Discover the Best of Hunter’s Grille & Tap at The Grafton Inn: A Mouthwatering Story with Stats and Tips [Ultimate Guide for Foodies]

What is hunter’s grille & tap at the grafton inn?

Hunter’s Grille & Tap is a dining establishment located in the Grafton Inn in Vermont. It offers exceptional food, wine and beer options for guests looking for a unique culinary experience. The menu caters to varied tastes, ensuring that every guest leaves satisfied with their meal.

How to Experience the Best of Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn: Tips and Tricks

Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This establishment offers a variety of food and drinks that will surely satisfy your cravings. However, as with any good restaurant, there are some tips and tricks that can help you experience the best Hunter’s Grill & Tap has to offer.

First and foremost, make sure to come hungry. The portions here are generous, which means you can easily share meals with friends or family members. Consider starting off with appetizers such as their Smoked Meatballs or Avocado Fries – these choices guarantee an exceptional start to your dining journey.

Now onto the main course! One dish we would recommend trying is their signature Blackened Bourbon Pork Chop – juicy cuts of pork seasoned perfectly with bourbon sauce leaving diners craving for more! Another suggestion is to indulge in one of their gourmet burgers, featuring all-natural Certified Angus Beef cooked just right—whether it be classic cheeseburger or deluxe options up piled high on pretzel buns!

While enjoying Hunter’s Grill & Tap’s flavorful dishes are certainly rewarding alone, adding refreshing beverages completes this unique gastronomic experience!. Guests can choose from various craft beers available–whether it be something dark like Coopers Munich dunkel or smooth IPAs like Two Hearted Ale; they’ve got you covered! And do not miss out on sampling Hunter’s exclusive cocktails named after local legends: The Graftonian (a tangy blend of vodka infused shirley temple), Mary Murphy Margarita (in honor its namesake founder) – sweetly crafted D’Alessandro Lemonade made specially using house-made limoncello!

Hunter’s Grille & Tap allows reservations but walk-ins are also served efficiently during normal business hours so feel free stop by anytime!.

When it comes down to making every minute count while dining out at Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn think ahead. Show up with an empty stomach, order appetizers to share with family or friends to get more variety on the table then indulge in succulent dishes that are sure to satiate your hunger. And finally try their exclusive cocktails and craft beers available! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn and give yourself a well-deserved treat while taking home new flavors of culinary adventure!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn

Step 1: Choose Your Atmosphere
Walking into Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn, you’re immediately struck by the cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. With comfortable seating options ranging from tables to leather couches and dim lighting creating an inviting ambiance, it can be hard to decide where to sit. But fear not, dear reader! My advice would be to choose a spot near one of the many fireplaces that gently crackle in the background as you enjoy your meal.

Step 2: Sip on Something Special
Next up is deciding what libation will accompany your meal. Fortunately for you, Hunter’s Grille & Tap boasts an impressive selection of drinks ranging from local craft beers to creative cocktails. Feeling adventurous? Try their signature drink, The Grafton Showman – a delightful mix of whiskey and fresh lemon juice.

Step 3: Appetizers with Attitude
No trip to Hunter’s Grille & Tap is complete without sampling some of their delectable appetizers. From crispy fried Brussels sprouts drizzled with maple aioli, to savory pulled pork sliders topped with tangy coleslaw – their menu has something for everyone’s taste buds – even vegetarians!

Step 4: Entrees Galore
Once you’ve whetted your appetite with those tantalizing starters, it’s time for the main course! Whether you opt for classic comfort food like Mac n Cheese or kick things up a notch with spicy jambalaya or tender grilled steak tips rubbed in blackened seasoning; every dish offers bold flavors made from locally sourced ingredients.

Step 5: Enjoy Sweet Treats and Coffee Creations
Did someone say dessert? Although difficult after such a fulfilling feast earlier on but if there’s still room left (and how can we resist?), try indulging yourself in some classic desserts such as warm apple crumble topped off with caramel sauce or chocolate molten lava cake oozing with gooey chocolate deliciousness. Cap off your meal with an expertly crafted cappuccino or latte and get ready to sit back and relax.

Overall, there is something about this beautiful historic inn that makes you feel like time has slowed down – it’s the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch or cozy dinner date. So whether you’re a local looking for your new go-to eatery in Grafton or simply passing through town on a New England adventure, Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn should be on everyone’s list of must-visit destinations.

Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn is one of Vermont’s most prominent and iconic dining destinations. Located in the heart of bustling Grafton village, Hunter’s Grill & Tap has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional food and drink experiences to its patrons.

As with any popular eatery, it can be difficult to navigate your way through all the options and find what suits you best. So here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Hunter’s Grill & Tap at the Grafton Inn that should help guide you on your next visit:

Q: What type of cuisine does Hunter’s Grille & Tap serve?
A: Our menu focuses predominantly on classic American dishes made from fresh local ingredients. We take pride in preparing everything from scratch daily, using seasonal produce whenever possible to maintain our high-standards that honors New England culinary traditions.

Q: Is there outdoor dining available?
A: Yes! During warmer months, we offer an amazing outdoor dining experience along with live music events arranged almost every week. Whether you want to enjoy beautiful garden views or simply prefer sitting outside under stretched trees enjoying exquisite cocktails accompanied by robustly flavored food choices!

Q: Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
A: Absolutely! We’re happy to customize meals according to individual needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or anything else that would fit into life safety requests like allergies or food intolerances. Please let our servers know if anyone in your party has specific requirements so that we can accommodate them without compromising their health.

Q: Can I make reservations?
A: You certainly can – reservations are highly recommended especially during peak seasons such as holidays but don’t fret,in case same-day slots aren’t available ,you might just get lucky with walk-ins too!.

We also encourage visitors not only making a reservation ahead of time but providing us information pertaining size of group already pre-pulled together which will give us an idea of how to make the space intimate enough for you and your guests.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Not at all – we want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome while dining with us. So come as you are, whether it’s formal attire or casual outfits!

Q: How about Happy hour specials ?
A: Yes! We offer fantastic happy hour deals every Monday through Friday from 3-6pm such as $1 off any beer/wine/drinks on our menu along with half-priced appetizers,juggling one is just easy-peasy lemon-squeezy when thinking about planning out a light evening after work without breaking the bank.

With this knowledge in mind, you can be confident walking into Hunter’s Grille & Tap knowing what to expect – excellent food choices made from scratch using seasonal local produce along relaxed outdoor party-scapes and live music events perfect spot for bigger family gatherings hungry holiday crowds looking for delicious treats but also those much needed date nights filled with stimulating yet relaxing fun along scrumptious bites those special moments demand.

Top 5 Facts about Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn that Will Surprise You

If you’re passing through Grafton, Vermont and are in search of good food and great drinks, Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the historic Grafton Inn is definitely worth a visit. But before you make your way over there, here are five surprising facts that you might not know about this gem of a restaurant.

1) The restaurant was named after an actual hunter

Contrary to what some may believe, Hunter’s Grille & Tap is not just a clever name for a hunting-themed establishment. In fact, the restaurant was actually named after one of Grafton’s most renowned hunters – William “Hunter” Maher. A skilled sportsman with deep ties to the local community, Maher was known for his prowess on both land and water.

2) The head chef cut her teeth in New York City

Shannon Parker-Castillo may be the current head chef at Hunter’s Grille & Tap now but she honed her craft under Marcus Samuelsson while working in NYC restaurants like Red Rooster Harlem and Streetbird Rotisserie. All that experience has been brought forth into her menus with flavourful dishes full of passion.

3) It has its own garden on site

You wouldn’t expect anything less from farm-to-table focused restaurants these days than their own garden right? At Hunter’s Grille & Tap, they have their own small-scale organic vegetable garden right outside the kitchen window where all sorts of produce are grown fresh like tomatoes herbs which gives it extra mileage towards serving freshly sourced foods to guests.

4) They pride themselves on being eco-friendly

At Hunters Grill and Tap along with using locally raised meats or growers nearby produce behind going sustainable becoming more environmentally conscious by saying no to plastic straws wherever possible by using recycled materials for products around them whilst boasting telecommuting work spaces up above upon rental options available inside picturesque inn property next door as well!

5) There’s live music every week

To complete its already laid-back atmosphere, Hunter’s Grille & Tap also has a live music night every week. Visitors can enjoy some great tunes whilst enjoying locally sourced food and drinks at one of Vermont’s most historic inns setting to make for an unforgettable evening.

In conclusion, whether you’re stopping through town or are a local resident in search of good food and great vibes, Hunter’s Grille & Tap is sure to surprise you with this carefully curated blend of amazing cuisine, entertainment, and sustainability throughout your entire experience.

From Farm to Table: The Local Ingredients that Make Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn So Special

As the famous quote goes – “You are what you eat”. And, at Hunter’s Grille & Tap located in Grafton Inn, we take this quite literally. We believe that there is a certain magic about locally sourced ingredients that can elevate any dish to a whole new level of deliciousness and authenticity.

At our restaurant, we source all our ingredients from local farmers who put their heart and soul into nurturing them with utmost care. It not only helps us support independent businesses and boost the local economy but also offers our guests an experience that they won’t forget for a long time.

Let’s start with the most staple ingredient – meat! At Hunter’s Grille & Tap, we work with local farms to bring cows, pigs, chickens which results in fresh, top-of-the-line cuts of meat. Sourced right here in Vermont or nearby New England states like Connecticut or Massachusetts

Similarly, when it comes to vegetables and produce basis of salads dishes like roasted beets salad crispy-apple arugula salad or even classic Caesar Salad we acquire seasonal harvestings straight from surrounding plots managed by conscientious farmers working hard regularly mucking stalls every morning roasting pumpkin kale microgreens peppers corn zucchini etc Additionally special herbs spices tender greens used give unique represenations enhancing flavor profiles keeping many impressed year-round

Another highlight of our menu is seafood. The Atlantic Ocean blesses us with an abundance of remarkable fish—delivered exclusively as fresh catches caught off-shore landed then sold within hours directly to restaurants throughout Vermont captivating delicate-to-daring impressions on plates one after another crudo calamari chowder clam bake lobster roll tuna poke platter Caribbean-inspired shrimp skewers summer rolls sushi rolls burger bites… imagine eating the spiciest yet smooth salmon sashimi cured simply by wasabi soy sauce combo making your mouth water reading thi now I.

We pride ourselves on supporting farmer cooperatives while offering customers truly outstanding, memorable experiences. We believe that at the heart of every great dish are local ingredients and traditional cooking methods. And, we will continue to pay homage to them by providing an exceptionally crafted menu that celebrates Vermont and New England gastronomy.

In a nutshell, from farm to table, from our surrounding hills meadows woodlands waves ponds raised beds here in North-Central Vermont indeed: everything’s better when it’s fresh jam-packed with flavor inspiring genuine deep appreciation for homemade meals without even leaving town!

Unwind in Style with Craft Beer, Wine, and Cocktails at Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn

If you’re looking for a classy yet relaxing spot to unwind with some friends or have a lovely dinner date, Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn is the perfect place. This stunning restaurant boasts an extensive selection of craft beer, wine, and cocktails that are sure to satisfy your palate.

The atmosphere in Hunter’s Grille & Tap is warm and welcoming with cozy seats surrounding an impressive stone fireplace that adds more character to the already-stylish design. You can relax comfortably while enjoying their top-notch beverages from either their indoor space or outdoor patios that give you scenic views of Grafton Village.

Starting off with their craft beer offerings, they carry beers on draught and bottles/cans packed with different flavors from local Vermont breweries like Otter Creek Brewing Co., Magic Hat Brewing Company, Long Trail Brewing Company among others. If you enjoy pairing food with drinks then look no further as they offer flights of four 5-ounce pours brewed here in Vermont which come alongside tasting notes so you can appreciate each brew… Plus why taste just one when you could sample a few?!

For those who prefer wine over beer, there’s also something for everyone here! They have carefully curated wines ranging from whites, reds including Cabernet Sauvignon; Merlot and Chardonnay plus rosés to make it even better! Hunter’s offers both domestic options along with international selections allowing guests’ access to try a little bit of everything– all served by knowledgeable staff ensuring that every glass poured provides excellence taste wise!

Their cocktail program doesn’t disappoint either as they offer playful classics such as Moscow Mule made using ginger beer sourced locally giving customers nothing but authentic ingredients right down through their Whiskey Sour which has been expertly created using freshly squeezed lemon juice adding natural citrus flavoring before being topped up ultra smooth bourbon whiskey making it dangerously drinkable! For people who love trying new things we guarantee experiencing their Maple Bacon Manhattan where you enjoy a hint of maple syrup that is expertly mixed with smoky whiskey– but the special bit, is it’s garnished with two strips of crispy bacon elaborating those bold flavors!!

Overall Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn serves up premium drinks in a beautiful atmosphere and setting surrounded by scenic views. With such an extensive selection of craft beer, wine, and cocktails to choose from we can guarantee anyone will find something they love – Cheers to that!

Table with useful data:

Feature Description
Location Main Street, Grafton, MA
Cuisine American, Pub Food
Seating Indoor and outdoor seating available
Menu Items Burgers, sandwiches, salads, wings, and more
Bar Full service bar with local and craft beers on tap
Events Live music, trivia nights, and other special events
Hours Monday-Sunday: 11am-10pm

Information from an expert

As a food critic and restaurant enthusiast, I highly recommend Hunter’s Grille & Tap at the Grafton Inn. From their unique collection of craft beers to their delicious burgers made with locally sourced meat, this establishment has something for everyone. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff only add to the delightful experience that patrons rave about. Whether you’re grabbing a drink with friends or enjoying a family dinner, Hunter’s Grille & Tap is not to be missed in beautiful Grafton, Vermont.

Historical fact:

The Grafton Inn in Vermont, where Hunter’s Grille & Tap is located, was established in 1801 and has a rich history including serving as a stagecoach stop and housing soldiers during the Civil War.

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