The Ultimate Guide to Dining at The Foundry Grill Sundance: A Mouthwatering Story [with Stats and Tips]

What is the Foundry Grill Sundance?

The Foundry Grill Sundance is a popular restaurant located in the idyllic mountain town of Sundance, Utah. Known for its delicious American cuisine and rustic ambiance, this establishment has become a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike.

  • The menu at the Foundry Grill Sundance features locally-sourced ingredients that are cooked to perfection by experienced chefs.
  • In addition to their mouth-watering dishes, this restaurant also offers an extensive list of craft cocktails and regional beers.
  • Guests can enjoy stunning views of Mount Timpanogos while dining on their patio or cozy up inside next to one of their roaring fireplaces during colder months.

How The Foundry Grill Sundance Delivers an Unforgettable Culinary Adventure

The Foundry Grill at Sundance Resort is an oasis for food lovers seeking exceptional dining experiences. Nestled in the stunning landscape of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, this restaurant offers a unique combination of impeccable cuisine and awe-inspiring scenery.

From the moment you enter The Foundry Grill, you can sense that something special is about to unfold. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the rugged stone fireplace, which serves as a warm welcome on chilly evenings. The rustic decor creates a cozy atmosphere that strikes the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated.

The menu at The Foundry Grill reflects Chef Nathan Layton’s passion for using local ingredients to create innovative dishes inspired by American classics. From appetizers like roasted beet salad with goat cheese mousse to entrees like juniper braised lamb shank and wild mushroom risotto, every dish is thoughtfully crafted with flavors that burst in your mouth.

One standout item on the menu is a true crowd-pleaser – the hefty pork chop served over sweet corn pudding and blistered cherry tomatoes with apple cabbage slaw will leave you craving more even after finishing it off! If seafood fancies your tastebuds, go ahead ‘catch’ their pan-roasted diver scallops topped with arugula pesto will make you feel seaside already!

However, what makes dining at The Foundry Grill truly unforgettable is undoubtedly its seasonal offerings – from Thanksgiving turkey dinner specials (it’s absolutely worth taking here if hosting) highlighting all things comfort or Christmas specials featuring delectable holiday favorites one has come up enjoying since childhood days along-side winking x-mas lights. Vibrant memories await while indulging handcrafted delicacies.

While exploring this mountain resort ‘sundown’ @sun-dance; don’t miss out some enticing brunch taste-bud-teasers too adding flaunting festivities into wonderful weekend escapes with friends & family indeed rendering unforgettable experiences during cherished holidays-festivals around outdoorsy year.

Don’t forget to sip into some blends from their overflowing crowd-favorite wine list, including a diverse array of California and international flavors the team mix with flavors to bring out optimal amazingness in every dish!

In conclusion, The Foundry Grill at Sundance Resort is where fine dining meets breathtaking natural scenery & outdoor recreational activities (skiiing, hiking) creating an unforgettable culinary adventure. Be ready to taste each season’s harvest through every bite while indulging amidst picturesque surroundings; SUNdance indeed celebrates foodies around town with soulful experiences like no other!

Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying a Meal at The Foundry Grill Sundance

The Foundry Grill at Sundance Resort is renowned for its exceptional dining experience. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Utah, this restaurant provides a unique atmosphere that lures guests back time and again. Whether you’re after an intimate dinner with someone special or have a group celebration to plan, every visit is guaranteed to be memorable.

So, if you’re wondering what it takes to savour your mealtime here, look no further! Here’s our step-by-step guide to enjoying a meal at The Foundry Grill:

Step 1: Choose Your Setting

Before anything else, decide where you’d like to enjoy your meal – inside the rustic main dining room or on the spacious outdoor patio overlooking Mount Timpanogos? Each location has its own charm and character but makes sure to book ahead because seats fill up fast!

Step 2: Exploring the Menu

Once it’s time for us to take our seat/tables at whichever chosen setting we pick out something delightful from their extensive menu selection. With options ranging anywhere from fresh salads and appetizers (like fondue) to mouthwatering pasta dishes and grilled entrees like steaks & salmon- this place caters all types of palates!

If you struggle when presented with so many delicious choices bring your game face; as their hearty wine list could help aide any decision-making woes while respecting budgets too given their wide range in prices.

Step 3: Curate Your Meal Journey

With such variety available keeping few items curated along with following certain dish recommendation made by servers based on one’s preference/budget aids having lip-smacking experience altogether. And don’t miss exploring other dishes too! Desserts are another must-have course since they’ve become some of The Foundry Grill’s most iconic offerings amongst guests.

Step 4: Weekend Brunches/ Special Occasions

The casual yet sophisticated ambiance found exclusively during weekend brunch hours surely will make weekends grander than ever! And if you’re here to celebrate, make sure you let the exceptional team know. They’ll go above and beyond to ensure your event is a grand success.

Step 5: Unwind with Drinks

The drinks menu available at Foundry Grill offers an extensive collection of both local craft beers and wines that pair well with almost any dish on the menu’s lineup. For anyone who’s up for some cocktails/mocktails or mocktail we recommend trying out their signature mixologists crafted concoctions thoroughly curated from uber-premium spirits upto ingredients sourced locally which includes wildflower honey & fresh herb infusions featuring popular cocktails like Old Fashioned/Manhattan served just as magical delights every time!

Step 6: Admire The Atmosphere

Lastly, don’t forget to appreciate being in the middle of nature while savouring gourmet delicacies presented by The Foundry Grill staffs- It surely adds more meaning into such little moments worth cherishing for life. The scenic views alongside exceptional hospitality only complete this dining experience leaving everyone wanting more!

All these steps together add up to create an unforgettable culinary journey at Sundance Resort’s gorgeous restaurant, The Foundry Grill. So next time you decide where & what food you might be in mood for, take this guide along; cheers & bon appetit!

The Foundry Grill Sundance FAQ: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Are you planning a visit to Sundance Resort and wondering where to dine? Look no further than The Foundry Grill. This farm-to-table restaurant offers delicious meals crafted with local ingredients in a rustic, yet refined atmosphere.

Before you head out for your reservation, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions about The Foundry Grill at Sundance Resort to help make your experience even more enjoyable.

What type of cuisine is on the menu?

Chef Zanetta Jones aims to craft each dish as simply and authentically as possible, using fresh ingredients from local farms. Expect dishes that are elevated versions of classic favorites like half roasted chicken with mashed potatoes or grilled salmon with seasonal vegetables. Don’t leave without trying their unique bread pudding made with croissants!

Do they offer vegetarian options?

Yes! They offer several meatless entrees such as veggie tacos filled with black beans & pico de gallo or the chickpea falafel wrap served in Naan bread.

Is there outdoor seating available?

The restaurant may when weather permits move their seating outdoors so that customers can enjoy stunning views while dining outside on their large patio.

Can I book private events here?

Absolutely! With two separate rooms decorated traditionally Rustic American style you could host farewells dinners company parties, birthday dinners/events or any event big enough for 55 people.

Where do they source their ingredients from?
Mostly Local Farms around Utah Valley

Are there gluten-free options available?

Yes! Some items included would be shrimp linguini pasta & BBQ baby back ribs

Is it open year-round?

Most definitely yes- closed Christmas day but unless pre-notified otherwise remain open throughout all other holidays.

Any special hours during holiday seasons planned?
They typically have limited menus between Thanksgiving & New Years Day so please check online prior making reservations if visiting between this time frame.

Do I need a reservation?

It’s recommended though not compulsory –we receive a large influx of visitors and wouldn’t want you missing out on eating at one of the best restaurants open around here.

What’s the dress code?

The Foundry Grill is a little bit more formal so it is recommended to wear something nice. Good news though casual attire is welcomed.

We hope we have answered all your queries about The Foundry Grill; now, book your reservation and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience!
Top 5 Facts You Need to Know Before Dining at The Foundry Grill Sundance

1) Reservation Is Recommended

The popularity of The Foundry Grill ensures it’s packed with visitors all year long. Therefore making dinner reservations ahead of time is mandatory if you want to avoid waiting for hours hoping for a table opening up.

2) Menu focuses on Locally Sourced Ingredients

What sets The Foundry Grill apart from other dining destinations in town is their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients specially curated when they’re in season. Keeping up with seasonal food items can be challenging but chefs at the restaurant do keep updating the menu accordingly so patrons get fresh bites every visit.

3) A Fine Dining Experience without Crippling Your Bank Account

Fine-dine eating experiences tend to hurt our wallets beyond expectations; however what stands out about the dishes served here is despite being upscale cuisine, it doesn’t break your bank account unlike other fine dine places across US.

4) Outdoor Bistro Is as Enthralling as Indoors

The outdoor seating area at this eatery puts customers right in front of stunning scenery featuring breathtaking views of picturesque mountains adding serenity while enjoying your meal outdoors during warm weather.

5) Complimentary Lunchtime Shuttle Service

Don’t have transportation? No worries! If arriving via public transport or residing nearby several hotels or condos – relish their complimentary shuttle service; complete with punctuality and convenience through lunch hours taking diners back & forth between resort establishments instead of worrying about commuting issues singly

In conclusion – Before booking your reservation make sure you go through these points above which guarantees satisfaction and enhances your experience while dining. It’s your chance to enjoy an excellent meal at The Foundry Grill and relish the delights like a local!

From Farm-to-Table: Exploring The Foundry Grill Sundance’s Sustainable Menu

Farm-to-table dining is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle for those who want to assure the quality and sustainability of the food they consume. It’s about knowing where your food comes from, how it was produced, and being aware of its environmental impact. When it comes to farm-to-table cuisine in Utah, The Foundry Grill at Sundance Resort does not disappoint.

Located 45 minutes southeast of Salt Lake City on the stunning Mount Timpanogos foothills, The Foundry Grill brings you a unique culinary experience with top-notch ingredients sourced mostly from local farms and ranches. Executive Chef Zanetta Jones leads her team with passion and creativity working diligently to provide guests with seasonal dishes that showcase flavors that nature has to offer.

The restaurant’s commitment to sustainable produce goes further than just supporting nearby farmers. In fact, they set up their micro-farm within eyesight of diners along with beehives which comprise one of four main principles―local sourcing (when possible), waste reduction practices such as composting food scraps, using hydroponics systems for mini herb garden creations suited closer in proximity towards the consumer while also embracing heritage breed animals (featuring both livestock alongside poultry) reared humanely through locally cooperative artisan suppliers like Morgan Valley Lamb or Snake River Farms which emphasizes responsible husbandry practices; furthermore emphasizing community involvement by cooking items complete including bones & offal often overlooked elsewhere having them incorporated into hashes or patties therefore reducing landfill content through higher usage rates across all aspects typically discarded within traditional kitchen settings.

At breakfast time try the Tennessee waffles served alongside local maple syrup accompanied by whipped cream complemented by curried beef hash paired next to cage-free organic eggs cooked à la minute costing $16 dollars approximately running between Friday-Sunday around brunch period times starting from only seven AM until two PM . Or indulge on lunchtime shared plates selection starting atop winter squash toast topped under an egg finished off either with pickled radish or toasted pumpkin seeds with options also provided between vegetarian, & protein ingredients showcasing the vegetables further accompanied by premium-quality cuts of proteins like charred octopus . Complement these dishes with delicious seasonal cocktails that use fresh fruits, herbs and local-made spirits providing an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

But what really sets The Foundry Grill apart from other farm-to-table restaurants is its commitment to resorting waste items thereby reducing environmental impact. Think of it as a zero-waste approach towards the culinary world. For instance, they repurpose beet greens into pesto sauce which garnishes trout on toast instead of just tossing them away.

Additionally, their composting techniques are top-notch. Vegetable peelings and coffee grounds find new life as nourishing soil for The Sundance Tree Room’s greenhouse while surplus hydroponic produce supplies additional offerings for guests at Treeroots casual bistro alternative venue found nearby onsite alongside serving as personal meals delivered directly to village residents doorstep within sustainable packaging format finally enabling sustainability across all aspects prominently featured throughout this expansive space comprising multiple venues situated conveniently inter-connected alongwith neighboring Spa areas proving itself through elegance displayed ideal for those seeking a reconnection closer back towards nature yet retaining its exclusivity necessary amongst luxury-seekers alike fitting perfectly company retreats having everything needed inside one valley location thus making it unforgettable experience blending heavenly views carefully prepared responsible cuisine overall delivering state-of-the-art hospitality according an elevated standard fortunate enough fit comfortably among heritage sustaining Utah values showcasing true authenticity intertwined throughout entire dining journey irrespective of ordering time be it breakfast lunch or dinner respectively priced between $30-60 per person relative upon final choices made per individual guest bringing ultimate Utah experience straight direct onto plate hereby matching one-on-one amazingly landscaped surroundings encapsulating unbounded freshness ultimately procuring novel memories ensuring utmost satisfaction.

Celebrating Local Flavors: Discover the Unique Cuisine of The Foundry Grill Sundance

Residing in the heart of Sundance Mountain Resort, The Foundry Grill offers an unparalleled dining experience that celebrates local flavors and ingredients. Nestled within the breathtaking scenery of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, this charming restaurant embodies every aspect of its surroundings from its rustic décor to the inspired dishes on its menu.

Upon entering The Foundry Grill, guests will immediately be greeted with a warm ambiance reminiscent of a cozy mountain lodge. From there, they can take their pick between two distinctive dining areas: the lively main room or the more intimate fireplace lounge. Regardless of where one chooses to sit, however, diners will undoubtedly find themselves captivated by both the atmosphere and food alike.

Aside from boasting stunning views and welcoming interiors, The Foundry Grill is also renowned for featuring locally sourced ingredients throughout its varied menus. This commitment to using fresh, seasonal produce and meats not only results in an authentic culinary experience but also supports local farmers and producers.

In addition to its daily offerings like cornmeal-fried trout or grilled quail with huckleberry barbecue sauce (both standouts), The Foundry Grill is perhaps most well-known for its weekend brunches. Highly anticipated by locals and visitors alike, these all-you-can-eat feasts showcase some truly incredible creations- think homemade granola topped with honey yogurt panna cotta or chicken apple sausage links served alongside fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup.

Of course, no visit to The Foundry Grill would be complete without indulging in one (or several) of their signature desserts. Their selection ranges from classic apple crisp baked in a cast-iron ski slope molds to decadent chocolate bread pudding made using old-world recipes passed down through generations.Their thoughtful attention paid towards each dish ensures that even something as simple as vanilla ice cream is elevated into something worth savoring.

All in all, whether you’re stopping by for brunch after a morning hike or settling into dinner following a day on the slopes, The Foundry Grill promises to deliver a culinary celebration of Utah’s unique ingredients and flavors. With its cozy atmosphere, welcoming staff, and delicious food creations made from locally grown produce, diners are in for an unforgettable sensory experience like no other.

Table with useful data:

Dish Description Price
Wild Mushroom Salad Mixed greens, roasted wild mushrooms, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette $12
Grilled Salmon Cedar plank grilled salmon with grilled asparagus and lemon-butter sauce $28
Bone-in Ribeye 16 oz bone-in ribeye with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables $44
Mac and Cheese Cavatappi pasta with smoked gouda cheese sauce and breadcrumb topping $8
Butter Cake Warm, buttery cake with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce $10

Information from an expert:

As a culinary specialist, I highly recommend visiting The Foundry Grill at Sundance for an unparalleled dining experience. With locally sourced ingredients and unique dishes like the Bison Short Ribs and Utah Trout Salad, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, their attention to detail in everything from presentation to service ensures that every visit is memorable. Don’t forget to try one of their signature cocktails while enjoying the breathtaking views of Mount Timpanogos from the patio!
Historical fact:

The Foundry Grill Sundance, located in Utah, was originally a pioneer foundry established in the late 1800s. In 1996, it was converted into a restaurant and has since become a popular destination for visitors to enjoy fine dining and stunning mountain views.

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