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Carrabba’s Lunch Menu (2024)

You can go to Carrabba’s Italian Grill for more than dinner now! The Carrabba’s lunch menu is full of delicious Italian classics and new creations, making it the perfect place to relax in the middle of the day. If you’re looking for a quick bite or a relaxing lunch, Carrabba’s is a great place to enjoy authentic Italian flavors in a friendly environment.

Carrabba’s Lunch Menu

With its carefully made lunch menu, Carrabba’s is the best place to enjoy the best Italian food during the lunch hour. The lunch menu at Carrabba is a nice change from the usual because it focuses on fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, and new tastes. Let’s look at the vast variety of tasty lunch choices on Carrabba’s menu:

Carrabba's Lunch Menu

NEW! Caprese Sandwich Combo

$14.99 / 510 Calories

Carrabba's Lunch Menu

NEW! Bruschette Chicken Sandwich Combo

$14.99 / 590 Calories

Carrabba's Lunch Menu

NEW! Italian Sandwich Combo

$14.99 / 660 Calories

Carrabba's Lunch Menu

NEW! Meatball Sandwich Combo

$14.99 / 730 Calories

Carrabba's Lunch Menu

NEW! Chicken Parmesan Sandwich Combo

$14.99 / 580 Calories

Carrabba's Lunch Menu

NEW! Steak Marsala Sandwich Combo

$14.99 / 620 Calories

Why choose Carrabba’s for Lunch?

There are many reasons to choose Carrabba’s Menu for your next lunch outing:

  • Speed and Convenience: The lunch service at Carrabba is meant to be quick and easy. Their lunch menu has many foods that are great for a fast and filling meal in the middle of the day.
  • Quality and Freshness: The lunch meal at Carrabba is made with fresh ingredients and the same high quality standards you expect from their dinner menu.
  • Value for Money: Carrabba’s lunch menu has a lot of choices that will stay in the bank, like lunch combos and family bundles that are great for sharing.
  • Variety and Flavor: There is something on Carrabba’s lunch menu for every taste, from light salads and sandwiches to filling pasta and traditional Italian main dishes.
  • Warm Atmosphere: Carrabba’s lunch service has the same friendly vibe as the rest of the restaurant. Enjoy a nice, relaxing break in the middle of the day.

FAQs About Carrabba’s Lunch Menu

Carrabba has many vegetarian-friendly options, such as the Linguine Positano, the Caprese Sandwich, and the Italian Cobb Salad.

Carrabba’s has options for people who don’t eat gluten, like the Grilled Chicken Sandwich on a gluten-free bun and the Gluten-Free Casarecce Pasta.

Carrabba’s sometimes has seasonal lunch specials with fresh, in-season foods that make the meal more enjoyable.

Of course! Carrabba’s is happy to make changes to accommodate different tastes, ensuring each customer has a unique and satisfying eating experience.

Hand-crafted cocktails, mocktails, iced teas, and Italian sodas are just a few cool drinks guests can enjoy with their lunch choices.

Carrabba’s online buying system makes it easy for customers to enjoy their favorite lunch items from home or the office.

Carrabba’s Amici Club gives regular customers special offers, birthday surprises, and other perks, making going out for lunch even more fun.

Treat yourself to a sweet ending to your lunch with treats like Sogno di Cioccolata, Cannoli, and Tiramisu.

Carrabba’s serves lunch in a family-style format so that large groups can enjoy significant amounts of Italian classics together.

Guests can quickly make reservations by going to Carrabba’s website or calling the spot they want to go to directly.

Carrabba’s lunch hours may differ in different locations, but generally, they serve lunch from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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