Grill Perfect Corn on the Cob: Tips, Tricks, and Stats [Ultimate Guide for Gas Grillers]

What is Gas Grill Corn on the Cob?

Gas grill corn on the cob is a favorite summer dish that involves grilling ears of sweet and juicy corn on gas grills. It is a quick and easy way to cook corn without boiling water, and it results in deliciously charred kernels with a smoky flavor. To create this tasty side dish, all you need are fresh ears of corn, olive oil or butter, salt, and pepper.

Step-by-step guide: Gas grilling corn on the cob

Summer is here, and it’s time to whip out the grill for some mouthwatering barbecue. But why limit yourself to just meat? Corn on the cob is a classic summer favorite that can be elevated by grilling it over an open flame. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to gas grill corn perfectly.

Step 1: Choose Fresh Corn

The first step in making delicious grilled corn starts with your selection of the perfect ears. Look for ears that are firm and tightly wrapped in green husks with golden tassels poking out the top. The silk should be crispy, not dry or wilted, which indicates older or less-fresh produce.

Step 2: Preheat Your Grill

Preheating your grill beforehand ensures that you get even heat distribution across all sides of the grate. If necessary, clean off any excess debris using a wire brush or cloth moistened with warm water and soap before heating up.

Step 3: Prepare Your Corn

Start by peeling back the outer layers of leaves from each ear but stop short of removing them entirely; instead fold down onto themselves around halfway down where they become more pliant again when nestled together against other cobs — this will make handling easier later on during cooking time!

Next, remove as much silk as possible without tearing into kernels–a quick way to do this involves shaking manually at either end until completely shorn bare (not pretty but effective).

Finally blend olive oil butter & seasoning then use mixture rolling inside pieces while holding firmly near base avoiding direct skin contact altogether so as not transfer seasonings undesirably anywhere else – adding any desired herbs/salts/carbs/spices to taste!

Step 4: Indirect Grilling

Place seasoned corn directly centered within center section med-high flame source gradually turning every few minutes depending temperature until light char marks form *not too blacken* (see photo) overall specific amount cook-time will vary by individual grills, so use own intuition plus experience while monitoring progress at regular intervals.

Step 5: Enjoy

Finally, serve your hot corn on the cob with a sprinkling of salt or any other seasonings you prefer. Whether alongside steaks and burgers or as a standalone side dish, grilled corn is sure to be a summer hit.

In conclusion, gas grilling corn provides that lovely smoky flavor and crispy texture which makes for an excellent addition to any backyard barbecue. With this simple five-step process outlined above, your family and friends are certain to lick their lips in anticipation of enjoying delicious mouth-watering ears of corn perfectly cooked through over grill flames!

Gas grill corn on the cob FAQs answered

Summer is here, and nothing screams “backyard BBQ” more than a fresh ear of corn on the cob. But who wants to boil ears of corn all day inside when you can just put them on the gas grill? It’s easy, it’s delicious, and best of all – it frees up space in your kitchen!

However, grilling corn on the cob certainly isn’t without its challenges. Fear not though! We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions regarding this summer staple that will ensure you perfectly grilled and juicy corn-on-the-cobs every time.

1. How long should I cook my corn?

The cooking time for your sweetcorn largely depends on how hot your grill is set at along with how big/heavy each one is. You usually want to aim for about 15-20 minutes total since cooking over direct heat tends to help speed things up as well.

2. Should I keep the husks or remove them before grilling?

One option would be to completely remove the silk & leaves from around each ear of sweetcorn before putting directly onto a greased surface which will allow those kernels’ natural sweetness flavors come through fully into what then becomes a side dish ahead.

However if looking for an extra special touch-try keeping these protective layers intact because not only does it protect sensitive kernels by locking in moisture during heats but doing so also makes cleanup even simpler later.

3.What do I need if deciding to wrap corms in foil vs leaving out uncovered?

Wrapping ears snugly within individual sheets aluminum foil assists with better insulation throughout heating procedures ,should result in crispier outcomes where keeping unclothed may instead give softer textured wraps.Opting either method really comes down personal preference

4.Should I soak my Corn Cobs prior placing them on greased grooves/flats?

Some cooks swear by soaking their raw goods water briefly beforehand order soften skin while others argue any excessive hydration beforehand takes away natural sharp flavor of kernels should not be necessary either way.

5.How to keep corn from drying out on the grill?

Water,butter,or oils can each make an effective difference fighting off severe dryness for your cobs while cooking over flames. Brushing onto surfaces after initial grilling has begun may work since too much will just result in flames that burn away tasty coating within seconds.

With these tips and tricks properly honored rest assured you soon will impress all attendees involved at next summer gathering when they glance over noticing steamy, crisply seasoned sweetcorn hot off your gas grill!

Top 5 facts about gas-grilled corn on the cob you might not know

Summer is here, and it’s time to fire up the grill! And what better way to kick off a barbecue than with some deliciously grilled corn on the cob? While many of us have enjoyed this classic staple of summer cookouts before, there are probably more than a few things you don’t know about gas-grilled corn on the cob. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 facts about gas-grilled corn on the cob that you might not know!

1. Grilling Corn Can Unlock Its Nutrients

We all know that vegetables are good for us, right? Well, did you know that grilling your corn can actually help unlock its nutrients? That’s right; studies show that cooking sweetcorn boosts its nutritional content by breaking down some of its tough cell walls and making it easier for our bodies to absorb key vitamins and minerals like vitamin C.

2. You Don’t Need To Shuck Your Corn Before Grilling It

Shucking ears of corn can be messy work – kernels flying everywhere! But did you know that when it comes to grilling your corn on the cob over gas flames, there’s no need to remove those husks beforehand? In fact, leaving them intact could even lead to juicier results as they’ll trap steam while cooking.

3. Give Your Corn A Bath First

To get super juicy roasted bits of flavorsome goodness nestled between every kernel use this technique: soak your unshucked cobs in cold salt water (or Jim Beam if you’re feeling adventurous) for around thirty minutes prior firing up your grill which will add lots moisture into each bite enhancing texture and flavor.

4. Consider Adding Flare With Seasoning

Whilst butter is an absolute must-have topping when serving perfectly charred cobs fresh from the barbeque consider elevating those condiments using herbs such as minced garlic or cilantro mixed into softened butter solutions along with chili flakes or paprika spicing up that mayo mixed with parmesan cheese deliciously melting over your summer dish

5. Grilling Corn Can Be Done Year-Round

Don’t worry if the summertime is not for you because grilling corn can happen indoors all year round! Whether on stovetops or even in ovens (gas only). To get those iconic scorch marks use a preheated cast-iron skillet which produces smoky flavoring and charred texture to mimic the experience of outdoor fired grill.

So, there you have it – our top 5 gas-grilled corn on the cob facts that may have been news to you. From unlocking more nutrients when cooking sweetcorn, shuck-free preparation techniques resulting in juicy results, soaking cobs prior ensuring flavorful bites every time, creative seasoning ideas elevating classic toppings adding savory accents enhancing mouthwatering textures through indoor options available all year-round; we hope these fun tips help make your next cookout an unforgettable one!

Discover the secrets to succulent gas-grilled corn on the cob

Ah, the joys of summertime: sun-kissed skin, lazy afternoons by the pool, and sizzling hot barbecues with friends and family. And what better way to celebrate this season than indulging in some succulent gas-grilled corn on the cob?

But before we get into how to grill our corn to perfection, let’s discuss why it’s such a staple item for any outdoor BBQ lover. Corn on the cob is both delicious AND nutritious – packed full of fiber, vitamins A and C, folate (which can help prevent anemia), and even cancer-fighting antioxidants! Plus, nothing screams “summer” quite like a juicy ear of corn dripping in buttery goodness.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the secrets behind creating tender and flavorful roasted or grilled corn:

1) Selecting your corn:
First things first – choose your produce wisely. Look out for plump ears with bright green husks that are free from yellowing or browning. Peel back a few layers of husk at the top end to check that there are no brown or dry-looking kernels inside. If possible try to find sweetcorn as they have more versatile natural sugars when cooked . The colour will vary depending on whether you buy white Natural Sugar Sweetcorn®enjoy!

2) Soaking or adding salt should be done
If possible always soak your wraps in cold water . Salt suck moisture out which might affect flavor

3) Pre-heating Grill
Give yourself about 10-15 minutes for preheating before putting your soaked cobs onto those grates.

4.) Cooking time depends
Dependence varies according to taste preference Wait until kernels change color around edges dont take its earliest stage cooked piece it needs brown spots all over Tender corn requires around 10mins but may need up-to 25mins

5.) Adding flavours
You can add different flavours while cooking like cheese, butter or make it with some traditional Mexican taste using spices like chili powder and paprika

Now for the zesty part – flavorings! Nothing beats a classic combination of melted butter, salt, and pepper. For something a little spicier, try mixing in some chili powder or cayenne pepper. And if you’re feeling extra indulgent add to your corn-buttery goodness with grated parmesan cheese , chipotle mayonnaise sauce drizzled over the top.

In conclusion grilling isn’t just as easy as put that cob on grill simple recipes can greatly increase the deliciousness of corns flavour . The ideal way is to keep experimenting till find what suits best for our pallets! Happy Grilling everyone!.

Unleash your inner grill master with easy gas grilled corn on the cob tips

For many of us, summer is synonymous with outdoor grilling. It’s the time of year when we fire up our gas grills and cook up delicious meals for family and friends. One classic dish that always hits the spot on a warm day is corn on the cob.

Corn on the cob is one of those dishes that everyone loves; it’s easy to make, it’s healthy, and – most importantly – it’s absolutely delicious. But how do you grill it properly? Fortunately, preparing perfect corn on your gas grill isn’t rocket science.

In this blog post, we’re going to provide some tips that will help unleash your inner griller master when cooking corn on your grill.

First things first: preheat your gas grill

The key to making flawless grilled corn-on-the-cob begins well before you put any cobs onto the grate. The secret ingredient here is time!

So turn up all burners (in case of multiple burners) or just set heat settings accordingly according to single burner model if you have . You need heat in every corner – high initial heats help speed along fat rendering out from kernels which infuses each ear with smoky flavor later down line otherwise there may be an uneven patchy cooked ears so waiting patiently for 10-15 minutes should allow everything inside gets hot enough ensuring food cooks at even pace.

Take off husks

Remove shucks off partially or completely leaving silky threads attached as possible after brushing kernal excesses away from silk tongue between fingers yourself without worrying about getting rid every fiber present .

Brush oiling ingredient over applying spices garnishing herbs beforehand

Before placing them directly over flames its best recommended brush oil melted butter flavored oils like chili lime or garlic infused olive varieties then add spices salt herbed rubs coatings adding extra amount generously providing transformational flavor encounter while taking bite through fresh juicy kernels shining better under lights! Adding toppings such as parmesan cheese paprika etc will give another textures and hints taste buds never realized existed.

Grill in a non-stick foil

This is an optional step but it works very effectively. Cover your grilled corn on the cob with non-stick foil for even heat distribution, so no spot remains raw. You don’t need to wrap each piece thoroughly; only give coverage conveniently tucking things over making pouch out of it also increasing nutritious value being steamed alongside kernels!

Final thoughts

There you have it – some tips that’ll help turn you into a grill master when cooking corn on the cob using gas grills! It’s time to fire up that grill, grab some fresh ears of corn, apply these techniques or try new ones coming up with yummy options everyone would enjoy . Let this summer be filled with smoky scents soaring through air outside, smiles lighting faces as family gathers around their favorite hot-off-grill menus celebrating everyday moments together in comfort of one’s homes regardless occasion.

Empower your taste buds with deliciously charred gas-grilled corn on the cob

There’s nothing like the taste of freshly grilled corn on the cob during summertime barbecues or parties. The smell of charred kernels and buttery goodness just beckons you to come over for a bite.

However, many people are intimidated by the process of grilling corn on the cob – it can be time-consuming, messy and difficult to get right. That’s where gas-grilled corn comes in – an easy and efficient method that will have you chowing down in no time!

The first step is to shuck your ears of sweet corn; removing all of its husk leaves only clean kernels behind. Next, drizzle olive oil over each ear and rub it into every single kernel so they don’t stick onto the grill grate when cooking. Then apply some salt/pepper or seasoning mix before placing them directly onto your preheated gas grill (typically at medium heat).

When doing this though be sure not to crowd too much as that could interfere with proper airflow which results in uneven geilling.The use tongs instead gripping tools would make handling easier if required turning often until evenly cooked which can take 8-10 minutes.

Once done let the cobs cool slightly.Remove them from their moisture surface after carefully retaining outer green leaves’ bases tied together forming a natural handle .This allows variation during serving but also protects against accidental burns .

There’s still another step awaiting however ,as you wouldn’t miss out indulging yourself further by slathering up creamy butter while generously sprinkling some parmesan cheese mixed herbed seasoning alongside pepper ,to enhance overall flavours towards a mouth salivating affair.Enjoy once cooled down enough!

So there you have it: deliciously charred gas-grilled corn on the cob that’s both simple and tasty! Your guests will definitely marvel at how fresh-tasting our Grill&Grill products result into something seemingly elaborate yet prepared in less than half an hour effortlessly given your easy grilling technique.

So the next time you’re looking to dazzle your peers during a summer cookout, skip the boiling pot and hit up your grill for some gas-grilled corn that’ll have everyone licking their fingers!

Table with useful data:

Number of ears of corn Cooking time Turn frequency Basting frequency
1-4 8-10 minutes Every 2 minutes Once at the halfway point
5-8 12-15 minutes Every 2-3 minutes Twice
9-12 15-18 minutes Every 3-4 minutes Three times

Information from an expert

As an expert on gas grilling, I highly recommend cooking corn on the cob using your grill. First, make sure to soak the ears of corn in water for at least 30 minutes before placing them directly on a preheated grill over medium-high heat. Turn the corncobs every five minutes or so and cook for around 15-20 minutes until charred slightly and tender. To add some extra flavor, brush melted butter or garlic oil onto each ear of corn before grilling. You’ll end up with delicious and perfectly cooked corn that is perfect as a side dish for any summer meal!

Historical fact:

The use of gas grills for cooking corn on the cob became popular in the mid-20th century with the rise of suburban backyard barbecues and outdoor entertaining. Prior to this, corn was typically roasted over an open flame or boiled on a stovetop.

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