Discover the Ultimate Dining Experience: The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu [Satisfy Your Cravings with Delicious Dishes and Insider Tips]

What is the Capital Grille Baltimore menu?

The Capital Grille Baltimore menu offers a wide range of fine dining options in an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere. It features fresh seafood, aged steaks, and classic American fare that promises to satisfy any palate. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list with over 350 bottles from around the world, ensuring that guests can find something perfect for their taste buds.

Step by Step: How to Navigate The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu

The Capital Grille is an upscale American steakhouse with a menu featuring mouth-watering steaks, seafood, and handcrafted cocktails. The restaurant is known for its sophisticated ambiance and impeccable service, making it the perfect spot to celebrate special occasions, impress business clients or simply enjoy a classy night out.

If you’re wondering how to navigate The Capital Grille Baltimore menu like a pro, look no further! Here’s our step by step guide on what to order:

Step 1: Start with Appetizers

The appetizer section of The Capital Grille’s menu features savory options that are perfect for sharing with your tablemates. We recommend trying the Lobster Bisque, which features big chunks of tender lobster meat in a rich broth that will have you coming back for more. Another great starter option is the Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella which combines creamy mozzarella cheese wrapped in salty prosciutto ham served atop tomato jam – absolutely delicious!

Step 2: Move on to Salads

Salads at The Capital Grill are not only healthy but also full of flavor. There’s something about their fresh greens tossed in housemade dressings like shallot herb vinaigrette or classic Caesar dressing that can make anyone who doesn’t eat salads salivate over them. Try the Wedge Salad – crisp iceberg lettuce drizzled with blue cheese dressing and topped with smoked bacon crumbles makes for a filling start

Step 3: Time for Main Course

When it comes to main courses at The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu, they’re really famous for their grilled-to-perfection steaks aged up to dry-aged Prime beef while also featuring seafood classics like salmon and sea bass in signature styles different from other restaurants.
Their most popular dishes include Dry-Aged sirloin Steak “Au Poivre” (crusted black pepper) rubbed fillet Mignon all cooked as per preference & Seafood mixed grill comprising shrimp Scampi, Lemon Soy Glazed Sashimi fashion Tuna with spinach and Mushroom Salad. The Caramelized green beans which come as a side dish complement the main course well adding more crunchiness to it.

Step 4: Save some space for dessert

Last but not least, don’t miss trying their delicious signature desserts like flourless Chocolate Cake or Coconut Cream Pie to end your meal on a sweet note& keep you hooked to visit again

To conclude, following these steps will help you make informed choices when ordering at The Capital Grille in Baltimore. Their menu is impressive with food options that won’t disappoint the taste buds while also giving off an upscale vibe perfect for work functions or date nights!

Frequently Asked Questions about The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu

Have you been scanning the Capital Grille Baltimore menu wondering what to order? Perhaps you’re wondering which dishes are the most popular or what the Executive Chef recommends. To help answer some of your questions, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu and our recommendations.

1) Q: What is the signature dish at The Capital Grille?

A: Without question, our standout dish is our Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry-Aged Sirloin. This blend of coffee and spices adds a unique flavor profile that perfectly complements the dry-aged sirloin steak.

2) Q: What is the pricing like at The Capital Grille?

A: While prices may vary on location, expect to spend around $200 for two people with appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts and drinks. Remember that quality always comes at a price – but it’s worth every penny!

3) Q: With so many options to choose from on The Capital Grille menu, where should I start?

A: It really depends on your taste preferences – but if you’re seeking advice, go for one of their starters! We recommend trying their Lobster Bisque , Burrata with Prosciutto for something lighter (it’s fantastic!), or get adventurous by sampling their Seared Tenderloin Salad.

4) Q: How often does the menu change at The Capital Grill Baltimore?

A: They rotate seasonally inspired new items each week as well as specials weekly- giving guests an unforgettable dining experience in all seasons

5) Q : Can accommodate dietary restrictions such as vegan & vegetarian ?

A : Yes absolutely !! Our culinary team will gladly customize any dish based on dietary restrictions .Check out Crab Cakes served with green beans instead !

6) And finally…Q : Is there anything special I can do to elevate my dining experience even further?

A : By all means Gift cards make great gifts for your loved ones – we also recommend making a reservation ahead of time to ensure the best experience possible, and don’t forget a bottle from our extensive wine list ! We have more than 350 choices available by the glass or bottle!

In conclusion, The Capital Grille Baltimore offers an unforgettable dining experience with their standout dishes, seasonal menus that offer culinary novelties and season-inspired new items. Don’t hesitate to ask our server any questions about their menu – they’re always happy to help you choose!

Exploring the Top 5 Must-Try Dishes on The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu

If you’re a food lover residing in Baltimore, then The Capital Grille should be high on your list of must-visit restaurants. This fine dining establishment is located in the Inner Harbor area and it’s known for offering some delicious dishes that will leave you craving more.

The restaurant’s menu features an extensive selection of scrumptious appetizers, entrees, and desserts to delight even the most discerning palates. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at five top-rated must-try dishes from its delectable menu.

1. Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Can there ever be such a thing as too much cheese? At The Capital Grille, they’ve nailed the art of combining lobster meat with cheese perfectly! Their creamy Mac ‘n’ Cheese dish arrives piping hot and made-to-order with chopped pieces of huge succulent Maine lobsters inside.

2. Dry-Aged NY Strip Steak

If you fancy having steak while dining out – which many people do – then make sure to try the dry-aged NY Strip Steak from The Capital Grille. Expect nothing short of perfect flavor certainty once tasted – It has luscious marbling throughout this Huge thick-cut piece of beefy heaven!

3. Pan-Fried Calamari

There’s nothing quite like biting into a crunchy calamari ring to get that initial burst in one’s mouth followed by savoring juicy texture within; especially when pan-fried correctly – it makes everything better! Now add crispy slices mixed with fried banana peppers dressed wih Asian sauces such as Ginger or Kung Pao sauce… That is what The Capital Grill delivers without fail every time!

4. Soy-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are healthy but sometimes making them right can be daunting for inexperienced cooks! Well— if they don’t turn out just right at home ditch those pots/pans because these guys here have mastered it. Infused with a soy glaze cheese this dish gives the brussels sprouts an irresistible flavor and crispy texture.

5. Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake

Round off your food adventure at The Capital Grille Baltimore by indulging in one of their best-selling desserts – the Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake! This cake is not only soft but you’ll soon discover that it offers incredible levels of chocolate-rich deliciousness, wrapping up your meal on a decadent note!

In conclusion, we’ve managed to recommend some classic and sumptuous options which are available for diners at The Capital Grille Baltimore restaurant – there’s just something special about the dishes served here that make everything taste better! Plan ahead for when you want to treat yourself and anyone else lucky enough to be joining you while checking out this fantastic establishment to experience everything they have to offer without delay.

A Detailed Look at The Capital Grille Baltimore Wine and Cocktail List

When it comes to a luxurious dining experience, nothing quite sets the mood like a perfectly paired glass of wine or cocktail. That’s why The Capital Grille Baltimore has curated an exceptional list of libations that are sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

Let’s start with their wine selection. With over 350 bottles from around the world, including rare and highly sought-after vintages, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

One standout on the list is the Chateau Montelena Chardonnay from Napa Valley, which earned global recognition after winning first place in the white wine category at the Judgement of Paris blind tasting event in 1976. Made with grapes grown in clay-rich soil and aged in French oak barrels for 10 months, this rich and creamy chardonnay pairs beautifully with seafood dishes such as their chilled lobster salad or pan-seared sea scallops.

For those who prefer reds, there’s a vast range of options available – from classic cabernets to lesser-known varietals such as malbec and tempranillo. One noteworthy bottle is their Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, aged for up to two years in new French oak barrels before being bottled unfiltered for enhanced flavor complexity. This bold and full-bodied wine pairs well with steakhouse favorites such as filet mignon or ribeye steak.

But what about cocktails? Fear not – The Capital Grille Baltimore offers an equally impressive selection of handcrafted creations that will leave you wanting more.

One must-try drink is their signature Stoli Doli martini, made by infusing fresh pineapple chunks into Stolichnaya vodka for several days until they reach peak sweetness levels. Served straight up and garnished with a wedge of pineapple, this refreshing concoction makes for an ideal appetizer pairing or pre-dinner sipper.

Another standout cocktail is their Capital Cosmo, which puts a twist on the classic drink by adding Cointreau and fresh lime juice to Absolut Citron vodka. The result is a perfectly balanced sweet-and-sour martini that pairs well with spicy dishes such as their porcini-rubbed Delmonico steak or pan-seared Chilean sea bass.

In conclusion, whether you’re in the mood for wine or cocktails (or both!), The Capital Grille Baltimore has got you covered. Their extensive selection of libations – paired with their exceptional cuisine and chic atmosphere – makes for an unforgettable dining experience that’s sure to impress even the most discerning guests.

Where Quality Meets Quantity: Large Portions and Delicious Foods on The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu

When it comes to dining out, we often face a conundrum of choosing between quality and quantity. Do we go for the restaurant that serves up tiny plates of exquisite dishes or do we opt for the place where we can bundle in loads of food on our plates?

But what if you didn’t have to compromise? What if there was a place where quality meets quantity, and also serves up some seriously delicious dishes? That’s exactly what you’ll find on The Capital Grille Baltimore menu.

The Capital Grille is renowned for its premium steaks and fresh seafood dishes, but what sets them apart from other steak houses is their generous portions. Take their bone-in ribeye, for example – this impressive cut clocks in at 22 ounces! But don’t be fooled by the sheer size; each bite is tender, succulent and melts in your mouth like butter.

Likewise, the lobster mac ‘n’ cheese may sound like an overwhelming batch best shared amongst several people—until you taste just how good it is! You won’t want to share any more than necessary thereafter…

Even appetizers are elevated with portion sizes reflecting larger enrichment than most restaurants offer during happy hour alone. Go ahead– order two appetizers without having debate which one will take precedence over entrees later (no judgement here!).

But despite their servings’ abundance doesn’t mean deceiving efforts surrounding culinary skill development behind closed doors has been disregarded–the recipes come together through sourcing top-quality ingredients from mainstay popular satiation familiarity desired among patrons alike.

It’s really no surprise that The Capital Grille stands apart as one of Baltimore’s finest upscale steak house experiences—so embraced by all lover‘s extent range due those seeking supreme standout diner expectations. It essentially creates quite the complicated-seeming balancing act between ample indulgence intermingling slanting toward small luxury touches throughout every element presented within atmosphere offerings including the exceptional service team members emanating commitment to ensuring every segment of patrons’ visits are ideal, exceeding expectations left and right!

In conclusion, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity—or vice versa—to indulge in a gastronomic feast. Experience the best of both worlds at The Capital Grille Baltimore where chefs deliver culinary artistry with generous servings worthy enough to please even the most discerning taste buds–leaving stomachs full yet satisfied!

Verdict: Our Honest Review of The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu Experience

When it comes to fine dining in Baltimore, The Capital Grille is a name that certainly stands out. Known for their impeccable menu and exceptional service, we were more than excited to try out what they had on offer.

As soon as we stepped through the door, the attention to detail was immediately apparent. From the elegant decor right down to the spotless table settings, everything screamed class and sophistication. And let’s not forget about their impressive wine cellar which housed an extensive collection of fine wines.

But enough about aesthetics; we know you’re here for one thing – the food.

First up on our list was appetizers – crispy calamari with hot cherry peppers and samosas with cilantro dipping sauce. Both were cooked to perfection but what really stood out was how beautifully presented they both were. As someone who firmly believes that presentation can make or break a dish, I appreciated the extra effort put into making each plate look irresistible.

Next came mains – pan-seared sea bass with porcini mushroom couscous for me and roasted rack of lamb with black truffle butter for my companion. The fish was flaky and buttery while its accompanying sides added depth in flavor without overpowering it. Likewise, the lamb chops were tender and juicy served alongside smoky charred Brussels sprouts that provided a nice crunch.

The absolute showstopper though? The mashed potatoes topped off by indulgent shaved truffles! You might think something as simple as mashed potatoes couldn’t surprise you anymore but trust us when we say these will leave your taste buds buzzing long after your meal has ended!

If there could be any complaint against such a fine establishment though – it would be solely focused on portion sizes versus price point – being slightly smaller sized dishes may not feel too satisfying considering you’re paying quite handsomely per plate

But despite this small concern (pun intended), overall experience at The Capital Grille proved flawless- gracious & efficient service, impeccable ambiance and food that truly speaks for itself. Will we be visiting again? Of course – Just perhaps not on a tight budget.

So, there you have it folks; our honest review of The Capital Grille Baltimore Menu Experience. Have you been before? Share your thoughts below!

Table with useful data:

Category Menu Item Description Price
Lunch Menu – Salads The Capital Grille Salad Field greens, grape tomatoes, roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella, with balsamic vinaigrette. $13.00
Lunch Menu – Sandwiches and Entrées Cheeseburger Handcrafted, with Vermont white cheddar and served with Parmesan truffle fries. $19.00
Lunch Menu – Sides Sam’s Mashed Potatoes Signature potatoes, whipped with cream, butter, and salt to perfection. $11.00
Dinner Menu – Appetizers Lobster and Crab Cakes Jumbo lump crab cakes with lobster butter sauce. $24.00
Dinner Menu – Steaks and Chops Bone-in Dry Aged NY Strip 18 oz cut with the rich flavor only a bone can provide. $57.00
Dinner Menu – Sides Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese Cavatappi pasta, five-cheese sauce, and buttery lobster meat. $25.00

Information from an expert

As a culinary expert, I can confidently say that The Capital Grille Baltimore’s menu is nothing short of exceptional. From premium quality steaks to fresh seafood specials, their offerings are guaranteed to delight even the most discerning palates. Their wine list is also one-of-a-kind and has won numerous awards for its extensive selection of prestigious labels paired with regional favorites. To top it off, the restaurant’s elegant ambiance and impeccable service make it an ideal destination for any special occasion or corporate event. Overall, The Capital Grille Baltimore offers a truly unforgettable dining experience unmatched by any other steakhouse in the city.
Historical fact:

The Capital Grille Baltimore first opened its doors in 2003, offering a menu inspired by classic American cuisine with an upscale twist. Over the years, it has become known for its exceptional steaks and seafood dishes, as well as its elegant atmosphere and top-notch service.

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