Weekly Specials


We will be closed on Saturday, July 4th in honor of the holiday.  Have a great weekend and we will see you on Tuesday, July 7th!

Thursday, June 25th, 2020:  We could not have been more blessed throughout this pandemic!  We truly are one of the lucky ones.  We were allowed to remain open.  Our amazing customers cooperated with the new procedures we put in place as we moved to ‘take out ONLY’.   And our employees have been there to support us each step of the way.

Tomorrow, June 26th, we ‘go green’ and many are breathing a cautious sigh of relief.  There is excitement for the reduction in restrictions and the ability to move closer to what we all consider to be ‘normal’.  But for us, it presents another challenge.  The size of our shop has not changed and no one has ever said, “I am headed to The Grill Shop to social distance!”  The fact is that our indoor restaurant is not conducive to social distancing, safe and thorough disinfecting after each visit, etc.  Re-opening our indoor seating area would open up one booth and counter seating for fewer than five people as we could only use every third stool.  Add folks waiting for orders inside, and we cannot safely comply.

Therefore, for now, we are going to continue with ‘take out ONLY’ as it the only option that allows us to be socially responsible for our employees, our customers, and our community.  To pretend that our physical space doesn’t put folks at risk, until we know more, just doesn’t feel right.  This is not what we want, but it is the right thing for us to do until we see how the virus responds to the relaxed protocols.

We hope you can understand and we promise to continue to monitor the situation and re-evaluate our indoor seating options as guidelines continue to evolve.  We appreciate all of the generous support we have received throughout COVID-19.  You have all been amazing!  Please know that we made this decision with all of you in mind.  Thank you.  Thank you!  THANK YOU!

There are no specials for the week, but our full breakfast
and lunch menus are available for take out.