anyone wants when grilling their beloved cedar plank salmon is billowing flames or tender skinned fish! To prevent this from happening make sure you soak the wood board in water overnight or at least for an hour before cooking. This will keep the wood from catching fire and steam up which adds flavors.

2.. Pick Fresh Salmon with Good Cut

It may sound obvious but picking fresh cut of wild caught Alaskan sockeye makes all difference in the world if you want perfectly grilled flavorful planked salmon. If possible do get your hands on Coho too as they have excellent colour than any other variety worth trying (and expensive). Try steaks instead fillet; steak holds together way better hence easy to flip on off over flame compared to flaking delicate fillets.

3. Season-All Way In As Possible

Now comes seasoning part There are endless array of seasonings that works with salmon- garlic parsley butter sauce pretty much anything flavoursome could work good But I suggest tiniest dash salt mixed pepper both sides sprinkle mix Cajun spice along now rub olive oil spread evenly bottom side then top side fits well just like jacket coat everywhere gives kick start flavor since soaked till juicy thickness becomes greatest mm.

4.Preheat The Grill Like A Pro

Grill Preparation: Heat griddle or propane gas grill stable heat close 400 Fahrenheit temperature because even heat through-out produce nicely pink, smoky, moist & flavorful flesh.

5.Time to Place Cedar Plank with Salmon on the Grill

Lay on pre-heated grill flamed side down of soaked wood plank, skinless seasoned salmon steaks flesh side up placed evenly atop wood flat wood give once over heat 6-10 minute cooking time depending upon fire level and size planked cuts

6. Now Judge its Flakiness not Dryness

Peek in sideways after six minutes mark or flip it carefully using metal spatula find out how long required keep at desired temperature. Because you want your cedar-plank salmon well-cooked throughout but not dry like shoe-leather neither mushy but light pinkish just sealed enough mouthwatering presentation.

7.Remove from The Heat and Plate!

I cannot stress this enough! Please use gloves while taking off hot cedar plank as catches may occur and could be painful to handle without proper care. Finally Carefully slide a wide slab spatula underneath each portion plated serving dish dessert for guests lick fingers repeatedly even takeaway portions never taste so scrumptious anywhere outside home cooked cuisine!

And that’s all there is to it – simple yet unbelievably delicious grilled cedar plank salmon recipe which can tickle anyone’s taste buds..

Step-by-Step Instructions for Grilling Cedar Plank Salmon

Grilled salmon is a mouth-watering delicacy and it’s even better when cooked on a cedar plank. The smoky, woody flavor of the cedar adds depth to the fish, making it an instant crowd-pleaser. If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions on how to grill cedar plank salmon that is tender, juicy and full of flavor, then read on.

Step 1: Purchase a Cedar Plank

The first thing you need to do before grilling your delicious piece of salmon is purchasing a good quality cedar plank. You can find these planks at specialty stores or online marketplaces such as Ensure that they are food-grade certified in order to prevent any harmful chemicals from entering your dish.

Step 2: Soak Your Cedar Plank

It’s important to soak your cedar plank in water for at least one hour if not overnight prior to grilling. This will prevent the wood from catching fire while cooking and also add moisture which helps in preserving the natural aroma of the woods.

Step 3: Preheat Grill

Always preheat your grill for about ten minutes before starting this process as this ensures evenly distributed heat throughout upon placing your salmon over it.

Step 4: Season Your Salmon

Seasoning with salt and pepper alone could be boring but surely adding lemon-pepper herbs into it would take things up a notch higher. Rub down some olive oil (also known as EVOO) onto both sides of the fillets leaving no stone unturned followed by herb seasoning sprinkle lightly all over.

Additionally using minced garlic can only make things more flavorful but don’t overpower its taste since we’re trying enhance flavors instead; so use very little quantity accordingly.The aim here is striking balance!

Step 5: Place Salmon On The Cedar Plank

Prepared? Great!!

Place your marinated pieces over chopped onions laid out beautifully balanced parallely lengthwise spaced roughly two-inch apart on the soaked-planks. The onion act as buffer zone absorbs any moisture from dripping thereby giving room to a well-smoked salmon.

Step 6: Grill Under Closed Lid

Place the cedar plank loaded with seasoned salmon fillets onto the preheated grill, making sure that it’s set in such an orientation as not to catch fire (indirect heat). When ready under closed lid and over medium-high heat; allow your fish cook gradually for about 15-20 minutes until desired level of tenderness is achieved with slightly crusty edges.


Remove salmon from plate leaving behind onions and serve hot topped up lemon wedges spritzed all over for freshness.

There you have it! A juicy aromatic grilled cedar plank Salmon delicacy! Perfect for when hosting outdoor get-togethers or looking towards trying something new yet amazing stunningly satisfying to prepare at home; exotic homemade feast style ! Getting adventurous by adding seasonal flavors could never be this fun filled actually… So let’s roll those sleeves off and let’s give our taste-buds something excitingly savouring!!

Cedar Plank Salmon on the Grill: Frequently Asked Questions

As summer approaches and the grilling season is in full swing, there’s nothing better than enjoying some Cedar Plank Salmon on the grill. This dish adds a delicious smoky flavor to your succulent salmon filet, making it an absolute winner for barbecues and outdoor parties.

But before you start grilling up a storm, you may have some questions about how to prepare Cedar Plank Salmon on the grill. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that will ensure that your grilled salmon is cooked to perfection:

1. What type of cedar plank should I use?

When choosing cedar planks for grilling or smoking, make sure you pick out untreated western red cedar planks as opposed to any other types of cedar trees – this will result in a mouth-watering rich and smoky flavor!

2. How long should I soak my cedar plank?

It is highly recommended to soak your cedar plank in water four hours prior- but more time soaking equals less chance of catching fire!

3. Should I preheat my Cedar Plank?

Preheating isn’t necessary when cooking with dampened wood – as it works bests by burning moistly anyway! But if at all youre using dry plank then its very important.preheat 10 mins minimum so they don’t go up like a matchstick.

4.What temperature should I cook it at?

Before placing the fish onto the soaked (and/or blacken) placenta,p Pre- heat your BBQ or Grill ranging between medium-high(380° F)-high heats , with aim being close lid during cook .

5.Should seasoning be added over/smoked timber pieces?

By adding aromatic herbs/herb mixes along with wooden infusions can actually intensify flavors significantly from baked dishes especially those fresh off from charcoal /wood-fire cooked meals

6.How many minutes do we stick around until nirvana-like sensation reaches our taste buds..

After checking every 2-minute intervals,you can roughly wait anywhere between 15-20 mins(depending on thickness of filet) until the fish reaches an internal temperature range between 120°F and 130°F, as there is often still some carry-over cooking that takes place once you remove it from the heat.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to prepare Cedar Plank Salmon on the grill like a pro! Not only will your salmon taste incredibly flavorful, but its impressive presentation would also have everyone drooling at any party or function. Happy grilling season!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Grilling Cedar Plank Salmon

As summer approaches, many of us begin to plan outdoor barbecue and grilling parties with family and friends. Grilled salmon is a popular choice among people who love seafood. However, if you want to take your grilled salmon dish up a notch, try using cedar planks! Here are five facts that everyone should know about grilling cedar plank salmon:

1. Cedar Plank Salmon is Easy To Make: One of the main reasons why people love cooking cedar plank salmon is its simplicity. All you need is fresh fish, a few spices or seasonings, and some soaked cedar planks – just wait until the grill heats up and gently place the skillet on top.

2. It Adds An Extra Layer Of Flavor: Using cedar planks adds an extra level of flavor to your grilled salmon- it imparts smoky notes while still retaining moisture in the meat. The heat from the grill causes oils in the wood’s surface to infuse into the flesh.

3.Cedar Plank Helps Cook Fish Evenly: Grilling fish can be tricky since it tends to stick easily when cooked directly over an open flame (which also makes flipping difficult). By placing it on a prepared plank, however, reduces flare-ups caused by dripping oil and ensures even cooking throughout their stay on top of burning logs enclosed within bars that protect them from falling off onto hot coals below!

4.Timing Is Key When Cooking With Cedar Plank: Timing plays an important role while cooking with cedar potatoes; generally around 14-20 minutess per inch-thick fillet at medium-high temperature works well for most recipes but keep checking occasionally as different models may vary depending upon thickness or density factors involved like size against weight too.

5.Wood Tailored For Every Taste Buds : If you’re not partial towards traditional flavors like mesquite or oak; there are other options out there which could satisfy during adventures outside four walls such as applewood which adds sweetness or hickory that delivers a delicious bacon-like smoky flavor.

Grilling cedar plank salmon can be an easy and fun way to spice up your usual summer backyard barbecue routine while still keeping things simple. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced griller, these five must-know facts will help ensure perfect planked salmon every time!

Why Cedar Plank Salmon on the Grill is the Ultimate Summer Dish

Summer time is finally here, and as the days continue to get longer and hotter, it’s time to start thinking about what delicious dishes we can cook up on the grill. If you’re looking for a dish that is hearty, healthy, and downright mouth-watering, then look no further than cedar plank salmon.

Not only is this dish packed full of protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but cooking your salmon on an aromatic cedar plank will give it a smoky and sweet flavor that just screams “summer.” But why exactly should you be grilling with cedar planks in the first place?

For starters, cooking with wood planks has been around since ancient times when our ancestors would roast meats over open flames. In today’s world of modern grilling appliances though, using Cedar planks have become one of the most popular ways to infuse smoky flavors into meat.

Cedar wood imparts an irresistible natural aroma in your fish during the grilling process which enhances its taste overall. The unique feature regarding this way of cooking involves soaking your cedar boards overnight before putting them onto your grill so they don’t burn out abruptly while adding such enticing scent throughout every part of that slab!

Moreover aside from being tasty there’s also a health advantage in consuming cedar-planked food preparation along with wild-caught rather farm-raised due to improved levels of omega 3s content; which indicates better nutritional value towards brain development among other stuff!

One major benefit offered by grilled Cedar Plank Salmon lies not only in its undeniable flavor profile but takes pride for serving mercury-free seafood thus providing even greater incentives behind having it as one choice dish all summer long.

Ultimately if you’re desiring fresh ingredients synced with unbeatable benefits at once – go ahead indulge yourself undoubtedly into this delectable cuisine. So head down to local markets or shop Cedars online & begin perfecting those Grilled Salmon meals now… Your taste buds and health deserve it!

Delicious Marinades for Cedar Plank Salmon on the Grill

Cedar plank salmon is an absolutely delicious grilled delicacy that has become increasingly popular in recent times. The smoky flavor from the cedar planks complements the natural flavors of the fish, making it a mouth-watering and sumptuous culinary delight.

One way to take your cedar plank salmon game to the next level is by using marinades. Marinades infuse flavor into the fish, adding depth and complexity to its natural taste. There are literally thousands of marinade combinations out there, but here we will explore some top choices for the perfect cedar plank salmon marinades.

1. Classic Citrus:

Simple yet effective; this classic citrus marinade brings out all of the fresh flavors from your cedar-planked salmon. All you need is lemon juice, orange juice, olive oil, minced garlic cloves, salt, black pepper as well as cayenne pepper( optional). Whisk together until combined before pouring over your salmon fillets to marinate overnight (or at least 30 mins before grilling).

2.Tangy Thai-inspired:

This tasty tangy Thai-inspired mix includes soy sauce or Teriyaki sauces,sriracha chile leading to a pungent aroma perfectly complemented with grated Ginger root/Lemon grass paste(optional) for extra zestiness.Additionally add olive oil,honey,Rice wine vinegar and depending on how spicy you like things maybe crushed garlic.Make blend these parts thoroughly dipping in individual pieces both sides .Salmon should be allowed enough time around three hours while marinating so that our flavorful ingredients infiltrate every crevice .

3.Discreetly Dijon Mustard:

For those who have come across mustard sheen,sweet honey vinaigrette blends can attest how simple dijon mixture injected in this Salmon recipe elevates its rich original taste.Besides French/german based mustard,you’ll only require ;olive oil,Honey,parsley and salt/pepper as your alternatives .These time tested ingredients help seal and absorb mustard deep into fish fibers having a scintillating marinade, allowing the flavors to interact amongst them before cooking.

4. Indian Influence:

Finally we have those who love unique tasty indulgence.Brushed with Olive oil, curry paste/garam masala,Turmeric Yogurt or even cider vinegar,vinaigrette and lime juice adding aromatic spices such as coriander leaves,cumin or paprika for zingy flavor.Cloves,chilies garlic cloves as well.Onion flakes also work just great!Essentially what gives an authentic dining twist is rare exotic seasoning, lavish herbs delicately rubbed in to perfection making this cuisine homemade yet on top of world class expert chefs .

Final thoughts:

When preparing cedar plank salmon it’s important not to be afraid of mixing up different ingredients until you find one that perfectly suits your taste buds. Some prefer sweeter drops while others enjoy spicy fiery tinges- ultimately the options are endless! By testing out new flavors consistently you will slowly discover variety past conventional grill charm.Finally don’t forget marination always ensure your fillets soak enough time , delivering full bodied zest everyone would come rushing down to kitchen with joy !

Table with useful data:

Ingredient Quantity
Cedar plank 1
Salmon fillets 4
Lemon 1
Garlic cloves, minced 3
Thyme leaves, chopped 2 tbsp
Extra-virgin olive oil 2 tbsp
Salt and pepper To taste
Serves 4

Information from an Expert

As an expert in grilling, I highly recommend trying cedar plank salmon on the grill. This method infuses a smoky and rich flavor into the fish while keeping it moist and tender. Soaking the cedar plank beforehand helps prevent it from burning and adds even more aroma to the dish. Additionally, seasoning the salmon with herbs or spices complements its natural flavors perfectly. With just a little practice, you can master this elegant yet straightforward grilled dish that is sure to impress your guests!

Historical fact:

Cedar plank cooking has been a traditional practice of the indigenous people along the Pacific Northwest coast for centuries, allowing them to cook salmon or other seafood on an open flame without directly exposing it to heat.

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