The Ultimate Guide to Dining at The Water Grill Los Angeles: A Mouthwatering Story [with Stats and Tips]

What is The Water Grill Los Angeles?

The Water Grill Los Angeles is a seafood restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles. It offers an upscale dining experience featuring fresh seafood, oysters, and cocktails.

  • The menu at The Water Grill features sustainably sourced seafood from around the world.
  • The restaurant has won multiple awards for its food and wine selections, including recognition by Wine Spectator and AAA.

How The Water Grill Los Angeles Became the Go-To Spot for Fresh Seafood

The city of Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures, and one that has had a profound impact on the culinary scene – especially when it comes to seafood. While many restaurants have come and gone over the years, Water Grill has continued to stand out as one of LA’s top spots for fresh seafood.

With its origins dating back to 1989, Water Grill has always been focused on sourcing only the freshest fish available. This dedication shines through in every dish they prepare – from their classic oyster bar offerings to more intricate menu items like roasted wild king salmon or grilled swordfish with spicy chermoula sauce.

What sets Water Grill apart from other seafood spots? It all starts with their perfectly curated sourcing process. They are committed to using only sustainably sourced fisheries and aquaculture operations that meet strict guidelines for quality and safety. Additionally, all seafood is hand-selected by skilled buyers who scour markets around the world for premium-quality ingredients.

This emphasis on quality extends beyond just sourcing – it also pertains to how each dish is prepared. The expert chefs at Water Grill use various preparations methods such as wood grilling, poaching in court bouillon or seasonal presentation using locally-grown produce. By relying on simple yet elegant techniques allowed them showcase each specific fish’s natural flavor profile without being too overpowering

Another reason why Water Grill remains a stalwart favorite among Angelenos lies with their commitment towards making dining an experience instead just seeing it as sustenance: set along Grand Ave location Downtown- expect consistently high standards of service complete comfortable setting – luxurious decor meets casual chicness feels welcoming but still very polished since 2001; be transported away from frenetic Los Angeles in remarkably serene ambiance while enjoying your meal.

Finally, we can’t discuss what makes Water Grill so popular without mentioning its impressive wine list! Wine enthusiasts can choose from hundreds of bottles professionally paired up with each course enhancing both flavors even further. From crisp whites to bold reds, there’s a wine for every palate available.

In conclusion, Water Grill is more than just another LA seafood restaurant – it’s an experience. By prioritizing quality over everything else – from sourcing to preparation and service – Water Grill has managed to stay atop the competitive dining scene despite its long-standing success in Los Angeles’ Downtown area. So next time you’re craving some of the freshest fish around with excellent wine pairings welcome ambiance without the fuss — head on down to the famed Water Grill that will never disappoint!

Step by Step: Behind the Scenes at The Water Grill Los Angeles

As one of Los Angeles’ best seafood destinations, The Water Grill has earned a reputation for its elegant atmosphere and exceptional cuisine. However, what goes on behind the scenes at this beloved restaurant is just as impressive as the dishes that are served to customers.

Step One: Sourcing Fresh Seafood

The first step in creating an unforgettable dining experience at The Water Grill begins with sourcing only the freshest seafood available. Executive Chef Nathan Bates works diligently with local fishermen across Southern California to ensure that every item on the menu is fresh and of top-quality. From Santa Barbara spot prawns to giant Pacific octopus, each ingredient must meet stringent standards before it’s included in any dish.

Step Two: Prepping Food with Precision

Once all ingredients are sourced, it’s time for prep work – a task that takes place early every morning before doors even open. A team of skilled chefs carefully cuts each piece of fish or shellfish precisely to create perfect portions and optimize cooking times. Their dedication shows through their consistent results; from succulent salmon fillets to perfectly seared scallops, every plate delivers unbelievable flavor.

Step Three: Cooking Techniques Matter

Of course, preparing high-end seafood requires not just precision but also expert techniques when grilling or frying various types of fish. With countless years of training under his belt, Chef Bates leads his team in utilizing different heating methods topped off by unique flavors culled from secret spice combinations passed down through generations.

Step Four: Delivering Memorable Service

What sets The Water Grill apart from other top-caliber establishments lies largely in our commitment towards delivering memorable service while offering genuine hospitality throughout your entire stay. For instance – if you’re celebrating a special occasion? We’ll decorate your table accordingly along with recommending wine pairings specifically tailored to your entree selection!

Overall guests can expect nothing less than flawless execution during their visit whether seated inside either our private room or outdoor patio section among friends company, or savoring the sights from a seat at our open bar.

The Water Grill team takes great pride in their craftsmanship and attention to detail, qualities that ultimately define every dish presented by Executive Chef Nathan Bates. Each entrée combines fresh ingredients, sophisticated techniques, and truly outstanding service – all elements culminating towards unforgettable dining experience.

Answering Your FAQ About The Water Grill Los Angeles

As one of the most iconic seafood restaurants in downtown Los Angeles, the Water Grill is a true gem for foodies and lovers of oceanic cuisine. As such, it’s no surprise that many people have questions about this legendary establishment and what makes it so special. In this blog post, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the Water Grill LA to give you a more detailed insight into why it’s worth visiting.

1) What is the ambiance like at the Water Grill?

The ambiance at Water Grill is both elegant and sophisticated – fitting perfectly with its location in bustling downtown LA. With its stylish decor, warm lighting, and cool color palate including various shades of blue throughout resembling its love for all things ocean-related – from fish tanks to artwork illuminated on walls located throughout dining rooms so wherever your table might be situated there’s always something truly captivating to admire while waiting for meticulously prepared dishes or sipping on delicious cocktails.

2) What can I expect from menu options?

With an enticing selection of fresh seafood entrees announced nightly by waiters clad in navy blues or tucked within their cozy booths delicately outfitted with touches reminiscent old-world private clubs cordial characters would frequent centuries ago served carefully crafted three-course prix fixe meals showcasing ingredients imported daily straight from pristine bodies of water nationwide especially highlighting Pacific Northwest bounty – everything you order will likely leave your taste buds ecstatically satisfied!

3) How does Wine List align with Food Menu Options?

The award-winning wine list compliments each meal impeccably! The sommelier curates only top-shelf vintages balancing each dish & pairing them accordingly – enhancing every aspect from start through finish without missing any steps along way thanks expert gatekeeper knowledge Elixir service team entails.

4) Will there be Fresh Oysters available during my visit?

Absolutely yes! Oyster aficionados rejoice as Water Grill features numerous types presented fresh out-of-the-water sourced straight-from-farm selections ranging all way up to rare, exotic and unusual – though menu will certainly make every shell-loving patron smile satisfactorily.

5) What is the attire expectation at Water Grill?

Expectation of dress code chic such as suits & dapper ties or fashionable dresses, but patrons can ultimately come dressed however they feel most comfortable in order to enjoy an exceptional meal presented by staff who provide very seamless high-end service level.

At the end of day (and dinner), a trip to Water Grill LA truly delivers both culinary satisfaction on top-notch quality dishes along with professional grade cordial hospitality absorbing customers into itself seamlessly leaving them wanting nothing more than another delicious bite – making it an essential destination for anyone interested in indulging their senses while visiting downtown area! Keep these tips if you’re looking for a premier seafood experience in Los Angeles that rewards you with historic elegance alongside exquisite bites.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Water Grill Los Angeles

As a top-rated restaurant located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, The Water Grill is known for its premium seafood and impeccable service. With over 30 years of experience serving some of the most delectable dishes in town, it’s no wonder why this elegant establishment has been able to capture the hearts and taste buds of locals and tourists alike.

However, despite its popularity and well-earned reputation, there are still some things that many people don’t know about The Water Grill. So if you’re looking to dive deeper into what makes this eatery truly special, we’ve prepared a list of five fascinating facts that are sure to pique your interest.

1) They Have their Own Private Boat
The team at The Water Grill takes sourcing their ingredients incredibly seriously – so much so that they have their very own private boat! The F/V Pacific Raider allows them easy access to high-quality fish from local waters, meaning diners can enjoy incomparably fresh catches without worrying about how long it’s taken for them to get from sea to plate.

2) Their Chef Has Worked Across 3 Continents
Executive Chef Damon Gordon might be Welsh by birth (he spent his formative years cutting his teeth in London), but he’s worked across three different continents during his culinary career — including stops as far-flung as St. Petersburg in Russia. It shows: Gordon is an expert when it comes to preparing seafood just right.

3) They Have Over 20 Types Of Oysters On Offer Every Day
If raw oysters tickle your fancy then here’s something that will tantalise all your senses – The Water Grill serves up more than twenty different types every day! From classic Coastal Virginia oysters with hints of salty brine through Kumamoto oyster which delivers clean melon flavours; patrons could try something new every night!

4) They Boast A Posh ‘Oyster Bar’
Another reason to fall in love with this immaculate eatery? There’s a dedicated oyster bar – the perfect place to perch if you’re looking for quick bites and seriously refreshing cocktails. Expect expert shucking, daily specials, and an unbeatable ambiance.

5) They Show It’s More Than Seafood
For those who cannot make up their mind or want something other than seafood; The Water Grill still offers some impressive options such as grilled lamb chops served with caramelized pumpkin puree or grass-fed beef carpaccio dressed in truffle oil.

In conclusion, The Water Grill is much more than just your average ‘fine-dining’ restaurant. With these fun facts, it’s easy to see why it continues to be one of the most popular destinations in LA: Delicious food inspired by global cuisines, impeccable attention-to-detail when sourcing ingredients, a finely tuned cocktail program offering over 200 types of wine plus lively atmosphere. What are you waiting for? Dive into flavors that will last forever!

The History of The Water Grill Los Angeles and Its Unique Culinary Offerings

The Water Grill Los Angeles is a seafood restaurant that has been serving up some of the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes to its patrons for decades. Founded in 1989 by chefs JF Denault and Richard Staunton, The Water Grill quickly became known as one of the best seafood restaurants in Southern California.

Originally located on Flower St. in Downtown LA, The Water Grill moved to its current location at South Grand Ave. in 2003 where it underwent an extensive renovation resulting in a beautiful, spacious dining room with breathtaking ocean views from every seat.

One unique aspect of The Water Grill is their commitment to only sourcing sustainably caught or farmed fish and shellfish. They work directly with fishermen and purveyors across the globe who share their passion for sustainable fishing practices, ensuring each dish served up represents both quality and responsibility.

In addition to their impressive selection of fresh oysters (which are shucked daily right before your eyes), they also offer seasonal small plates like grilled swordfish tacos with house-made salsa verde — which might be some of the tastiest fish tacos you’ll ever have — roasted octopus, uni scrambled eggs benedict or creamy tuna sashimi over avocado toast

Their main course dishes are unmatched – indulgent butter-poached lobster tail, whole-roasted Mediterranean branzino dripping with olive oil combined with fresh herbs then finished off tableside by whisking together lemon juice and dehydrated olives just can’t be beaten!

For those who want something heartier check out this filet mignon surf & turf: caramelized bacon-wrapped scallops paired perfectly against succulent medium rare steak topped off Bordelaise sauce reduction. For steak aficionados looking for rarer options? Try ordering one straight from Miyazaki Prefecture Japan–home to wagyu beef so good there’s no competition elsewhere!

Of course for dessert lovers there’s always room if you manage to resist temptation elsewhere. Their key lime pie will simply take your breath away and is just as tart & tangy as perfecting the authentic Florida experience!

The Water Grill even has a wine list with over 500 different wines from around the world, making it easy to find that perfect pairing for your meal whether you’re looking for something light and crisp or some bold red flavors.

In conclusion, The Water Grill Los Angeles continually gives guests unforgettable experience full of surprises. Between its high-quality seafood dishes utilizing sustainable practices set against an elegant ambiance above Downtown LA coupled with genuine hospitality from the staff throughout dinner–your visit becomes nothing short of brilliant!

A Tour of The Water Grill Los Angeles’ Impressive Wine Cellar and Cocktail Menu

The Water Grill Los Angeles is known for its impressive seafood offerings, but did you know they also have an exquisite wine cellar and cocktail menu? Let’s take a tour of the fantastic drinks available at this iconic restaurant.

First stop: The Wine Cellar. When it comes to fine dining experiences, pairing your food with the perfect wine elevates the meal to unforgettable levels. At The Water Grill LA, their extensive list of over 1,000 wines offers something for every palate and budget.

The depth of variety runs deep in both red and white wines from various regions around the world. Check out some unique options such as Georgian amber wine or Uruguayan Tannat blend served alongside classic California cabernets and French burgundies.

But don’t be overwhelmed by all these choices – there are sommeliers on staff here who can help guide you through selecting the best bottle suited for your personal preference and culinary delights.

Next up: Cocktails. Beyond just beautiful presentations seen in many craft cocktails establishments today; each drink listed at this eatery showcases intricate design elements that elevate even simplest libation into art crafted perfectly before even sipping anything flavorful inside them!

Take current standout #8 on their roster- “Voodoo Sour”. This mysterious concoction mixes cutwater bourbon straight whiskey along with amaro Sfumato Rabarbaro bergamot plumbed affair akin Aperol seasoning shaved nutmeg topping reminiscent rooted Jamaican sugarscape pulled lightly tiki traditions standing vanguard enduring irreverent flavors salacious secrets passed down tongue century upon centuries gold enriched recipes noted evocative rousing tastes wrapping beverage bliss spirits galore awaiting final destination surely adventure

In short: tasty AF.

Additional cocktail highlights include “Sapelo” which utilizes house-made fig syrup shaken up with absinthe | tequila Mezcal created smoky pepper sensations- enhancing attention-depleting results bursting body soul spine-tingling freshness.

Lastly, a final stop at The Water Grill LA has to be “The Bubbles” section of the menu. Alongside major iconic bottles from Champagne regions we’ve come know and love; they offer lesser-known sparkling varieties whose delicate bubbles provide an extra-sensory experience in your drinking sessions.

Overall: between their extensive wine collection, intricate cocktails showcasing flavors yet unheard of anywhere else in town, and impressive selection of bubblies – there’s something for everyone here who is eager to explore adventurous drink options that will make any meal delightfully memorable every time you visit.

Table with useful data:

Information Details
Restaurant Name The Water Grill Los Angeles
Location 544 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90071
Phone Number (213) 891-0900
Cuisine Seafood, Steakhouse, American
Opening Hours
  • Monday – Thursday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM
Average Cost $50 per person
Reservation Recommended

Information from an expert

As a seafood aficionado and native Angeleno, I can confidently say that the Water Grill in Los Angeles is one of the best places to indulge in fresh and well-prepared seafood dishes. Their menu features a wide variety of options, ranging from classic favorites like lobster rolls to unique plates such as swordfish belly crudo. The ambience is sophisticated yet approachable, making it a great spot for both business dinners or date nights. Top-notch service only adds to the experience at this iconic downtown LA restaurant.

Historical fact:

The Water Grill Los Angeles originally opened its doors in 1989 and was one of the first seafood restaurants to focus on sustainable and high-quality fresh fish in the city.

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