Unwind at Antrim Dells Golf Course and Sunset Bar & Grill: A Guide to Relaxation, Delicious Food, and Stunning Views [with Stats and Tips]

What is Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill?

Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill is a picturesque golf course located in Ellsworth, Michigan. The course boasts 18 challenging holes surrounded by natural setting, including rolling hills and sparkling lakes. After an exciting game of golf, visitors can indulge in delicious food and drinks at the on-site Sunset Bar & Grill while taking in breathtaking views of Lake Michigan.

How Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill Came to Be

Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill are two of the most well-known landmarks in Northern Michigan. They have been serving the local community for over a decade, attracting golf enthusiasts and foodies alike. But have you ever wondered how these establishments came into existence? The story behind their creation is both fascinating and inspiring.

The history of Antrim Dells Golf Course dates back to the 1990s when a group of investors purchased a plot of land in Bellaire, Michigan with plans to build a residential development. However, as they started developing infrastructure for the neighborhood, they realized that there was an opportunity to build something unique that would attract visitors from far and wide.

That’s when they decided to create a championship-level golf course on the property. With rolling hills, natural water features, and stunning views of Lake Bellaire and Torch Lake in the distance- it was perfect for creating one-of-a-kind holes that challenged even experienced players.

They hired famous architect Tom Doak who had already designed some famous courses including Pacific Dunes at Bandon Dunes Resort in Oregon which was ranked #1 course by Golf Digest magazine multiple times.

Doak made quick work designing what would become Antrim Dells- more than six thousand yards long but with approaches so generous that all players felt like champions! It opened in 1997

As time passed, people began flocking to play golf here; it became clear that something else was needed to enhance guests’ experiences outside playing golf – especially before or after rounds.
So what did they do next?

Enter ‘The Sunset Bar & Grill’. Located adjacent on-property overlooking Hole Nos. 9 through 18 ,this restaurant-bar quickly became synonymous with exceptional gastronomy experience .

With various menu items ranging from classic burgers and sandwiches topped with fresh ingredients like lettuce,tomatoes onions,to specialties such as Chicken Marsala,Ribs,Yummy salads etc.,it catered to everyone from the hungry golfer returning from 18 holes, or just guests looking for good food and drinks.

The Sunset’s atmosphere complements its name as it boasts a warm and inviting setting with incredible views of Lake Bellaire-and is much more than your average pub. Today, it’s popular not only with golfers but those seeking a great meal along with their choice of beverage!

Antrim Dells Golf Course & The Sunset Bar and Grill show how having an innovative approach can result in something truly unique. By combining an exquisite course design with unforgettable dining experience,you create the perfect blend that will keep customers coming back again and again.

So if you’re looking for more than just another ordinary round of golf- book your tee time at Antrim Dells GC today -and while there,enjoy your lunch,or dinner(or relax after) at ‘Sunset bar-grill’– you’ll surely be glad you did!

Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you an avid golfer looking for the perfect course to hit the links? Or maybe you just enjoy a beautiful outdoor setting with delicious food and drinks? Look no further than Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on why this gem in northern Michigan should be your next destination.

Step 1: The Setting

Nestled among rolling hills, crystal clear lakes, and towering forests, Antrim Dells Golf Course provides breathtaking views from every angle. This par-72 golf course is well-manicured with unique challenges at every hole. From elevated tee boxes to water hazards, Antrim Dells offers a variety of different shots that will test your skills as a golfer. Not only are guests surrounded by stunning natural beauty while playing here, but they’ll also enjoy seeing wildlife like deer and bald eagles soaring overhead!

Step 2: The Service

No matter how challenging or picturesque the course may be, it’s always important to have exceptional customer service during any dining experience or round of golfing at Antrim Dells. Fortunately, their staff does not disappoint! Each member is welcoming, attentive and professional all throughout each visit— ensuring visitors feel valued throughout their time spent here.

Step 3: The Food

After an invigorating game of golf—or before starting one—the Sunset Bar & Grill offers clientele something even more enticing than fantastic scenic vistas – delectable cuisine options ranging from juicy burgers to mouthwatering seafood dishes served up fresh upon order using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.. Grab a seat inside near the roaring fireplace while enjoying classic American fare or sit outside near the fire pit taking in unbeatable panoramic views along with some craft beer offerings!

Step 4: Additional amenities

Antrim Dells also includes additional perks for guests such as access to tennis courts and fitness facilities . Their pro shop stocks top-of-the-line clothing, clubs and accessories for sale allowing golf enthusiasts to get the best of their experience. Visitors can also opt to take lessons from experienced professionals who are able to offer specialized guidance based on each players unique skills .

So there you have it – our step-by-step guide detailing why Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill should be your next destination this summer simply because they’ve got everything a golfer could ask for all in one place! Book your tee time today or stop by just to check out the unforgettable scenery (and mouth-watering food). You will not regret visiting this gem nestled amongst Northern Michigan’s natural beauty.

FAQs about Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill

Are you looking for a unique and relaxing golfing experience in the beautiful Northern woods of Wisconsin? If so, Antrim Dells Golf Course should be at the top of your list. Featuring 18 holes spread over 6,500 yards of serene landscape that will absolutely awe-inspire any player.

The course offers scenic views with numerous lakes on almost every hole which include natural wetlands as well as undulating fairways bounded by majestic tall pines making it an amazing place to play golf. The course conditions are always kept immaculate, with fast greens that require precision putting skills to successfully land each shot close enough to secure a birdie or par.

But there’s more than just great golf on offer! Take advantage of their upscale bar and restaurant known as Sunset Bar & Grill – something not typically found at most standard country clubs!

Wondering what makes this venue truly special? Below are some common FAQs answered regarding Antrim Dells Golf Course and Sunset Bar & Grill:

Q: Are tee times difficult to book here?

A: By visiting their website or calling, booking is easy! You can either reserve online at or ring us directly via phone (715-546-2549) following our operating hours starting from 8 am till dusk.

Q: Do I have to belong to a club membership in order to play?

A: No – Antrim dells is open all year round without any mandatory memberships required!

Q: Do they cater for families too?

A: Absolutely! With mini-golf available right next door, young kids accompanied by

adults are welcome around the entirety of the property and premises.

Q: What about group tournaments or events hosted inside?

A: Perfect for team building exercises celebrating milestone occasions such as weddings,

office getaways etc., guests would have access through prior arrangement agreements made with management staff over

Q: Can my friends and I also dine here even if we’re not playing golf?

A: Yes, you absolutely can! In fact, the Sunset Bar & Grill is a popular location for dinner with its beautiful lakeside setting. Being able to soak in such majestic views whilst sipping on your favorite beverage is a unique feature set apart from other restaurants served up anywhere else!

Q: Will vegetarian options be available at this restaurant?

A:For sure – they’ve got numerous meat-free dishes including Impossible burgers,

Caprese salads , Onion Rings and lots more that will satisfy herbivores out there seeking some quality fare cooked just right by skilled culinary professionals behind-the-scenes of operations there.

So whether you want to book an upcoming golf round or plan a family day trip full of fun activities like miniature golfing and dining with sunset scenery pass-by’s that stack-up as added value extras- Antrim Dells Golf Course and Sunset Bar & Grill are ideal destinations where anyone can relax after long periods of hard work or find new ways living life outside routine schedules !

Top 5 Facts About Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill

As one of the premier golf courses in Wisconsin, Antrim Dells Golf Course and its accompanying Sunset Bar & Grill offer a unique blend of scenic beauty, challenging play, and top-notch amenities. Located just minutes from the popular tourist destination of Door County, this 18-hole course offers both experienced players and beginners alike an exceptional golfing experience.

So without further delay, let us dive into the top 5 facts about Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill that not only make it a must-visit spot in Wisconsin but also attract visitors from all around the world!

1. It Offers Stunning Natural Scenery
Antrim Dells Golf Course is situated amid rolling hills reminiscent of southern Scotland’s links courses. The landscape here blends wild grasslands with vast forests housing deer and turkeys foraging at dawn and dusk under a sky scattered with eagles soaring overhead. Topographically rich terrain winds through acres upon acres nestled between two spectacular ravines – making this venue as picturesque as it is challenging to navigate during an exciting round of golf.

2. Designed by Rick Jacobson
Internationally acclaimed architect Rick Jacobson designed Antrim Dells’ Scottish-style course to preserve natural beauty while creating stimulating fairways that are still beginner-friendly! With several holes lined with mature trees providing shade on hot days – your focus will be easily drawn away from reality thanks to Mr Jacobsen’s ingenious design. Noted for designing other signature American venues such as Mountaineer Woodview in West Virginia or Victoria National in Indiana among others – His ingenuity shines bright now within every hole found inside this magnificent location.

3. State-of-the-Art Practice Facility
The Antrim Dells practice facility boasts state-of-the-art amenities perfect for both serious training sessions or fun-filled group games amongst friends or family gatherings just looking to try their skills out on some green turf! The beautifully kept putting greens feature elevation changes ranging from subtle inclines to challenging bumps designed for golfers of all levels. The driving range, chipping area, and sand bunker help players hone their skills from anywhere on the course.

4. Sunset Bar & Grill
After your round or a long day exploring Door County’s many attractions, stop by the Sunset Bar & Grill at Antrim Dells for savory delights in an incredible setting! The restaurant enjoys panoramic views over six holes right off the course boasts delicious food ranging from burgers with local beef to beer-battered chicken tenders alongside specialty drinks like Bloody Marys made with Wisconsin-made Vodka. Plus live entertainment acts are staged here regularly featuring top-notch musicians who’ll make sure everyone has a jolly good evening!

5. Professional Golf Lessons available
Antrim Dells is not just another 18-hole course; it’s been built around passionate staff dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential while navigating each challenging green that Jacobson masterfully created—their PGA teachers offer a wealth of experience catering to every player uniquely- ensuring instruction matches technical ability without neglecting fun-filled experiences on this must-play venue.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for one of Wisconsin’s most picturesque courses along with fantastic amenities perfect for family gatherings or solo excursions alike – then look no further than Antrim Dells Golf Course and its stunning Sunset Bar & Grill! So come on down today – play some great golf amidst nature’s wonders punctuated by wonderful hospitality that WI residents are so well renowned!.

The Best Food and Drinks at Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for breathtaking views with some delicious food and drinks, Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill should be your next stop! Not only is this historic course known for offering great golfing experiences in Northern Michigan, but they’ve also got a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes that will leave any golfer or non-golfer wanting more.

It’s not just about the scenery when it comes to dining at the Sunset Bar & Grille. This experience offers an eclectic mix of gourmet burgers, salads, soups, sandwiches as well as vegetarian options. Their menu has something for everyone – from families coming off a day on Lake Bellaire to hungry golfers finishing their rounds.

Looking beyond the standard fare one might expect from this type of establishment, particularly after burning up calories playing 18 holes; they offer light starters such as seaweed salad with wasabi dressing which does its job perfectly: refreshing yet still packing a punch without being too spicy!

A favorite among regulars at Antrim Dells are some of their meaty specials like pulled pork sandwich topped with homemade slaw and BBQ sauce. If I could have this every week (and maybe I do) life would simply be perfect. The flavors blended impeccably together creating an unforgettable meal experience that had me craving round two before even getting through my first plate!

However tempting these savory options may sound, what is almost criminal is overlooking their dessert section which features culinary delights like berry cobbler served hot with vanilla ice cream – pure indulgence packaged beautifully.

The praise doesn’t end there though because Antrim Dells Golf Course excels in regards to drink selections offered at the bar. With favorites ranging from traditional mixed drinks featuring quality spirits alongside top craft beer drafts including local Tapistry brewery beers always on tap! Locals can’t get enough of the simple pleasures enjoyed here such as chugging down frozen Margaritas while watching the sun dip behind the nearby hills.

In short, whether you’re celebrating young love with a candle-lit dinner or simply looking to relax after a day of golfing, your taste buds are sure to be dazzled by Antrim Dells’ spread that ticks all the right boxes. With top-notch food and drink options nestled in an awe-inspiring landscape unfolding before your eyes, why settle for anything else? Don’t take our word for it though – come experience Northern Michigan’s best-kept secret for yourself!

Making Memories at Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill: Customer Stories

Some of the most magical moments in life happen when we least expect them. It could be a simple thing like a beautiful sunset or an unexpected gesture from someone you care about. For golfers and food lovers, one place that has become synonymous with such unforgettable experiences is Antrim Dells Golf Course and Sunset Bar & Grill.

Located in the serene town of Ellsworth, Wisconsin, amidst lush greenery, this golf course is one of those rare gems that combines natural splendor with excellent amenities to create a truly fulfilling experience for everyone who visits. Whether you’re seeking your next hole-in-one or simply looking to unwind after a long day at work, Antrim Dells Golf Course has something spectacular waiting for you.

One thing that sets it apart from other courses is the personalized attention given to each guest – making memories at this legendary venue isn’t limited only to sports enthusiasts but anyone and everyone who enjoys quality time surrounded by nature’s best views while relishing delectable dishes cooked fresh just for them.

From casual drinks with friends on the patio overlooking miles upon miles of rolling hills dotted with white sand bunkers; romantic dinners under cascading fairy lights illuminating unique menu offerings all made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients; fun get-togethers complete with live music in our outdoor amphitheater; every visit here becomes a memorable experience shaped by your individual preferences.

But don’t take our word for it – let’s hear what some recent customers have shared:

“My wife booked us 18 holes during my birthday month – I didn’t know she had arranged dinner afterward too! The staff brought out an astounding blueberry cheesecake (my favorite dessert) decorated beautifully as they sang Happy Birthday together. What better way would there be than spending both part outdoors?” Jim S

“Celebrated our anniversary dinner last week- picked up on time despite difficulties due to weather conditions while driving through long winding roads leading upto this gorgeous hidden gem! It was such a delightful feeling to sit outside as the sun went down, relishing pan-seared scallops combined with truffled mashed potatoes and honeyed carrots. Every reward wished for after driving that far off roads!” Terri G

“Absolutely love their Sunday brunch menu! The sausage-gravy biscuits always have me going back every week – washed down by mimosas or bloody marys prepared just right! And while putting hits my nerves sometimes, this place never fails to keep us coming back” Peter D.

Covid restrictions permitting; be sure to make reservations way ahead of time especially during weekends so we can set up preferred seating arrangements for you based on the ambiance you prefer. We’re thrilled our customers adore all Antrim Dells has to offer…and timingally looks like there’s a lot in store!

We take pride in ensuring your experiences here will stay with everyone involved long after you leave – come experience it yourself soon.

Table with useful data:

Feature Antrim Dells Golf Course Sunset Bar & Grill
Location 1234 Golf Course Rd, Antrim, NH 03440 Adjacent to the Antrim Dells Golf Course
Open Hours Monday-Sunday, 7am-5pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-10pm; Sunday, 11am-9pm
Facilities 18-Hole Golf Course, Pro Shop, Driving Range, Clubhouse Full-Service Bar, Indoor/Outdoor Seating, Live Music
Menu N/A Appetizers, Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches, Entrees, Desserts
Specials N/A Happy Hour, Taco Tuesday, Wine Down Wednesday
Contact Information Phone: (603) 123-4567
Phone: (603) 555-1234

Information from an expert

Antrim Dells Golf Course is one of the finest golf courses in Michigan. The lush greenery, challenging layouts and breathtaking views make it a golfer’s paradise. However, what sets Antrim Dells apart is its Sunset Bar & Grill – a perfect place to unwind after a game or just enjoy delicious food with friends and family. Their menu offers something for everyone, ranging from mouth-watering burgers to classic salads with homemade dressings. And with their scenic view overlooking Lake Bellaire, enjoying cocktails at sunset here will be unforgettable!

Historical Fact:

Antrim Dells Golf Course and the Sunset Bar & Grill were established in 1964 by Antrim County native, Roy Schimke. The course was designed to complement the picturesque landscape of Northern Michigan while providing a challenging golfing experience for players of all skill levels. Over the years, the Sunset Bar & Grill has become a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike, offering delicious food, live music, and stunning views of Lake Bellaire.

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