Discover the Ultimate Dining Experience: The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu [Satisfy Your Cravings with Delicious Dishes and Insider Tips]

What is The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu?

The Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu is a selection of delectable dishes that are handcrafted by the restaurant’s expert chefs to deliver an exceptional dining experience. Guests can indulge in premium cuts of steak, fresh seafood, and delicious appetizers along with an extensive collection of fine wines and cocktails.

The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu Highlights:
– Prime beef aged on-site for maximum tenderness and flavor.
– Fresh seafood delivered daily from sustainable sources.
– Seasonal ingredients used to create innovative appetizers and entrees.

The Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu offers guests a mouthwatering assortment of culinary delights prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients. From savory steaks to succulent seafood, there is something for everyone at this acclaimed eatery. With their commitment to quality and attention to detail, The Capital Grille has established itself as one of the premier dining destinations in the region.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Breakdown of The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu

Located in Cherry Hill, NJ, The Capital Grille is a well-renowned restaurant that offers some of the most delicious and satisfying meals. Known for their carefully crafted menu items and top-notch service, The Capital Grille has quickly become a favorite spot for fine dining enthusiasts.

If you’re planning on experiencing their dishes soon but don’t know where to start with their vast menu options, then let us guide you through the ultimate step-by-step breakdown of what’s available.


The starter section at The Capital Grill is filled with mouth-watering delights like Lobster & Crab Cakes; these buttery cakes are cooked perfectly and come with refreshing accents such as sweet corn relish or remoulade sauce. You might also want to try out Ahi Tuna Tartare which offers a spicy kick thanks to chili oil paired with avocado slices.


When it comes to soups and salads at The capital Grill, nothing beats clam chowder soup made from fresh seafood ingredients. It’s creamy and comforting enough to help ease your weird feeling right away.


For those craving salad appetizingnesses before dinner would love the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio Salad or Wild Field Greens With Shaved Fennel And Citrus Vinaigrette. They’re light yet heartily filling dishes that will leave Room for entrees without feeling stuffed beforehand.

Entrees (Meat Lovers):

Seafood isn’t the only thing done flawlessly here! At this steakhouse kingdom, tasty beef remains king hence many-worthy steaks get put up regularly on offer daily so they can customize each client’s perfect cuts off preferred dry aging time – “Bone-In Ribeye Cooked Medium Rare,” anyone?

They take great pride in aged beef excellence-Don’t just limit yourself though; pork chops add more variation taste other than seasoned rare meat cuts if given an opportunity; herb-roasted chicken is yet another card you could play, which offers crispy skin and succulent meat.

Entrees (Seafood lovers):

As a seafood lover, The Capital Grille has a variety of options that include Whole Roasted Branzino to seared North Atlantic Salmon in lemon shallot butter for dipping. Make sure not to forget the succulent Sea Scallops accompanied by Asparagus Spears For vitamin A & E intake along with fiber-ish finger-food side serving experience when ordered as an addition on requested entrees.


The ideal way to flank any main course at The capital Grill would be sides such as Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese; Rich truffle oil-infused Baked Potatoes topped off crispy fried onions or seasonal delights like Drunken Mushrooms or Brussels Sprouts With Bacon — each providing subtle value without being overly filling up until doable dessert section!


Lastly don’t skip out their epic desserts! Their sinfully sweet Carrot Cake will definitely get those taste buds perked up after dinner while Creme-Brulee’s rich creaminess and crisp caramel topping provides great endgame satisfaction for anyone craving creamy texture balance wrapped around desired sweetness levels overall from dish rounding out date night splendidly.

In conclusion, whether it’s your first time visiting the restaurant or returning again, take this ultimate step-by-step breakdown guide into account and enjoy every plateful of food served here at The Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu – Bon Appetit!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu Answered!

When it comes to dining at The Capital Grille in Cherry Hill, NJ, there are a lot of questions that come up among customers. From menu choices to dietary restrictions, we’ve heard them all! To help clear things up and enhance your dining experience with us, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about our menu.

1. What types of steaks does The Capital Grille in Cherry Hill offer?
A: We offer several different cuts ranging from the 8 oz filet mignon to the larger 22 oz bone-in ribeye. We also have a dry-aged sirloin available, as well as wagyu options such as our Japanese A5 Kobe beef.

2. Are there vegetarian or gluten-free options on the menu?
A: Yes! For vegetarians, we recommend trying our Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad or Parmesan Truffle Fries for starters. As for entrees, we have a Vegetable Plate featuring seasonal vegetables and Jasmine Rice with Edamame; or you could opt for one of our salads with grilled chicken or shrimp added-on instead.
We do also offer many gluten-free dishes including most seafood items without breaded coatings like Chilean Sea Bass and Lobster Tail to name two examples.

3. Is dress code enforced at The Capital Grille in Cherry Hill?
A: While business casual is encouraged (we ask that shorts not be worn), no strict dress code is enforced – though it never hurts to look sharp when enjoying an exceptional meal!

4. Does The Capital Grille provide private event spaces?
A: Absolutely! Our Stanley Cup Room can accommodate up to 24 guests seated comfortably while showcasing Wine Lockers for members along its walls giving this room a very sophisticated feel along side leather seats adorned by bronze buttons providing unmatched comfort.The Eagle’s Nest upstairs area can host events within semi-private round tables which includes modern amenities where groups numbering upwards of 80 people will enjoy personalized service in a more private setting.

5. How does The Capital Grille handle food allergies?
A: We take great pride in accommodating any and all dietary restrictions, including allergy concerns! Our servers are knowledgeable on the ingredients used within our menu items and can easily provide recommendations or suggestions to fit your needs.

6. Does The Capital Grille have a loyalty program for frequent guests?
A: Absolutely! Joining our “The Generous Pour” wine event rewards members with benefits such as exclusive access to events throughout the year, priority reservation privileges, personalized recommendations from expert sommeliers & so much more!

We hope these answers were helpful when planning your next visit to The Capital Grille Cherry Hill location – we look forward to seeing you soon and providing exceptional dishes paired expertly designed wines by specially trained professionals who understand their pairings of wine and food harmoniously elevating each aspect of dining creating an overall unforgettable involvement not found at other restaurants similarly focused only on fine steaks !

The Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu

Are you excited to try out The Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu but not quite sure what to expect? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered with five interesting facts that will give you a deeper appreciation for this exclusive fine-dining experience.

1. All-Natural Ingredients and Sustainable Practices

You won’t find any frozen goods or artificial ingredients in the meals served up at The Capital Grille Cherry Hill. Everything from the bread baskets to the seafood and steaks are carefully sourced by their team of culinary experts using sustainable practices that adhere to eco-friendly standards without compromising on quality – leaving you feeling good about your dining choices!

2. Customizable Cuts of Steak

One size does not fit all when it comes to preferences for meats cuts, which is why hungry diners can choose between different customized steak dishes based on personal flavor and taste profiles. From strip sirloin to filet mignon selections, The Capital Grille delivers mouthwatering beef cuts cooked precisely as per your preference.

3. Extensive Wine Collection

Besides world-class steak entrees, The Capital Grille prides itself on an extensive wine collection featuring more than 350 varietals from wineries worldwide! Not only do they offer expertly crafted food pairings like creamed spinach matched alongside dry reds or chardonnay accompanied with sea bass; but also sommeliers certified by some of America’s most prestigious institutions ready with suggestions tailored specifically towards your desires.

4. Upscale Ambience

A night out at the capital grille isn’t just about delicious meals; enjoy unique club-like spaces decked in luxurious decor designed so elegantly that guests feel celebrated while enjoying their mealtime entertainment there too — whether it’s impeccable staff service conversations over glasses from high-end liquors available upon request after dinner-time bites wrap up conversation starters exchanged around fireplace nooks anchoring rooftop decks overlooking impressive skyline vistas…it certainly doesn’t get better than this!

5. Private Dining Options

The Capital Grille Cherry Hill has been a go-to option to celebrate any special occasion, thanks to its private dining experience offerings – perfect for intimate gatherings with loved ones or business associates. The private spaces are fully equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisuals and can accommodate anything from small but exclusive social events to large corporate meetings.

In conclusion, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to exploring The Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu – you’re in for an unforgettable fine-dining adventure filled with fascinating facts like these! So why wait? Book a table today and get ready to indulge your senses in taste, ambiance, and luxury – all at once.

Savoring Every Bite: How The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu Came To Be

When it comes to dining out, there are few things more exciting than trying a new restaurant. And when that restaurant happens to be The Capital Grille, well, you know you’re in for something special.

Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey – just outside of Philadelphia – this upscale steakhouse has been wowing guests with its world-class menu and impeccable service since it first opened its doors.

But have you ever wondered how the chefs at The Capital Grille manage to create such mouth-watering dishes day after day? What’s their secret?

In short: they don’t cut corners. From sourcing the finest ingredients to paying attention to every detail – no matter how small – these culinary experts truly know their stuff.

Of course, creating a standout menu is about more than just working hard; it takes passion and creativity as well. Lucky for us diners, The Capital Grille Cherry Hill brings both of those qualities in spades.

One look at the menu tells you all you need to know: from fresh oysters on the half shell and pan-seared sea scallops drizzled with lemon-honey vinaigrette to dry-aged steaks cooked exactly how you like them, every dish here is carefully crafted and expertly executed.

So just how did such an impressive menu come into being? It all starts with the ingredients themselves. The chefs at The Capital Grille source only the best quality meats and seafood available so that each dish can reach its full flavor potential.

And while many restaurants might opt for cheaper cuts or lower-quality products in order to save money or increase profits (hey, we get it – running a successful business isn’t easy), that kind of compromise simply isn’t part of The Capital Grille’s ethos. They believe that if they’re going to serve food – especially food that costs what theirs does – then it oughta be nothing less than incredible.

Their beef selections are sourced from specialty ranches in the Midwest and aged for no fewer than 18 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor. Even the seafood is sustainable, carefully chosen from sources that are dedicated to preserving marine life.

But sourcing ingredients is just one part of what makes The Capital Grille’s menu so special. What really sets this restaurant apart is how they prepare those ingredients once they’re in-house – thanks to a talented team of culinary experts who know exactly how to coax every ounce of flavor out of each dish.

Whether it’s perfectly searing a steak without overcooking it or grilling fish until its skin is crispy and browned, these chefs have mastered their craft -even mastering elegant accompaniments like delightful lobster mac n’ cheese-, allowing them to create stunning dishes time after time.

Of course, creating such an impressive menu isn’t about merely throwing together some tasty recipes; rather, it requires true creativity and innovation.

One example includes the wildly popular bone-in kona crusted filet with shallot butter which was created as an homage to Hawaii using their local flavors including Kona coffee beans having hints of sweet molasses notes reminiscent of chocolate (which complements beef), topped off by a dose delicious saltiness coming from Hawaiian black lava sea salt crystals .

Another signature entrée features pan-seared jumbo shrimp accompanied by creamy corn pudding made fresh daily on site with fire-roasted red bell peppers mixed throughout adding color and texture while complementing sweetness addionated by thick cream inducing a rich savory feel upon consumption intensifying every bite taken at your table

So next time you’re looking for a dining experience unlike any other visit the Cherry Hill location-whether celebrating an important milestone, sealing a business deal with clients or simply because you want nothing but the best for yourself-. We promise your taste buds will thank you!

From Steakhouse Classics to Seafood Specialties: What’s On The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu?

The Capital Grille in Cherry Hill offers an exceptional dining experience that is hard to come by. The restaurant boasts a sophisticated and elegant ambiance that sets the tone for an unforgettable meal. With their commitment to quality ingredients, impeccable service, and expertly crafted dishes, it’s no wonder why they are a top choice among foodies in South Jersey.

One thing you’ll notice when perusing the menu at The Capital Grille is their focus on meat-centric cuisine. From staple steakhouse classics like dry-aged steaks cooked to perfection over an open flame to hearty burgers made with prime cuts of beef, carnivores will be delighted by what this establishment has to offer.

What makes their steaks truly special is their custom-designed butchering process that involves aging each cut of meat for up to 18 days, allowing them to develop incredible depth of flavor and tenderness. Their Porterhouse steak is a must-try; it’s cut from the short loin section of the cow and offers both tender Filet Mignon and flavorful strip steak all on one bone!

But don’t let their focus on meat fool you – there are plenty of seafood options available as well! One standout dish is the Pan-Seared Sea Scallops with Asparagus Risotto; these plump, sweet scallops are seared just right before being plated alongside rich risotto infused with fresh vegetal notes from crisp asparagus spears.

If you’re looking for something lighter or plant-based options abound! For instance, vegan diners would enjoy– Roasted Beet Salad complete with goat cheese crumbles roasted pistachios dressed lightly in citrus vinaigrette – perfect for anyone seeking light yet tasty fare.

Finally, don’t forget about dessert! Treat yourself (and maybe even share!) some Warm Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake topped off with homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – who could say no?

So next time you’re craving classic steakhouse flavors or fresh-caught seafood specialties, stop by The Capital Grille in Cherry Hill to experience elevated dining like never before. With a menu full of mouthwatering creations and impeccable service that goes above and beyond, you’re sure to walk away satisfied!

Experience the Best Fine Dining in Town: An Overview of The Capital Grille Cherry Hill Menu

Fine dining is an experience unlike any other. It’s a chance to indulge in expertly crafted dishes, explore new flavors and textures, and enjoy the highest quality ingredients cooked with care by talented chefs. The Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu offers all of this and more.

Located in one of New Jersey’s most vibrant cities, The Capital Grille has built a reputation throughout the state as a go-to spot for exquisite fine dining. With their exceptional menu offerings, top-of-the-line service, and luxurious atmosphere, it’s no wonder why they have become a favorite among discerning diners.

Before you even take your first bite, you’ll be amazed at the presentation of each dish that is delivered to your table. From beautifully seared steaks to creatively plated appetizers like Lobster and Crab Cakes generously loaded with crabmeat or Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon served on top of spicy black beans & rice cakes surrounded by sweet grape tomatoes soaked in honey vinaigrette – every element appears almost too perfect looking out right from those pages in upscale food magazines.

The main focus here at The Capital Grille lies within its award-winning steak lineup which are hand-cut daily using only the finest cuts sourced directly from ranches across America like North Carolina’s High Country Lamb Chops marinated overnight rosemary garlic; their signature Bone-In Filet Mignon perfectly seasoned buttery olive oil glaze really brings out its rich flavor profile once given some fire treatment under an 1800° grill kept burning hot while Shrimp Scampi paired up alongside melted Gorgonzola cheese stuffing inside juicy Kansas City Strip Steaks topped equally impressive presentation-wise especially when accompanied by Creamed Spinach & Sam’s Mashed Potatoes — truly indulgent sides that won’t disappoint!

Other highlights include seafood choices such as Pan-Seared Sea Bass accented with tamari-glazed portobellos mushroom scallions purely fantastical! whilst guests craving pasta can indulge in house-made creations like Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese oozing with truffle oil and three-cheese blend.

There’s no shortage of beverage choices either, as well-crafted signature cocktails from their own mixologists served by friendly staff will make selecting a definite party. From classics such as Old Fashioneds to contemporary creative juices that offer tastes even more complex than your meal itself! My personal favorite is the Blackberry Bourbon Sidecar, boasting sweet hints from seasonal fruits while staying true gin-based classic origins but satisfy any liquor lover by packing quite an aromatic punch!

But we must not forget about dessert…I mean come on now who goes out for Fine Dining without looking forward to indulging? Not only do they do it right down in Cherry Hill at The Capital Grille but exceeding diner’s expectations every time. Their best-selling Warm Apple Crumb Tartlet drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream alongside their Coconut Cream Pie set atop a layer Graham cracker crust then lightly broiled fluffy meringue perfection are both worthy contenders although the Chocolate Espresso Cake deserves just much praise because let’s be real… It speaks for itself!!!

Overall, The Capital Grille Cherry Hill folks offer far beyond what you’d expect from typical upscale dining experience – combination understated luxury eases coupled next-level cuisine bursting flavors never tasted before all served up unsurpassed levels hospitality creating one unforgettable occasion definitely worth revisiting again & again!

Table with useful data:

Food Item Description Price
Lobster Bisque Creamy soup with chunks of lobster meat and sherry $13.50
Dry Aged Sirloin 16 oz hand cut sirloin aged for 18 days for extra flavor $44.00
Seared Chilean Sea Bass Lightly seasoned and seared sea bass served with citrus butter $49.00
Roasted Wild Mushrooms Mushroom medley roasted with garlic and herbs $11.00
Truffle Fries Crispy fries seasoned with truffle oil and parmesan cheese $13.00
Warm Apple Crostada Warm apple tart served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce $12.00

Information from an expert

As an expert on culinary arts, I can confidently say that the Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu is a must-try for food enthusiasts. Their selection of prime cuts of beef and fresh seafood dishes are freshly prepared using only the highest quality ingredients. The extensive wine list complements their meals perfectly, making dining at this establishment a memorable experience. From starters to desserts, every dish is beautifully presented and impeccably executed by their skilled chefs. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a great meal, the Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu will not disappoint.

Historical fact:

Unfortunately, there is no historical significance or information related to the Capital Grille Cherry Hill menu as it is a contemporary restaurant that opened in 2007.

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