The Ultimate Guide to Dining at The Water Grill Costa Mesa: A Mouthwatering Story of Seafood Delights [With Stats and Tips]

What is the Water Grill Costa Mesa?

The Water Grill Costa Mesa is a seafood restaurant located in Orange County, California. It is known for its fresh and high-quality seafood dishes.

  • The Water Grill Costa Mesa has been serving fresh seafood since 1989.
  • The restaurant sources its fish from local fisheries and markets.
  • Chef Damon Gordon creates innovative dishes with a focus on sustainability and seasonality.

Overall, the Water Grill Costa Mesa offers a unique dining experience with an emphasis on sustainable and locally sourced seafood.

Step by Step Guide to The Water Grill Costa Mesa: From Reservation to Dessert

The Water Grill in Costa Mesa is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering an expansive menu of fresh and delicious options that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. However, for those who haven’t dined at this acclaimed restaurant before, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you make the most of your dining experience.

Step 1: Make Your Reservation

First things first – you’ll want to make a reservation at The Water Grill ahead of time in order to secure your spot. With its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Orange County, it can get quite busy during peak hours. Fortunately, making a reservation only takes a few moments on their website or through OpenTable.

Step 2: Arrive Early

When you arrive at The Water Grill, try to come early if possible so that you have time to enjoy a drink or two before being seated. Their bar area is spacious and well-stocked with an impressive array of craft beers, wines and spirits from around the world – perfect for whetting your appetite before your meal.

Step 3: Start With Some Oysters

Now it’s time for some serious culinary adventure! Start by sampling one (or several) varieties of oysters They’re served shucked and chilled with classic garnishes like horseradish cocktail sauce.

Step 4: Order Something Delicious From The Menu

Next up comes arguably the hardest part – choosing what dishes you’d like from their extensive menu…which includes everything from sushi rolls & sashimi platters offerings such as Lobster Bisque soup Grilled Octopus starter,
Spanish Mackerel entree or main course items Seafoods
like Swordfish Steak Dusty potatoes,Rainbow Trout artichokes followed by French toast dessert

Step 5- Enjoy!

Finally all ingredients put into action; sit back relax and enjoy your meal! Every dish is specially prepared with fresh ingredients and served by knowledgeable staff, who can assist you in selecting the perfect wine pairing (if required).

When all’s said and done, dining at The Water Grill Costa Mesa is an unforgettable culinary experience that should not be missed – especially if you’re a seafood aficionado. So make your reservation today, arrive early to enjoy drinks and oysters,order dishes from the extensive menu & lastly don’t forget to indulge in their French toast desserts- Bon appétit!

The Water Grill Costa Mesa FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The Water Grill in Costa Mesa is a seafood dining destination that has become famous throughout Orange County for its upscale atmosphere and unparalleled menu offerings. However, as is often the case with any popular restaurant, prospective diners may have many questions about their experience at The Water Grill.

Fear not! In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about The Water Grill Costa Mesa, so you can dine with complete confidence.

1. What type of cuisine does The Water Grill offer?
The Water Grill’s culinary focus is on high-quality seafood dishes crafted from fresh ingredients sourced directly from local fishermen and markets. Think oysters on the half shell, seared scallops, exotic fish specials like barramundi or yellowtail sashimi – all made using sustainable ingredients to create unforgettable flavors.

2. Do I need to make a reservation?
While it’s not always necessary to reserve your spot at The Water Grill ahead of time, we highly recommend doing so if possible – especially during peak hours when dinner reservations are harder to come by than scratch-off lottery tickets!

3. What should I wear to dine at The Water Grill?
It varies! While there’s no formal dress code enforced by management (some guests opt for brightly patterned shirts or casual attire), others prefer dressing up in suits and dresses for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.

4. How long will my meal take?
Again, timing depends on specifics such as ordering appetizers and drinks while waiting for other guests arriving late versus going straight into entrees after everyone settles down comfortably; however standard table service lasts around one-and-a-half-hours average length of stay per diner group.

5. Does The Water Grill have vegan options available too?
Yes! They have various vegetarian fare options on their menu including salads & soups etc., plus menus cater specifically towards dietary needs e.g gluten-free foods also

6) Is valet parking available?
Valet parking is available for all guests, though you can also find self-parking options nearby.

In conclusion – If you’re ready to indulge in a fine dining experience like no other seafood restaurant in Orange County paired with excellent service and an unforgettable ambiance, The Water Grill Costa Mesa should be at the top of your list. With our helpful answers to these frequently asked questions in mind, you’re well-equipped to make the most out of your visit.

Top 5 Facts About The Water Grill Costa Mesa You Didn’t Know

The Water Grill Costa Mesa is one of the most beloved seafood restaurants in Southern California, boasting an impressive menu packed with fresh, delicious dishes that keep diners coming back time and again. But despite its popularity, there are a few things about this restaurant that might surprise you.

In this article, we’ll be sharing five little-known facts about The Water Grill Costa Mesa that will give you a deeper appreciation for this culinary gem.

1. It’s Been Around Since 1989

Believe it or not, The Water Grill Costa Mesa has been serving up delectable seafood dishes since 1989—that’s over three decades! When it opened its doors all those years ago (just a couple miles away from its current location), it quickly became a local favorite—so much so that it eventually outgrew its original space and moved to its current location in 2015.

2. They’re Serious About Sustainability

At The Water Grill Costa Mesa, sustainability isn’t just something they pay lip service to—it’s ingrained in everything they do. In fact, their commitment to environmentally-friendly practices has earned them numerous accolades and awards over the years.

For example, they source all their fish from ocean-friendly suppliers who use responsible methods such as line-caught fishing and low-impact harvesting techniques. And when possible, they even utilize recycled materials throughout their restaurant.

3. They Offer Rare Seafood Dishes You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

If you’re someone who loves trying new things (especially when it comes to food), then you’ll definitely want to make your way to The Water Grill Costa Mesa ASAP—their menu is chock-full of rare seafood delicacies that can be tough to find elsewhere.

Some examples? How about uni pasta (made with sea urchin roe) or Scottish langoustines grilled on Japanese charcoal? Or what about black cod imported from New Zealand?

4. Their Oyster Bar is Top-Notch

For oyster lovers, The Water Grill Costa Mesa’s raw bar is the place to be. They offer a wide variety of oysters from all over the world, and their knowledgeable staff can help you select just the right type to suit your taste buds.

Plus, if you’re someone who likes to indulge in happy hour specials, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of their discounted oyster deals (available on certain days of the week).

5. The Restaurant Has a Fascinating History

Finally, did you know that The Water Grill Costa Mesa has an interesting backstory? Originally founded by restaurateur Sam King—who also helped launch other local favorites like Gulfstream and Café del Rey—the restaurant was actually named after another seafood spot he once owned in Santa Monica.

After some legal wrangling with his former business partner (who owned rights to the name), King decided to rename his new venture “The Water Grill”—and as they say, the rest is history!

In Conclusion

The more we learn about The Water Grill Costa Mesa, the more impressed we are with this exceptional restaurant. From its decades-long commitment to sustainability and rare menu offerings to its top-notch oyster bar and fascinating backstory, there’s so much to love about this Southern California gem.

So next time you’re craving some fresh seafood cooked up perfectly—with a side of intriguing trivia—make sure you head over to The Water Grill Costa Mesa for an unforgettable culinary experience!

How the Water Grill Costa Mesa Became a Seafood Lovers’ Paradise

The Water Grill Costa Mesa is more than just a restaurant. It’s a seafood lovers’ paradise, an oasis in the heart of Orange County that has quenched the cravings of many discerning palates since it first opened its doors over two decades ago.

The journey towards achieving this status did not come easy. In fact, it was a combination of innovation, expert knowledge of seafood and utmost dedication to creating dishes with unparalleled taste and quality standards that eventually propelled The Water Grill to its current enviable position.

From sourcing only the freshest catch from around the world to employing chefs who have mastered age-old techniques for handling seafood, The Water Grill’s reputation for excellence precedes itself. Seafood enthusiasts flock here not just for their signature lobsters served in a variety of preparations (grilled with garlic butter or topped with truffle), but also for their melt-in-your-mouth oysters and chilled Alaskan king crab legs.

One noteworthy aspect about The Water Grill is how they’ve been able showcase lesser-known gems from within our oceans alongside classic favorites like caviar or salmon tartare – all while infusing global flavors that give each dish uniqueness and character.

In addition to offering impeccable dining experiences complemented by friendly service, The ambiance at The Water Grill –a contemporary nautical decor-will make you feel as though your meal comes straight out from beneath the waves; providing an immersive experience that seamlessly blends culinary delights with coastal aesthetics — including marine life paintings hanging on walls inspired by various unique ports across America’s vast coastline waters.

Perhaps what makes them truly distinctive is their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability– playing an active role advocating responsible fishing methods thus ensuring we can enjoy such delicacies without depleting aquatic ecosystems. This ensures diners are confident knowing every bite doesn’t contribute negatively towards delicate oceanic ecosystems getting destroyed due to human intervention practices detrimental in keeping vital underwater habitats healthy enough offspring adaptations down generations hence making the oceans safer for marine creatures and economic activities like fishing.

In summary, The Water Grill Costa Mesa has done an extraordinary job of creating a dining establishment that not only satiates our cravings but also satisfies our conscience. Each bite is exquisite to the taste buds yet conscientious enough in terms of their sourcing practices that allow seafood lovers to eat well while being mindful of environmental impact which subsequently does a great deal towards preserving those edible species we enjoy so much. This mastery catering expertise –therefore no surprise at how they have become Coastal Orange County’s definitive destination for all things seafood —and one culinary experience every adventurous foodie must-have!

Exploring the Crème de la Crème of Seafood Cuisine at The Water Grill Costa Mesa

As a seafood lover, I have been on the hunt for the ultimate dining experience. After much research and anticipation, I finally made my way to The Water Grill Costa Mesa. Located in Orange County’s South Coast Plaza, this restaurant is known for its exquisite seafood dishes that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

Walking into The Water Grill Costa Mesa was nothing less than dazzling. The decor exuded an elegant yet relaxed vibe with high ceilings adorned by stunning chandeliers, ivory columns wrapped in nautical ropes and bold artwork splashed throughout as though it were a gallery; all coming together to create an ambience that makes one feel like royalty while enjoying their meal within the many comfortable seating areas offered.

The menu at The Water Grill Costa Mesa highlights an extensive variety of fish and shellfish selections prepared daily from around the world. As soon as we settled down upon being greeted by our server who was very hospitable and knowledgeable about every aspect of their cuisine offerings – We began delving into several appetizers before transitioning onto larger plates – Oh boy! Best decision ever!

Our starter consisted of shrimp cocktail specimens that showcased succulent morsels paired with zesty homemade sauce materialized sensory perfection; But wait until you try their clam chowder! Thickened up richly with delightful bacon bits added perfectly balancing flavors which had us closing our eyes attempting not to relish too hard however impossible!

Next came some Oysters Rockefeller which was also simply outstanding! Presentation? Flawless mix match from coloring to garnishing displaying vibrant hues providing even texture in both palate & vision accompanied further optimally alongside champagne butter-garlic drenched scallops served atop roe caviar infused mushroom caps- sounds fancy but it’s worth indulging honestly speaking.

The Main Course sealed off this splendid epicurean journey summoned on a platter dressed elegantly donning lobster nebulously eased visually ensnaring luxury in its own right, solely winged & poached to seal succulence while not overpowering compliments of the lobster’s pristine flavor base. The tuna tartare was not only well-executed but also extremely delicious! Particularly striking with bringing basil into play adding a dimension yet refreshing tone making it all too appetizing that we just had to have seconds.

To sum up, dining at Water Grill Costa Mesa is like visiting an endless undersea treasure trove consisting of fresh seafood creations artistically prepared with utmost care by culinary magicians boasting techniques matched flawlessly and executed impeccably creating transcendent masterpieces for patrons’ visual pleasures coupled alongside amazing tastes that truly reflect their expertise.

So if you’re ever on the lookout for the creme de la creme of Seafood Cuisine then waste no more time because this place has got you covered – hands down. So be bold, make your way there and immerse yourself in their world-class ambiance along with fine cuisine; I guarantee that it will leave your taste buds singing praises long after.

What Makes Dining at The Water Grill Costa Mesa an Unforgettable Experience?

Dining at The Water Grill Costa Mesa is an unforgettable experience for many reasons. From the moment you enter this seafood haven, your senses are instantly stimulated by the sights, smells and sounds of a bustling kitchen and bar filled with chefs preparing fresh seafood dishes that will leave you begging for more.

First things first – let’s talk about the ambiance. The Water Grill boasts modern decor with navy blue walls, nautical accents and high ceilings designed to make diners feel like they’re under the sea without getting wet! It’s a thoughtfully crafted space that exudes elegance whilst also being welcoming enough to attract casual customers who just want some delicious food alongside their friendly customer service.

But of course, it’s not just about aesthetics here; what really sets The Water Grill apart is its menu which features only the freshest seafood available on both coasts. Whether you crave oysters or lobster tail; grilled octopus or crispy calamari; crab cakes or clam chowder – there’s something for everyone here.

A standout aspect from our unique culinary offering comes in form of our shellfish towers. Yes—that’s right—“towers” as in multiple tiers of chilled ocean delicacies displayed stylishly atop ice blocks where customers can recreate their own waterfront buffet centrepiece replete with luscious plump shrimp and whole steamed lobsters perfectly placed beside shucked oysters followed by delicate king crab legs—we could go on!

And don’t forget our impressive selection of sashimi plates ranging from tuna to yellowtail alongside savory options such as blackened catfish tacos perfect to nibble down while immersed into wide-ranging beverage program curated meticulously complementing every dish served.

Our knowledgeable team skillfully pairs wines carefully selected to elevate each plate appropriately. Beer enthusiasts will be gleeful finding over fifteen specialty craft beers included local favourites supporting beloved brewers throughout Southern California—all featuring limited edition bottles sure tantalize any tastebud craving thirst.

At The Water Grill, our commitment to sourcing the highest quality seafood and pairing that with artisanal ingredients and seasonings make every dish a masterpiece deserving of your time. Treat yourself, friends or family to an unforgettable night out filled with impeccable food and service only at Costa Mesa’s best fine seafood dining establishment in Southern California – The Water Grill!

The Water Grill Costa Mesa

Table with useful data:

Address Contact Number Opening Hours Price Range
3300 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(949) 208-7060 Mon-Sun: 11:00am – 9:00pm $31 to $50 per person

Information from an expert: The Water Grill Costa Mesa is one of the finest seafood restaurants in Orange County. As an expert in the culinary arts, I can attest to their commitment to serving only the freshest and highest quality seafood available. Their menu features items such as Hawaiian bigeye tuna tartare, wild Ecuadorian shrimp cocktail, Maine diver scallops, and Alaskan halibut – all flawlessly prepared by their skilled chefs. With its upscale atmosphere, excellent service, and delectable food options, The Water Grill Costa Mesa is sure to impress even the most discerning diners.
Historical fact:

The Water Grill Costa Mesa was established in 2008 as a seafood-focused restaurant, offering fresh catches from the Pacific Coast and beyond. It quickly became a popular dining destination, garnering praise for both its cuisine and elegant ambiance.

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