Grilled Cheese Burger Delight: How Jack in the Box’s Newest Menu Item Solves Your Fast Food Cravings [With Stats and Tips]

What is Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger?

A Jack in the Box grilled cheese burger is a type of burger that’s made with two toasted sourdough bread slices instead of hamburger buns and melted American cheese inside. It has beef patty, lettuce, tomato, bacon strips, and thousand island dressing.

This sandwich became popular because it takes classic comfort foods to another level by combining juicy burgers with cheesy goodness resulting in a delicious taste you won’t forget. Additionally, this fast-food chain also offers other remarkable menu items such as tacos or curly fries that can be paired perfectly with their grilled cheeseburger.

How to Make the Perfect Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger at Home

Grilled cheeseburgers are a classic comfort food, but have you ever thought about taking it to the next level? Imagine a juicy burger patty surrounded by melty gooey cheese between two buttery grilled slices of bread. Now picture it with an added twist – perfectly crisp onion rings and savory bacon, all stuffed within.

Well folks, it’s time to introduce you to the infamous Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger, and here’s how you can make it at home!


  • Hamburger patties
  • Sliced American cheese
  • Bacon strips
  • Onion rings (frozen or handmade)
  • Bread slices
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup


Step 1: Prepare your ingredients for cooking. Thaw out your frozen onion rings if using them or prepare fresh batter coated ones. Cook bacon until crispy and set aside.

Step 2: Season each hamburger patty with salt and pepper on both sides before grilling them over medium-high heat until they’re thoroughly cooked through.

Step 3: Once complete, place a slice of American cheese on top of each finished patty while still hot so that the heat will melt the cheese into cheesy goodness territory.

Step 4: Place your choice of preferred bread onto a separate skillet pan already pre-buttered before placing down four onion rings onto one side of every piece in addition to spreading mayonnaise sauce over other parts yet leaving space open for ketchup drizzle later on.

Note: Ensure only baking just enough onions not overcrowding otherwise would result in soggy texture rather than crunchy taste desired.

Step 5: Add crispy bacon atop melted cheddar-topped meat piles then transfer this stack along with more pieces containing fried onions back inside sandwich grill covered iron press pressing further helping ensure bigger bites holding all flavorful components intact when eaten together without falling apart easier also allowing flavors meld effectively regarding toasted outsides similarly melting interiors.

Step 6: Once the sandwich is assembled, drizzle ketchup over the onion rings before closing your grilled cheeseburger with its other slice.

And there you have it; a Perfectly delicious decadent meal for when you feel like indulging in something oh so tasty and comforting!


Making Jack in The Box Grilled Cheese Burgers at home will woo any gourmet food lovers taste buds. They are not only mouth-wateringly scrumptious but also, easy to make right inside your kitchen. Surprisingly versatile with flavors exploding leaving an irresistible impression long after consumption.

So don’t wait – start gathering those ingredients today and delight your family or guests with this fantastic classic America’s Go-to comfort food that’s simple to recreate yet full of flavor oozing satisfaction all around making everyone happy campers!

Step-by-Step Guide: Assembling Your Own Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger

Are you tired of the same old boring burger? Want to spice things up and surprise your taste buds with a delicious twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich? Look no further, because we have just the thing for you – a Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger!

Assembling this mouth-watering creation is easier than it looks. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be sinking your teeth into a cheesy, beefy masterpiece in no time. Here’s what you need:

– 2 hamburger patties
– 4 slices of American cheese
– 4 slices of sourdough bread
– Butter (for spreading)
– Thousand Island dressing

Step 1: Toast Your Bread
Start by toasting two slices of sourdough bread until they’re golden brown and crispy. This will give your sandwich that perfect crunch factor.

Step 2: Stack Those Patties
While your bread is toasting, cook two hamburger patties until they’re done to your liking. Once they’re cooked through, place one patty on top of each toasted slice of bread.

Step 3: Grab That Cheese
Next up, add two slices of American cheese on top of each patty. Make sure it melts onto the meat so that every bite has that ooey-gooey goodness.

Step 4: Top It Off With Sourdough
Now it’s time to complete our grilled cheese burger – add another slice of toasted sourdough bread on top as well!

You might think we’re finished here but wait…what’s Jack without his secret sauce??

Step 5: Sauce It Up Classic Style!
Last but not least – spread some thousand island dressing over the second layer (or third if counting) sun-toasted sourdough bun before closing off with last bottom piece already assembled .

Voila! You now have an incredibly delicious Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger in front of you.

Not only is this burger unique and tasty, but it’s also fun to make. It might seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can assemble your grilled cheese burger in no time. Let’s face it – there’s something about a good homemade sandwich that just hits differently than fast food!

We hope our step-by-step guide has inspired you to try making this cheesy masterpiece yourself!

FAQs About the Iconic Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger: Answered!

Jack in the Box has always been a fast-food restaurant with a twist. Their unique and innovative menu items have set them apart from other chains, creating an iconic status that they proudly carry to this day. Among Jack’s most popular creations is their Grilled Cheese Burger – an ingenious combination of melted cheese sandwiched between two juicy beef patties, all held together by toasted sourdough bread.

While its popularity speaks for itself, there are still some lingering questions about this beloved dish. So without further ado, let’s tackle some FAQs About the Iconic Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger:

Q: What makes the Grilled Cheese Burger so special?

A: It’s tough to pinpoint any particular element since everything works together seamlessly to create one delicious package. However, many customers rave about how perfectly balanced it is – not too cheesy or meaty but just right.

Q: How do I order my Grilled Cheese Burger?

A: This burger can be customized according to your liking or dietary restrictions — simply ask for no cheese if you’re lactose intolerant or substitute onion rings instead of regular onions for more texture!

Q: Can I modify my burger toppings?

A: Absolutely! You can customize your Grilled Cheese Burger with additional condiments like mustard or ketchup as well as add bacon strips or jalapeño peppers if you want more flavor complexity.

Q: Is there anything different between ordering at the drive-thru versus walking up inside?

A: No– you can order your food using either method; however,you might find Drive-thrus get crowded during rush hours which could potentially increase wait times.

Q: Does Jack in the Box offer any vegetarian options on their menu including the grilled cheese burger?

A: As craving assistant points out “As far as vegan options go -since most of Jack In The Box’s ingredients include animals products -making it hard supporting vegetable lovers.However,Jacks does offer veggie burgers and even plant-based sandwich options for their health-conscious customers.”

In conclusion, The Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger is an undisputed fast food classic that continues to wow taste buds across the country. This burger truly has something for everyone and can be customized according to individual preferences. Next time you’re at Jack in the Box – why not take a chance on this iconic dish – your stomach will thank you!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger

When it comes to fast food burgers, there are few that can match the iconic taste of a Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger. This delicious burger combines juicy beef patty with layer upon layer of melted cheese, all served between two crisp slices of griddled sourdough bread. But as popular as this burger is among fast-food enthusiasts, there are still many facts about it that remain unknown.

So here’s our rundown of the top 5 things you probably didn’t know about the Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger:

1) It Wasn’t Always Called The “Grilled Cheese”

The original prototype for this now-iconic burger went by a different name entirely – they called it simply “the Ultimate Cheesy Burger.” Despite having such an amazing selection of cheeses available (such as pepper jack or Swiss), its profound focus was on cheddar.

However, one day someone at Jack in the Box realized that customers were making changes to their order and were requesting grilled styles from time to time and thus rebranded/re-named it what we now call today: The Grilled Cheeseburger.

2) Not Every Store Serves It

Despite being one of the most beloved menu items at Jack in the Box restaurants across America, not every location carries these cheesy masterpieces due to lackluster sales figures or differences based on regional franchise ownership rules. Make sure you visit your local store’s review page online if you want to make sure they carry them before stopping by!

3) You Can Take It To Another Level

Although technically against guidelines/corporate policies… savvy diners have figured out how to create an even more epic version! By taking advantage of customization options like jalapeno poppers or bacon bits (+$0.50-$1 depending where you are), some devoted fans have created truly unforgettable variations since everyone has varying preferences regarding flavor combinations.

In fact who needs bun anyways? Some have had the restaurant replace the bread with two Grilled Cheeses, or even adding BBQ sauce to it turning it into some sort of Bacon Queso Burger!

4) Secret Discount Hack

Little-known perhaps but certainly worth mentioning: you can usually get a discount when ordering any additional item from the breakfast menu like the bacon classic loaded hash browns combo. This intriguing hack is called “stacking” and may save you a few dollars if used correctly in case your cashier isn’t already aware of this commonly practiced deal.

5) They Come In Different Forms

Not all Jack in The Box locations carry just burgers; for example, several stores offer Jalapeño poppers-shaped sticks filled with melted cheese instead (rebranded as Grilled Cheese Sticks), giving those that enjoy small bites something to be excited about too!

In conclusion, we hope our list provided some new understanding regarding one of America’s most beloved fast-food restaurants’ dishes: The Jack in the Box Grilled Cheeseburger. Let us know what facts surprised you by commenting below!

The History and Evolution of Jack in the Box’s Famous Grilled Cheese Burger

If you’re a fan of Jack in the Box, chances are good that you’ve heard of their famous Grilled Cheese Burger. This deliciously decadent menu item has become an iconic part of the restaurant chain’s offerings, drawing legions of fans who love its unique combination of juicy burger goodness and melted cheese.

But have you ever wondered how the Grilled Cheese Burger came to be? Let’s take a journey through time and explore the history and evolution of this beloved dish.

The Grilled Cheese Burger first made its appearance on Jack in the Box menus in 2007 as a limited-time offering. It was immediately popular with customers, thanks to its mouth-watering combination of two all-beef patties, cheese (both American and Swiss), grilled sourdough bread, and lettuce. But despite its popularity, it disappeared from menus shortly afterwards – much to the dismay of devoted fans.

However, Jack in the Box wasn’t finished with this innovative creation just yet. In 2012, they brought it back – but with some exciting new twists. The revamped Grilled Cheese Burger featured not only improved ingredients (hello garlic herb butter spread!), but also included options for customization according to individual customer preferences.

Since then, the Grilled Cheese Burger has continued to evolve into even more daring variations such as Cheddar Onion Butter or Classic Bacon n’ Egg Grill which is layered with bacon and egg!

So what makes this meal so special? For starters, there’s nothing quite like biting into perfectly-grilled sourdough bread that oozes gooey melted cheese upon consumption! And let’s not forget about those signature charbroiled beef patties cooked to perfection before being topped off by generous dollops of delectable sauces ranging from onion aioli sauce among others; truly adding value beyond measure when considering other fast-food joints within competition bracket successfully replicating cheesy burgers across their menu listings while failing miserably at producing anything near the level of greatness that Jack in the Box produces with their Grilled Cheese Burgers, consistently.

But perhaps what truly sets this burger apart is its ability to take something so simple yet traditional like a grilled cheese sandwich and merging it seamlessly into an American classic such as a juicy thick beef patty. It’s hard not to admire this level of innovation – which has made Jack in the Box a source for creative culinary creations within fast-food chains industry wide.

So if you’re ever feeling adventurous at your next visit to Jack in the Box, why not try out their infamous Grilled Cheese Burger? You might just be surprised by how much flavor can be packed between two slices of bread!

Taking Your Love for Burgers to a New Level with a Twist on Classic with Jack in the Box’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

For burger enthusiasts and foodies alike, there are few things more satisfying than biting into a juicy hamburger piled high with melty cheese, savory toppings, and tangy sauces. However, as delicious as burgers may be, sometimes you need to switch it up and try something new – enter Jack in the Box’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

While grilled cheese sandwiches have long been a classic comfort food staple, Jack in the Box has taken this beloved sandwich to the next level by incorporating some of their signature ingredients to create an entirely unique experience. Imagine biting into crispy buttered bread that envelops layers of gooey melted American and Swiss cheeses perfectly blended together for ultimate cheesiness. But wait! There’s even more: nestled between those delectable slices of cheese is none other than a juicy 100% beef patty cooked to perfection.

This twist on a classic grilled cheese sandwich elevates your love for burgers while still keeping everything that makes grilled cheese so irresistible. With each bite bursting with flavor from the creamy melted cheeses mingling with beef juice flavors like nothing else.

As if one innovation wasn’t enough, Jack in the Box takes it up yet another notch by adding all-time favorite condiments such as ketchup toothsome mustard made predominantly with horseradish giving your taste buds delightfully zesty sensation atop their signature ‘secret sauce.’ The kicker? All these goodies sit snuggly between two slices of their fluffy premium bun.

The result? A temptation which can hardly resist – every bite will truly take you on tour where ‘savory’ meets ‘cheesy.’ This masterful creation deserves to join the hall-of-fame along-side legendary burger classics without question! In summary – Taking Your Love for Burgers to an elevated level with Jack in The Boxes Grilled Cheese Sandwich would leave your cravings totally satisfied alongside soaking those macronutrients making you feel guilty-free after relaxing at home watching Netflix gaining great satisfaction with maximum comfort.

Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger Table

table, th, td {
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Table with useful data:

Ingredient Amount Calories
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 1 410
Beef Patty 1 280
American Cheese Slice 1 60
Burger Sauce 1 60
Ketchup 1 packet 10
Onion Rings 3 170
Total Calories 990

Information from an expert

As somebody who enjoys a good burger, I can confidently say that the Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger is a standout option. The combination of flame-grilled beef patty sandwiched between two slices of melted cheese on a grilled sourdough bread makes for a deliciously indulgent treat. Additionally, the addition of mayo and ketchup gives it just enough kick to balance out the cheesy richness. However, with 1,030 mg sodium and 780 calories, it’s important to enjoy this burger as part of a balanced diet and exercise routine.
Historical fact: The Jack in the Box Grilled Cheese Burger was first introduced in 2009 as a limited-time item but gained so much popularity that it became a permanent menu option.

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