10 Mouth-Watering Dishes to Try at On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina [Orange]: A Foodie’s Guide to Authentic Mexican Cuisine

What is On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange?

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange is a dining establishment that serves authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine. Located in Orange, California, it offers a variety of dishes such as fajitas, tacos, enchiladas and burritos.

The restaurant also has a full bar with an extensive selection of tequilas and signature cocktails. With its lively atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends or family who love delicious food and drinks.

How On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange Became a Local Favorite

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange is a true gem in the heart of Southern California, delighting both locals and tourists alike with its delectable Mexican cuisine that captures the essence of traditional flavors. From mouthwatering tacos and fajitas to classic nachos and margaritas, this restaurant has truly mastered the art of authentic Mexican dining, offering diners an unforgettable experience every time they visit.

So what makes On The Border such a beloved local favorite? There are numerous reasons why people just cannot seem to get enough of this amazing eatery. For starters, it boasts impeccable service from start to finish; the moment you step foot into the door you’re greeted warmly by knowledgeable staff who are patient and attentive when giving recommendations or addressing any special dietary needs.

The ambiance at On The Border also plays a key role in its popularity – when stepping into this lively cantina-style setting; customers can’t help but feel like part of their family. The walls adorned with vibrant decor transport you straight to Mexico as lively music fills your ears while fresh aromas fill your nose leaving no detail unattended

Of course, another major draw for guests is its menu full of tantalizing dishes bursting with flavor. Their signature dish being tableside Guacamole made right before you – provides everyone’s taste buds with something irresistible all across America! Fresh ingredients go into each savory bite whether indulging in their Baja Shrimp Wrap which features crispy shrimp tossed together topped off nicely w/lime wedges covered cabbage mix or digging down deeper toward entrees like enchiladas filled stuffed chicken fresh cilantro sans beans new york strip sizzling skillets packed generous portions make sure nobody leaves hungry!

Finally, anyone who frequents On The Border knows one thing above all else: Their happy hour deals cannot be beaten. With unbeatable daily specials on drinks alongside endless chips thier signature Salsa served up paired delicious appetizers like queso, it’s hard to resist taking advantage of their offerings. They also offer late-night deals on appetizers and drinks – passionate “Border-ritas” are expertly made and served up in oversize glasses keeping the celebration going until closing time.

In conclusion, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange is undoubtedly a local favorite due to its exceptional service, vibrant atmosphere, mouthwatering dishes, and unbeatable happy hour deals. Anyone looking for authentic Mexican food sprinkled with great nightlife spot need look no further than this absolute gem located at Chapman ave!

A Step by Step Guide to Enjoying On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is a popular restaurant chain serving delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. If you are planning to visit the Orange location, then we have got you covered with our step-by-step guide on how to enjoy your dining experience.

Step 1: Reservations

To avoid waiting in line for a table, it’s recommended that you make reservations ahead of time. You can easily do this through their website or by calling the restaurant directly. This ensures that you and your guests will be seated at the desired time without any hassle.

Step 2: Drinks

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina offers an extensive list of margaritas and cocktails, so start off with ordering one of those when you arrive. It’ll help loosen up those nerves from waiting in such lines!

Step 3: Appetizers

Begin your meal with some mouth-watering appetizers like Guacamole Live! (freshly made guacamole), Queso Blanco (creamy cheese dip), and Stacked Nachos (heaping layers of tortilla chips loaded with beans, meat, queso, pico de gallo) – trust us; these dishes won’t disappoint!

Step 4: Main Course

Now onto the main course – On The Border’s menu features classic Tex-Mex dishes such as fajitas(Fajita Grilled Chicken/Fajita Steak strips grilled to perfection served on a sizzling skillet w/ peppers&onions,sour Cream,pico de Gallo,Gucamole,Sopes,Corn Tortillas,&Citrus-Chile Carne Asada Tacos(featuring slow-cooked carne asada steak topped with onions and cilantro). Still feeling confused? No worries – just ask your server for recommendations!

Keep away from their salads- they’re only meant if its something light or diet-friendly what isn’t really exciting there!

Step 5: Dessert

Be sure to save room for dessert because their Sopapillas (fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar, served with warm honey and chocolate sauce) is an absolute must-try. You won’t regret it!

Step 6: Drinks

By now you should be relaxed and able to unwind further into the night comfortably. So how about a round of drinks on top? Lastly, On The Border has a scrumptious menu but the ambience over there is something to die for.

Overall, we hope this step-by-step guide has helped prepare you for your visit to On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange location. Remember this is our perspective and these restaurants hold preferences unique in each person’s heart so go ahead try one by yourself today!

Your Frequently Asked Questions About On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange Answered

Looking for a restaurant that offers excellent Mexican cuisine and an inviting ambiance? Look no further than On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina in Orange County! Our restaurant is known for its delicious food options, colorful atmosphere, and accommodating service. For those who have never visited our establishment or are simply curious about what we offer, here are some frequently asked questions with thorough answers to help you get acquainted with us:

1) What sets On The Border apart from other restaurants that serve Mexican food?

At On The Border, we believe in using the freshest ingredients possible in all of our dishes. We take great pride in crafting authentic Mexican recipes that taste just like homemade meals! Whether it be tacos al pastor or fajitas sizzling on hot plates served straight to your table side by a professional care taker – every dish reflects the passion we have for true mexican flavors.

2) Can I find healthy and vegetarian/vegan meal options at your restaurant?

We understand the importance of offering dietary preferences which is why one will surely find a variety of delicious vegetarian/vegan items on our menu such as Beyond Meat burger made entirely of plant-based proteins so you won’t miss out on any protein intake. Health-conscious customers can also opt for salads filled with fresh veggies ranging from Grilled Chicken Fajita Salad topped with avocados rich omega 3 fatty acid source or Lime Cilantro Jalapeno Shrimp Salad loaded with vitamins & minerals.

3) Are there different types of margaritas available at your bar area?

Margaritas reign supreme at our Cantina Area!! From famous original Frozen Margarita bursting green lime flavor notes perfect when craving something refreshing down south under Orange California weather conditions to seasonal varieties like Pumpkin Spice Margartila handcrafted during fall season; we’ve got all tastes covered around yearlong.

4) Does On The Border host events/private parties?

Yes indeed! Our venues create memorable and festive surroundings perfect for any occasion as one can plan out their Birthday parties, Business meeting functions shaped in mexican themeed decorum such as guitars and cactus around the interior space. Professional catering services led by event managers are available to make sure every party is an unforgettable experience that leave guests cheerful.

5) What is the best time to visit On The Border?

As a matter of fact all days & hours are great for craving authentic Mexican flavors. From lunch breaks during weekdays dine-ins, dinner dates or even weekend brunches amid several breakfast options served alongside bottomless Mimosas or Champagne rounds, we aim at providing delicious culinary experiences for it’s customer base 24×7 always! We do recommend making online bookings beforehand whenever planning any special events so you don’t miss out on our fantastic food & fun ambience.

In conclusion, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina-Orange has got everything covered when it comes to quality dining experiences containing variety of staple dishes with diverse taste showcased within recipes ranging from traditional tacos al pastor or regional specialty novelties like Lava Rock Fajitas serving sizzled up beef Sirloin steak flavored using Tejano seasoning made in-house daily takes anyone’s tastebuds down south across border cities while maintaining affordable price without compromising authenticity. So whether you’re local residents of Orange County looking forward to satisfy tummy grumbles with scrumptious plates filled with fresh veggies/right plant-based protein source wrapped inside fluffy tortillas come sauced with pico de gallo sauce or visiting us from another city/state? We guarantee you’ll enjoy every last bite – Ole!

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is a popular chain of restaurants that has been serving up tasty Tex-Mex cuisine since 1982. With over 160 locations across the United States, On The Border has become a go-to destination for fiesta-loving foodies everywhere.

If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough of delicious south-of-the-border dishes like tacos and guacamole, then listen up! We’ve compiled this list of the top five facts you need to know about On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange:

1. Authenticity is key: One thing that sets On The Border apart from other chain restaurants is their commitment to authenticity. They use only fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create dishes that are bursting with flavor. From sizzling fajitas to hand-rolled enchiladas, every item on the menu is carefully crafted to satisfy your hunger and taste buds.

2. Margarita madness: No visit to On The Border would be complete without sampling one (or several) margaritas from their impressive drink menu. Whether you prefer yours frozen or on the rocks, classic or fruity, they’ve got you covered. And if tequila isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of beer and wine options as well.

3. Happy hour specials: Speaking of drinks, did we mention that On The Border offers some seriously awesome happy hour deals? Stop by any day between 3pm-7pm for discounted appetizers and drinks, including $5 house margaritas and half-price select appetizers.

4. Catering services available: Planning a party or event? Let On The Border do the cooking for you! They offer catering services for everything from casual gatherings to formal corporate events. Choose from pre-set menus or work with their experienced staff to create a custom spread that will wow your guests.

5. VIP rewards program: Finally, be sure to sign up for the On The Border VIP Club to receive exclusive offers and rewards. You’ll earn points with every visit that can be redeemed for free food, drinks, and even merchandise! Plus, you’ll get a special treat just for signing up.

So there you have it – the top five facts you need to know about On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange. Now go satisfy your craving for some delicious Tex-Mex fare!

From Mouthwatering Tacos to Zesty Margaritas: Our Menu Picks at On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina in Orange has been serving up authentic and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine for years. With a menu bursting with options, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate a list of our favorite picks! From mouthwatering tacos to zesty margaritas, here’s what you need to try at On the Border.

First on our list are the incredibly flavorful tacos. Whether you’re a fan of beef, chicken or seafood – On the Border has got you covered. Our top choices include the Brisket Tacos made with slow-cooked brisket and topped off with cilantro, onions and cheese. The Shrimp & Bacon Tacos are another must-try featuring grilled shrimp, smoked bacon crumbles and creamy avocado slices all stuffed into three corn tortillas.

Next up is their famous fajitas that come sizzling hot right to your table. Choose from juicy steak, succulent chicken or delectable shrimp which will certainly leave your taste buds craving for more. We recommend ordering one of each so you can mix-and-match flavors while enjoying fresh tortillas straight from the oven.

For those looking for something lighter but just as scrumptious – there’s an array of salads available too! The Sizzling Chicken & Spinach Salad is packed with flavor including roasted red peppers and crispy bacon, all tied together nicely with raspberry vinaigrette dressing – simply irresistible!

Last but not least – no visit to On The Border would be complete without trying one (or two) of their signature Margaritas . Their selection varies from classic limeade flavored ones like Top-Shelf or Frozen Lime Margarita ,to new takes such as Jalapeño Cucumber Rita or Blackberry Peach Margarita ! These drinks are carefully crafted using 100% blue agave tequila laced together flawlessly for ultimate refreshing experience.

So if you’re planning on indulging yourself at On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, be sure to try these menu recommendations for the perfect blend of flavor and freshness. Come satisfy your cravings at On The Border with these tasty picks!

Experience Authentic Taste of Mexico at On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange


On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is thrilled to offer their guests an authentic taste of Mexico right here in Orange County. This popular restaurant chain has been providing delicious Mexican cuisine and exceptional service for over 30 years.

At On the Border, you can indulge in traditional favorites like fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, and burritos or try something new with their unique selection of specialty dishes such as Mesquite Grilled Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas or Chile Relleno stuffed with seasoned ground beef and Monterey Jack cheese.

The chefs at On the Border use only fresh ingredients to create these mouth-watering dishes. Their flavorful salsas are made daily using ripe tomatoes, onions, garlic, and a blend of spices that gives it its unmistakable zing.

But what really sets On the Border apart is their commitment to authenticity. They pride themselves on serving genuine Mexican cuisine that captures the essence of this beloved cuisine while adding some modern twists to keep things interesting. They source many of their ingredients directly from Mexico so that every dish boasts true flavor.

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate Taco Tuesday or unwind after work with margaritas and appetizers – we’ve got you covered! From happy hour specials on drinks and appetizers to savory entrees during lunch time – there’s something for everyone at On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina!

In addition to offering a fun atmosphere combined with impeccable customer service; our talented bartenders boast amazing creations including both classic margarita pours (rocks, frozen) alongside flavors such as mango jalapeño singles or pitchers all designed around sharing moments together throughout your meal!

Whether dining-in or ordering takeout through online services: DoorDash/Grubhub/UberEats etc., know that when visiting “On The Border” – experiencing quality food mixed w/Awesome Customer Service will always be paramount within each visit!

So come join us for an unforgettable taste of Mexico at On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Orange County where you can experience all that this stunning cuisine has to offer in a setting that’s both lively and welcoming. It wouldn’t be hard to tell why our guests keep returning and bringing new friends alike – let us welcome you too; Bienvenidos!

Table with useful data:

Address Contact Number Opening Hours Menu
1500 E Village Way, Orange, CA 92865 (714) 998-6800 Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm

Information from an Expert

As a food expert, I highly recommend On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina in Orange for its delicious and authentic Mexican dishes. Their menu offers a wide variety of options including tacos, burritos, fajitas, and margaritas that are made with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for their sizzling carne asada or their cheesy queso dip, your taste buds will thank you. Additionally, the restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff who provide excellent service making it the perfect spot for any occasion.
Historical fact:

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina was founded in 1982 by three friends who wanted to bring authentic Tex-Mex cuisine to their hometown of Dallas, Texas. It has since grown into a popular chain with locations across the United States and internationally. The Orange location opened in 2004.

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