Discover the Mouthwatering Delights of The Capital Grille Jacksonville Menu: A Comprehensive Guide [With Stats and Stories]

What is the Capital Grille Jacksonville Menu?

The Capital Grille Jacksonville menu features a range of classic American dishes, including seafood, steaks, and salads.

  • Some must-try items on the menu include the dry-aged porterhouse steak and lobster mac & cheese.
  • The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list with over 350 selections from around the world to complement your meal.

If you’re looking for upscale dining in Jacksonville, Florida, be sure to check out The Capital Grille’s mouth-watering selection of dishes!

Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating the Capital Grille Jacksonville Menu

If you’re planning to enjoy a luxurious meal at the Capital Grille Jacksonville, it’s essential that you navigate the menu with care. The restaurant boasts itself as one of the finest dining establishments in town and could easily overwhelm first-timers. However, don’t worry! We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide on how to navigate through their extensive menu.

Step 1: Start with Signature Cocktails
The perfect way to begin any fine dining experience is by sipping on a delicious cocktail. Before perusing the food menu, take out time to go through their signature cocktails list, which beautifully complement their appetizers and entrees. Try classics like Stoli Doli or twist your taste buds with Ginger Mint Julep or Coconut Cream Pie Martini.

Step 2: Browse Through Appetizer Section
Appetizers are meant for sharing over good conversations- so don’t hesitate while placing your order! Whether you prefer seafood (like Maine Lobster Cocktail), vegetables (like Eggplant Caponata) or meat-based dishes (like Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella), there’s something for everyone here.

Step 3: Survey Their Entree Selections
When it comes down to entrées, get ready for some tough decision making because everything on this part of the menu sounds divine! You can try classic steak cuts such as Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged NY Strip Steak – perfectly seasoned beef of superior quality age from more than two months; Seared Citrus Glazed Pacific King Salmon served alongside caramelized fennel & tomato salsa; Dual Cold-Water Lobster Tails dressed up in buttery goodness & Lemon Butter Broth Or choose between other classic delicacies main cuisines curated thoughtfully.

Step 4 : Peruse Sides section
Don’t miss out thin-cut fries cooked simply crisped-enough but enough soft in between along Classic Truffle Fries sprinkled generously with grated, imported Parmesan Cheese & Baked potatoes or Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese, creamily topped with crispy parmesan crusts – absolutely must-haves.

Step 5: Indulge in their desserts
Dessert is the time to let your taste buds run wild! Don’t be afraid and satisfy your sweet tooth by indulging in the luscious flourless chocolate espresso cake Bar that oozes an amalgamation of rich Cocoa-glaze or try the inviting Coconut Cream Pie assembled within a classic flaky almond crust. You won’t regret ordering any one (or even all) of them!

In conclusion, The Capital Grille Jacksonville menu offers something special for everyone while keeping the overall dining experience elegant yet cozy. We hope this guide helps you maneuver through their scrumptious menu successfully & leaves you feeling full, happy and satisfied!

FAQs About the Capital Grille Jacksonville Menu: Everything You Need to Know

If you find yourself in Jacksonville, FL and craving a top-notch dining experience, look no further than The Capital Grille. Known for its exceptional steaks and seafood dishes, this restaurant offers an unparalleled culinary experience that’s sure to leave your taste buds begging for more.

However, with so many delicious options on the menu, it can be tough to decide what to order. That’s why we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about The Capital Grille Jacksonville menu – everything you need to know before making your reservation.

What are some must-try items on the menu?

While every dish at The Capital Grille is sure to impress, there are a few standout items that should not be missed. For starters, try their Lobster Bisque or Pan-Fried Calamari with Hot Cherry Peppers. As for entrees, It’s all about ‘The Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged NY Strip’. Pro tip: always save room for dessert like Classic crème brûlée or Coconut Cream Pie!

What types of steak can I expect on the menu?

Steak lovers rejoice! The Capital Grille offers an extensive selection of premium cuts such as bone-in ribeye, filet mignon and porterhouse ranging from 14 oz up
to 32 oz dry-aged beef especially featured “Dry-Aged Porterhouse Steak” which has been aged over three weeks using traditional aging process .

Do they offer non-beef options?

Absolutely! In addition to steak dishes galore , they have fresh local Florida seafood offerings too including Salmon w/ avocado relish sounds liks out-of-this-world good—not to mention unique sides like Brussels sprouts with bacon and Shallots & Roasted Wild Mushrooms.

Can I customize my meal?

One aspect that sets The Capital Grille apart is their ability — nay — willingness?—to customize orders based on each guest’s preferences. If you want to switch out a side or add extra sauce, don’t hesitate to ask.

Do they offer vegetarian and/or gluten-free options?

Indeed! including delicious apps like their Pan-Fried Calamari with Hot Cherry Peppers that can be made Gluten-free upon request. They also have salads, soups like Clam Chowder which are both meatless and gluten-free but definitely not flavor less’!

Are there any off-menu items I should know about?

While it’s always worth trying one of the restaurant’s classic dishes,. Recent customer reviews boast great experiences ordering ‘Chef’s Suggestions’—which are unique offerings based on ingredients available complimented well by an array of premium wine selections.

Is it possible to order takeout?

It is possible & comes highly convenient. However if you’d still love the luxury dining experience in the comfort of your own home make sure to inquire about The Capital Grille‘s special At Home Dining option where CDC guidelines followed for food safety reasons .

Now that we’ve answered your most pressing questions about The Capital Grille Jacksonville menu there’s only one thing left to do Book a reservation today and enjoy all they have in store !

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Capital Grille Jacksonville Menu

The Capital Grille is known for providing an exceptional dining experience that features a unique blend of classic American cuisine and fine seafood. This renowned restaurant has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in Jacksonville, Florida, attracting food enthusiasts from all over.

While many people may be familiar with The Capital Grille’s signature dishes such as their dry-aged steaks or fresh lobster bisque, there are some lesser-known menu items and tidbits that you might not know about. Here are the top five facts you didn’t know about The Capital Grille Jacksonville Menu:

1. All sauces and dressing made from scratch

If you’re looking to indulge in something truly artisanal during your visit to The Capital Grille, then look no further than their homemade sauces and dressings—made entirely from scratch! Whether it’s the shallot butter sauce featured on their famous filets or the citrus oil vinaigrette used on salads – all these delicious condiments are crafted daily using only the freshest ingredients by skilled chefs who take pride in creating dishes with complex flavor profiles.

2. You Can Build Your Own Surf & Turf

Did you know that if a traditional surf & turf isn’t exactly what you had in mind when coming to dine at The Capital Grille; guess what? They have got another option: “build your own” Surf & Turf! Pick out your favorite cuts of steak (filet, ribeye or strip), complement them with succulent Maine lobsters tail, grilled shrimp scampi or jumbo lump crab cakes – Yes everybody wins!

3. Fresh Catch Daily Sourced Directly From Local Vendors

You cannot find fresher seafood than those sourced locally right here in northeast Florida waters—from grouper caught by local fishermen just off our coastlines to littleneck clams harvested straight out of Apalachicola Bay- offering delicate flavors unmatched anywhere else along this coast.

4. Cheese Heaven: Artisanal Cheese Appetizers

Did you know that The Capital Grille also allows guests to savor artisanal cheese appetizers? The restaurant’s award-winning master sommelier has curated an impressive selection of European and American cheeses, along with accoutrements like honeycrisp apples, candied walnuts or gourmet crackers – Pairing these with their handcrafted cocktails make for a perfect starter.

5. Personalized Wine Experience- New Generous Pours

The Capital Grille Jacksonville now offers personalized wine experience menu called “Generous Pour” giving your table the luxury taste experience at an unbeatable price. It features seven selections of world-class wines from different regions starting from $28 per person; can’t decide which one may pair well with dinner? No problem! Order-by-the-glass serving– this is not just great value but elegant sophistication on display as every pour is done right in front of you.

Whether it’s crafting condiments by hand every day, sourcing fresh seafood direct from local vendors, or curating impeccably exquisite dining experiences filled with hidden gems such as customizable Surf & Turf options – The Capital Grille provides much more than merely delicious cuisine alone. So why waiting book now and come discover all the tasty secrets yourself!

Wine Pairing Suggestions for Your Favorite Dishes on the Capital Grille Jacksonville Menu

Are you looking to elevate your dining experience at The Capital Grille in Jacksonville? Well, look no further than the perfect wine pairing suggestions for all of your favorite dishes.

First on the menu is the creamy, decadent lobster bisque. Nothing pairs better with this rich soup than a crisp and refreshing glass of Chardonnay. We recommend trying their Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay for its bright citrus flavors that cut through the bisque’s creaminess.

For steak lovers out there, we suggest ordering The Capital Grille’s signature bone-in filet mignon cooked to perfection and paired with a bold and robust Cabernet Sauvignon like Ramey Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. This delectable combo is sure to tantalize your taste buds all evening long.

If you are feeling adventurous and want something totally unexpected check out Capital grille seafood tower featuring jumbo shrimp cocktail, Atlantic Lobster Cocktail & Crab Louie Salad. For such wide variety from undersea world pick unique wine pairing “Twomey Cellars Merlot” which tastes smooth & dark chocolate finish compliments perfectly with this dish!

Vegetarians can enjoy an equally palate-pleasing meal by indulging in The Capital Grille’s roasted butternut squash risotto complemented by a light-bodied Pinot Noir like Truchard Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir from Carneros California.

The perfect endnote to any meal is undoubtedly dessert! For those seeking a sweet finale try having Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake which goes beautifully well with Port or even Banyuls if you’re looking for something different completely! A great choice would be one of our favorites – Fonseca Bin 27 Port where caramelized nuts aroma pairs delightfully together mixing both bitter-sweet chocolate note within cake itself.

By following these impeccable wine pairings, diners will be able to fully appreciate every dimension of their meal at The Capital Grille in Jacksonville. So next time you find yourself dining there, don’t forget to ask for wine suggestions and prepared to be amazed!

First Time at The Capital Grille? Here Are Our Must-Try Items from the Menu!

If you’re a foodie or simply enjoy fine dining, it’s hard to pass up the experience of The Capital Grille. Known for its elegant atmosphere and top-notch service, this steakhouse is a favorite among many discerning diners.

But if you’ve never been before, navigating the menu can be overwhelming. Fear not – we’ve compiled a list of must-try items that are sure to delight your taste buds.

Let’s start with their famous Dry-Aged Sirloin Steak. Dry aging is an old-world technique that brings out the meat’s natural flavor and tenderness. Trust us when we say this steak will take your taste buds on a journey they won’t forget!

Next up is their Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese side dish – because who doesn’t love ooey-gooey mac and cheese with some succulent lobsters thrown in? And while we’re talking about seafood dishes from The Capital Grille’s menu; indulge yourself by trying their Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell served chilled with mignonette sauce! The perfect way to start off any meal.

For something lighter but equally delicious, try their Tuna Tartare appetizer – cubed, sushi-grade tuna tossed gently in Sriracha honey soy glaze accompanied by Avocado Salad and Sesame Seeds Crisps; our mouth is watering just at the thought!

Now let’s talk dessert – specifically, their Warm Double Chocolate Cake. It comes oozing hot chocolate as soon as sliced open complemented by delicious house-made Ice-Cream scoop melting over it slowly! You may have had molten cake before but trust us nothing compares to how rich yet delectably light theirs tastes like.

Finally (although there are so many other incredible options), finish off your nightcap with one of our personal favorites: Stoli Doli Martini – which features hints of fresh pineapple infused into Stolichnaya vodka, shaken and served straight up with a slice of pineapple. Perfect to polish off your meal!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for an excuse to indulge in some mouth-watering steak and seafood dishes – The Capital Grille is definitely worth the splurge. Hopefully, our guide will make sure your first experience there will be unforgettable!

How The Capital Grille Is Redefining Fine Dining with Their Impressive Jacksonville Menu

The Capital Grille has long been known as one of the premier fine dining destinations in the United States. With their impressive Jacksonville menu, they have taken things to a whole new level.

To understand how The Capital Grille is redefining fine dining, it’s important to take a closer look at what makes their food so special. For starters, every dish on the menu is crafted using only the finest ingredients available. Whether it’s seafood harvested from pristine waters or hand-cut steaks from top-quality ranches around the world, everything that hits your plate is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.

But beyond just sourcing high-quality ingredients, The Capital Grille also puts an unparalleled amount of care and attention into each and every dish they serve. From crafting complex sauces to carefully balancing flavors and textures, no element of any given dish is overlooked.

What really sets The Capital Grille apart from other fine dining restaurants though, is their commitment to creating a truly memorable experience for guests. This isn’t just about serving great food—it’s about making diners feel like royalty while they enjoy it.

Whether you’re sitting at the bar enjoying a cocktail crafted by expert mixologists or settling in for an elegant dinner with friends or colleagues, every aspect of The Capital Grille’s service revolves around making sure that you feel valued and taken care of throughout your meal.

Of course, none of this would matter if the food didn’t live up to expectations—but thankfully it does! Highlights on The Capital Grille’s impressive Jacksonville menu include mouth-watering Wagyu beef burgers served on brioche buns alongside crispy Parmesan truffle fries; succulent jumbo lump crab cakes paired with classic American-style shrimp cocktails; perfectly seared New York strip steaks finished with aromatic herbs and garlic butter sauce—and much more besides!

Perhaps most impressive about all this though (apart from simply being able to enjoy these dishes first-hand) is how seamlessly everything comes together. Every element of The Capital Grille’s dining experience works towards achieving the same goal: to deliver a high-end, elegant and unforgettable meal that leaves diners both satisfied and thoroughly impressed.

So whether you’re looking for an exceptional date night spot or simply want to indulge in some fine dining with friends or colleagues, don’t hesitate to give The Capital Grille’s Jacksonville location a try. With their impressive menu and commitment to service excellence, they just might change your whole perspective on what it means to dine in style!

Table with useful data:

Menu Category Menu Item Description Price
Lunch Cheeseburger Prime beef, aged cheddar, onion jam, smoked bacon, brioche bun $18.00
Lunch Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, caesar dressing $14.00
Dinner Dry Aged Porterhouse 24oz USDA Prime, Dry Aged 18+ Days, Finished with Herb Butter $62.00
Dinner Seafood Tower Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters on the Half Shell, Alaskan King Crab Legs $98.00
Dessert Warm Apple Crostata Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce $12.00

**Information from an expert**

As a culinary expert, I can attest to the excellence of The Capital Grille Jacksonville menu. Their selection of prime steaks and fresh seafood is unparalleled, with each dish prepared to perfection by highly skilled chefs. From their signature dry-aged Porterhouse steak to their indulgent lobster mac & cheese, every item on the menu is crafted with the finest ingredients and utmost attention to detail. If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Jacksonville, look no further than The Capital Grille.

Historical fact:

The Capital Grille, a high-end steakhouse chain with locations throughout the United States, opened its Jacksonville location in 2008.

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